Posted by: purityseekers | May 18, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday!! (and other pix)

It’s that time of the week again!  Time to post your crafts for the week!  Make sure to check out what others have done over at Shereen’s site!

It took a few weeks for me to get into the groove of the Friday posting… but now I get completely motivated to do at least SOMETHING through the week so I can share it! 

This week I made a wool soaker shortie to sell to a woman I met through Ebay!  I wasn’t completely happy with the wool I bought.  I prefer Peace Fleece but the new shop I went to didn’t carry it.  SO I bought another local wool called Bartlett.  It is quite scratchy compared to Peace Fleece because it doesn’t have the bit of mohair the PF has.  It’s 100% wool.  BUT when I told her she still said she wanted it and said that she would just lanolize it a lot!

Here it is! (I thought the color was beautiful!!)

And I knit a pair of longies from the wool I had balled up from the spools of wool a woman from church gave me!  Working with 3 four ounce balls…I managed to get a large wool shortie for my son, a little newborn size pair of shorts and these:

I thought they came out pretty darn cute!  Yesterday I balled up more yarn so that I can start another project until I get to the yarn shop for more wool to use for making stuff to sell! 

Here is a pic of the leftover wool from the previous 3 balls… and the new ones ready to use!  This time instead of 2 brown and 1 red… I am using 2 red and 1 brown!

I have to say that although this yarn is 70% wool and 30% polyester, the pants I made for "E" are one of my favorites!  I love the feel of them just for regular pants to wear… but I am sure they would still work pretty good as a soaker.  I just don’t personally use them as soakers usually.  I think I will start more this summer since we will have more nice days to let them air out in the warm sunshine!  AND this wool has a musty smell… but I’ve used febreeze and had them sit in a ziplock and you don’t notice the smell when they are on.  So… I’m having fun with the free wool!!   (and there is a TON!!  I don’t think I would EVER run out in my lifetime!!!  I have a zillion spools and so far have only worked off 3 spools and it doesn’t look like I’ve even barely used them!!!)

Ok… another not so impressive craft I did this week was to make my "Z" and "A"s little "Sparky" & "Cubbie" new shirts. 

Here is Sparky BEFORE…(he’s a little finger puppet from Awana… he is definitely loved as you can tell!!  His vest is almost shreading!!!)

and in his new shirt…hehe

and here’s little Cubbie Bear…(also loved to pieces!!!)

and here’s his new shirt…

I’m sure I got a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" from those last 2 projects… NOT!!! haha

And I guess baking could be considered a craft.  Yesterday I baked some bread and made some brownies. 

I love mixing a bunch of stuff together and voila…DOUGH!

and then baking it off and MMMMMMMM… comfort food! 

And my friend, Donna, gave me a cookbook for Christmas called "Best Of Country Cookes" that has over 250 of the BEST cookie recipe from a national contest!!  I dug it out and decided to start trying some of them!  Yesterday I chose "Fudgy Brownies" because I needed a chocolate fix!!  MMMM they were SO good!!

Here they are in the pan…

But since the picture just didn’t do them justice, I took a pic of them on a plate all cut up!

OOOh I just LOVE gooey brownies!!!!!  Glad there are some left… BRUNCH anyone?? hehe

Want the recipe???  Click HERE … I figured out how to create and store PDF files so that you can print it if you wish!

OH and I didn’t write much about Mother’s Day since my oldest son’s birthday party had the spotlight and the fact that my daughter came so close to being killed by getting hit by a car… that was all I could focus on!!

BUT… my sweet DH and all the kids gave me breakfast in bed, homemade cards and a beautiful dozen roses!

and after my breakfast I stayed in bed until TEN AM!!! hehe I was awake reading a Beverly Lewis novel (yes… I’m addicted to her books!!!) and it was SOOO nice!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful Mom’s Day!

And speaking of "Mom’s"… I walked into the LR this morning and found my little Sweet "L" playing with her Legos and…… NURSING!! hehe

I am smiling from ear to ear right now as I am posting these pix because it warms my heart!!!  Yes… I am a proud Mama!!  And come on… a multitasking, breastfeeding Mama at age 3?  That is impressive to me!!! hahaha

And the funny thing is that although you can’t see her very good under Lilli’s shirt… her little baby has on a pair of wool soaker longies I made for another doll of hers…

A girl after Mama’s own heart!

Well… as usual… thanks for letting me share a bit of my life!!  If you’ve crafted at all this week (hint hint to my niece HALEY!!!!!!!!!) then make sure to check out Shereen’s blog and post a link to your crafts!!!

Have a great weekend!!!  Love, B



  1. You do such a wonderful job with your soakers! They turn out so nice, the purple really is a nice color!

    That is so funny with your daughter, it is amazing how much of an example we are to our little ones! Glad that you were able to capture the moment!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Sorry! That comment was by me :o)


  3. You've been very crafty! Everything looks wonderful, and the brownies look sooo yummy! I have a recipe that is a bit similar. I love the little tops you made for the little bear. Too cute! :o)

    Lisa :o) In Canada

  4. You have been very busy and everything looks beautiful!! It looks like you are having a lot of fun! I haven't been crafty with anything the last couple weeks except for outdoor planting things, I guess.
    I haven't even made any dipes in awhile-Susanna peed on the toilet twice, so is on her way. She's not done learning yet, but it's ridiculous to sew anymore. Hmm…maybe I could find a pattern to make training undies. LOL.
    I did learn to make nightgowns, though-last month, but haven't posted a pic yet.
    Have a great weekend! Holly

  5. Wow, you are a busy girl! I just love baking my own bread…….ah, that smell! Lots of knitting going on at your house! I am finishing up a hoodie sweater that I thought would fit my granddaughter, but I think I will have to save it for a baby shower. She's bigger than that sweater! It is a cute pattern, though. Maybe when I'm done I will post it on my blog. And then start a bigger one for Isla! Lilli is so sweet……I love the multi-tasking! She'll make a great mom!

  6. As always! LOL My craftiest moments are baking birthday cakes. My dd is turning 1 next month and I'll be attempting a CareBear cake. LOL My craftiness at it's finest (ummm…using that term generously ha!). Your dd is so cute! My oldest son did that when I had his little brother, and then that little brother did the same when I had his little sister. LOL Birds of a feather and all! hehe Have a wonderful day!

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