Posted by: purityseekers | May 24, 2007

Directions to make a "HIDEAWAY" clothesline…

Don’t you love climbing into your bed at night after you’ve hung your sheets and comforter out of the clothesline?  I have never smelled a better smell than that!  I remember it as a kid, when my Mom would bring in the fresh sheets and how great the house smelled.  THEN bedtime was the BEST!!! 

A few years ago I wanted to have a nice, big clotheline so that I could hang out lots of clothes!  (and we HAVE lots of clothes at this house!!!)  I searched online for some ideas and came across an idea on Martha Stewart’s site.  The thing I liked about it was that it was a large clothesline, served the purpose I wanted it to serve, but then it was also "hideable" (is that a word?).  If I wanted to hide it when company came over (which I never have… but could) then I could easily make it almost disappear! 

This is what we did.  We found 2 trees that were diagnolly quite far from each other (actually a tree and an old telephone pole, in our case.  My Great Grandmother used to reside in a trailor behind this house YEARS ago… and the telephone pole they put up is still hidden amongst our property line bushes!) and on one tree… nice and high… we put a big hook and a clothesline tightener thingy…( that is just what we had on hand… you could also just put an eye hook and knot the rope to it)


Then on the opposite "tree" we put a large eye hook and below it we put a "T" screw thinga majigy.  (like you’d put on a dock to tie a boat)

Then you tie the clothesline to one tree… lead it across to the other, down through the eye hook and you tighten it and wrap the rest around the "T" hook.  VOILA!!!  Instant long clothesline! (I took this yesterday after hanging out some clothes… then I forgot them out there by evening so that when I finally brought them in they were damp from the dew in the air.  Then I just tossed them quickly into the dryer, which fluffed them up and they still have that nice smell!!)

Mine keeps going way over to the left side so that I can hang a ton more!  It’s great for lots of long sheets and comforters!  AND it’s high enough that they don’t drag on the ground… as long as you put your hooks up nice and high! 

Martha’s site also gave good ideas to save hanging space, like to just lay your comforters and sheets right on the grass to let the sun disinfect and dry them.  She gave ideas for covering bricks with cloth to lay on the corners so your sheets don’t blow away!!  I love it!!  Some people don’t like the "look" of a clothesline… but I could care less about that!!  Behind the clothesline is a main road and people see me out there all the time in my jammies, hanging clothes on my big ol’ line!!  I am proud to have it and save money on dryer use and to let my kids know that AWESOME "fresh air" smell when THEY lay down to sleep at night!! 

🙂 B 



  1. Hanging clothes on the line is my favorite chore. I actually enjoy it! It's quiet, peaceful… I like to organize the clothes as I hang them (hang like socks together), and when I take the down I fold them as they go into the basket. Sophia will often help me, by handing me an item, and telling me who's it is. Lately she's just been digging in the sandpile close by. The fresh smell is WONDERFUL, too. I'm so glad we live in Maine and can enjoy hanging clothes!

  2. I love hanging clothes on the line! It is one of my favorite parts of summer. =) I love your idea for the games and the children's "photo shoot". Very nice.

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