Posted by: purityseekers | May 16, 2007

My Big Guy "C"s Treasure Hunt Party… pix and more…

***FIRST OFF… to give the Lord all the glory and praise… I want to tell you what happened after the party.  Almost everyone had left, except my parents and my son’s big brother, Josh, and we were all outside talking.  We live on the corner of a main road and a side street.  All of a sudden Josh yelled "OH MY GOSH!!!  Lilli!!!!!!!!" and I turned to see my 3 year old running full speed down our street toward the main road chasing a basketball!!!  She could have easily been hit on our road, let alone the fact she was heading for the main road and there was a ton of Sat. traffic!!!  My heart sank.  Thank God that Lilli responded to Josh’s voice and stopped.  I ran to her while she stood just a couple yards from the road, praying she wouldn’t dart away before I got to her!!!  I yelled "Don’t move, Lilli or a car will hit you!!!" and then when I got to her, I squeezed her and squeezed her and then looked her in her eyes and sternly yet lovingly told to NEVER chase a ball.  She so sweetly said "I wanted the basketball.  It rolled away and I go run after it."  Poor little thing couldn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about… but saw the seriousness in my face and kept hugging me like she appreciated whatever it was I was trying to get across to her!!!  I could not thank Josh enough for how unselfishly and quick he was to react and how he saved my baby’s life.  All he cared about was her and making sure she was safe.  What a kid!!!!

So… what could have been a horrible day… turned out to be a true blessing and I had the most thankful Mother’s Day ever!!!!

Anyway…What a great day we had Saturday before all the commotion!  I planned a morning party for my son so that we could get all the fun stuff out of the way and then have a BBQ!

My niece came over the night before and we planned all the riddles for the big TREASURE HUNT!  It was SOOOO much fun getting all the treasures wrapped and the clues written!  My sister was in on the riddle-making and they came out really good!!  Some of the clues got a little goofy because we ended up writing them until 2AM!!! haha

The first clue was in the clubhouse that we started building at his birthday party LAST year!  SO… the clue read:





He figured it out pretty quickly!  I had Josh (almost 15) in charge of reading the clues so that all the kids could think and then run to find the treasure! 

Here he is reading a clue…


and here’s "C" checking out his cryptext that he found in the clubhouse.  My Dh had found it at on sale along with a copy of the movie "Da Vinci Code".  It is a very cool little gadget.  It had the next clue hiding inside and in order to open it, he had to figure out the 5 letter word that lined up between the arrows!

Before I go on… here’s a pic of all the treasure hunters…

Some of the treasures included rubber spiders, pencils, erasers, pencil grips, granola bars, party horns, lollipops, water balls, etc.

Oh…and tissues…hehe…(the clue said "go to the dollhouse and blow your nose!" haha I told you we ended up getting tired!!!)

Here are the kids after coming out of the bathroom and finding the wrapped treasure containing the spiders!

and I even climbed their favorite climbing tree to hide a treasure!!  If you look close… you can see my kid up in there getting it!!

Along the way, my son ended up finding a gift from my parents… it was a metal car bank they had gotten when they bought their home over 40 years ago!  It is VERY cool!!!  THEN he had to find the key somewhere inside his other gifts!  Once he found the key (which my niece hid in a fake poopy diaper hehe)… he opened the bank…

and found TEN 1 dollar bills inside…

I wasn’t very creative when it came to his cake!  haha … it’s a little lopsided too!  With help from my niece, we made a homemade chocolate cake with homemade buttercream frosting!  My son liked the way it looked 1/2 frosted because he said it looked like an Oreo.  SO… I left it like that.  Then he said "hey… why don’t we crush Oreos on top!" so my DH went and bought some and VOILA… his 10th birthday cake!  (with some cool sparkler candles!)

We had lots of family and friends here too!!  Here are a few random pix!

Here’s my niece, Haley, the riddle queen and baker of the year…

Here’s a pic she took of her son, Audric, in a shirt she made!  I messed with it a bit and made him Black & White!  Isn’t it SO cute??  The shirt says "Live Organic"!

She also made a shirt that says "Make Love Not War" because Audric and my "E" are always fighting and so we are always saying that to them! hehe She let "E" wear that shirt the day of the party…(that’s "Grampa" to the left… and "Daddy" to the right!)

and here’s her little Nouvelle (the day before the party) with Colorform stickers all over her face: (don’t ask!)

and here she is in her brother’s hat… talk about CUTE!!!!!

My friend, Summer, came with 3 of her 6 children.  Here she is with her youngest daughter…

My SIL, Mary, and little Eve… (they look so cozy!!)

and I took this one of Eve and made just her eyes in color… she has BEAUTIFUL blues!!

and here’s my nephew, Dayne, and niece, Brittany!  I love the sunshining through the trees!! 

Daddy lovin’ up "E"…

Dayne and Audric playing…

My family…

and I love to see my oldest son with his big brother and his little brother’s and sisters!  My kids consider Joshua to be their big brother too!!!  He is a great role model for all of them!!  He is an honor student at a college prep school, ski’s, mountain bikes, plays lacrosse… you name it!! 

Josh had spent the night Friday night… and when his Mom came to get him… he used my camera and took a few pix himself!

Rose and me…( I think I need some sun haha)

And I LOVE this picture!!

and this is a self portrait… NICE JOSH!! haha

This is a nice pic of the 2 big guys!!!

It was indeed an awesome day!!!  I have God to thank for all of it!!  Without Him… nothing is possible!!!

đŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me share our life!  ~~ B



  1. I love looking at all of your pictures! It looks like it was a great day. I praise the Lord with you that your Daughter didn't continuing running towards the busy road. How scary!

  2. I love looking at all of your pictures! It looks like it was a great day. I praise the Lord with you that your Daughter didn't continuing running towards the busy road. How scary!

  3. I could feel the love and joy as you wrote about your family. You are indeed blessed.

  4. Wow, Bridget, I remember when Camden was just a little guy! Where does time go? Great idea with the treasure hunt. We do something similar for the Easter basket hunt at our house. I thought they were too old this year and I got BIG protests! I guess you're never too old for the fun stuff! See ya tonight?? Love, Brenda

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