Posted by: purityseekers | May 24, 2007

OK… now it's time to play CATCH UP…yikes!!!

Wow… it’s amazing that I can sit here this AM with all 5 of my kids upstairs playing… without ANY toys… and they are having a blast!  Well… I say without ANY… but I think maybe there are some trains or something out.

See… I keep all their toys in one room.  (our spare bathroom) And in order for them to get a toy out of that room, they have to return the one they’ve been playing with.  I started doing this a while ago and am finally getting really consistent about it!  The room is all organized with the toys in their own little baskets and stuff.  Right now every toy is there except "L"s baby dolls & "A"s basket of trains.  They’ve been making a fort with blankets and stuff and have been playing quietly for over an hour!  Like I’ve heard said a million times… you can buy your kids a bunch of expensive toys and it’s the empty toilet paper roll they end up playing with!  I have finally learned my lesson!!

Instead of buying expensive play kitchen set stuff… I let the kids use mine!  I buy cheap stuff at the dollar store to keep in my drawers so they always have plenty, and so do I!  So anyway… I am enjoying the peace and quiet!

The weather is finally getting warmer!  We spent some time outside yesterday and I got some nice pix!  I posted some last night (you’ll find under this post), but I also have a few more I wanted to share!

I changed this one to make it look cute of "E" playing with his favorite toy in the world…a ball!

He is just so easy to please!  He is definitely my first child that I will apply the toy principle to in full force.  Get him a ball… and he’s good to go!  All the toddler toys are put away (and I will probably sell most in a lawn sale) because he has never cared about any of them!  He just wants to play ball.  He kicks like a professional soccer player, could pitch for the Red Sox and just has this cute little passion for that simple little round thing that rolls!  Gotta love that!  (gotta love his saggy cloth diaper butt even more!! haha)

"C"s been helping Dad around they yard by clearing out small maple trees!  Here he is lugging one across the yard…

"Z" looked so sweet sitting by this tree picking little berries off a bush…

"L" headed over and joined her sister and they sat there for the longest time picking bird berries!

"A" had fun climbing their favorite "climbing trees"…

and I snapped this cute pic of him up in the tree hanging out…

Big brother teaching the littlest brother how to hang out and play with sticks!

Now I have to back up a bit…

A couple Fridays ago the kids ended their Awana program "with a bang"!  It was awards night and the 3 oldest, that are actually in clubs, were really excited!

I was glad my parents could be there to see the kids get their awards for all their hard work!  Here they are with my "L"…

And "E" watched from his stroller until he got ansy and we let him out to run around!

Here I am with my Sweet "L".  She’s looking forward to being a "Cubbie" next year!

The Cubbies were first to get their awards… My little man, "A" is the 4th child from the left…

Getting his awards including a special trophy for doing all of his extra credit "Apple Tree" projects!

Then the Sparks got their awards… here is my "Z" getting her hard earned things…

What a big girl!!

Then it was time for the "Truth & Training" class and here’s my Big Guy "C" getting his awards…

I was one proud Mama that night!

A few days later we had a nice day family day at home!  Daddy spent the morning making 4 loaves of bread from scratch!  He makes it so often now that he also has memorized the recipe!

We also cleaned like crazy, inside & out!  Here is "Z" doing her favorite job… cleaning the bathroom!  She does an AWESOME job!

Here’s a pic of big brother playing marbles with "L"…

Then he taught little "E" a cool way to eat pretzels…

He mastered it!! hehe

Brotherly love…

Aidan had fun just hanging out and playing with his cars…

Ok… that’s it for this entry!  I had started it days ago and never finished it and still have a ton of recent things to post!! 

Thanks for letting me share my life!

🙂 B


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