Posted by: purityseekers | May 16, 2007

A Trip Back Through Time…

I just posted an entry below this one of pix from my son’s birthday party…so make sure to scroll down to see those too!  I just have SOOO many pix to share that I figured I’d split them up in sections so I don’t overwhelm you or me!!

Yesterday I was talking to my Mom about how I’d love to learn how to spin my own wool!  My niece and I are always talking about how cool it would be to say "not only did I knit my son these pants… I also spun the wool myself!".  (of course we’ll never be happy… someday we’ll have to add "and I raised the sheep and sheared them myself" once we’ve mastered the spinning thing!  Oh… and once we actually live on land we could farm on! haha)

Anyway… my Mom said "you could just use my spinning wheel".  WOW!  I had forgotten ALL about that!!  Although I have NO idea how to use one… I’d love to learn!  So I took my oldest son down the street to their house and we had SO much fun looking at the spinning wheel and reminiscing about the "good ol’ days"!!!

Here’s "C" with the cool spinning wheel!

It was made by my Great Great Uncle Abner from Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada!  Here is a picture of him…

There is just something about old pictures!!  But then seeing something the person in the picture actually handmade… that brings them more to life!!

This is a pic of my Mom and her family (she is to the far right) during their visit where the spinning wheel was given to my Grandmother!  (that’s my Grandmother to the far left) They brought it home with them!  This picture was taken in 1951…(the year my Mom met my Dad… can you believe they married just 4 years later?? She looks so young!!)

OOOh… we just had SO much fun looking through old pictures and old things!!!  What was going to be just a quick visit to get a pic of the spinning wheel… turned into a blast to the past!!!

My Dad reminds me SO much of my little "E"… wasn’t he a cute little guy???

and my Mom… she was so sweet!!!

Here’s my handsome Dad when he was older…

and my beautiful Mom…

and their 3 babies… I’m the "baby" to the far right…

My old bedroom… it still has some of the same things in it… but my Mom has really fancied it up!!  I remember the day they wallpapered and surprised me after I was at a friends after school!  I was SOOO excited!!  It still has the same pretty wallpaper šŸ™‚ I remember when my things were all over the back shelves and when the desk (which you can’t see) had all my junk it in!!  I love thinking back to childhood!!  Such great & warm memories!

"C" and I went into the back room and I took a few pix of us in the mirror! 

Then "C" and his Grampa went a little "HAT" crazy…

My Dad…haha

and his crazy Grandson…

and my Mom found this little heart I made for her when I was 6!  Can you believe it’s been around since 1975??

and this is something I had never heard of.  This is not only wierd (haha) but VERY old!!

My Grandmother was born with a "veil" over her face.  I read about it last night and it said that only about 1 in 1,000 babies are born with part of the amniotic sac covering their face like a veil.  They saved my Grandmother’s because back in the day it was superstitious… like someone born with a "veil" could see the future.  Although I do not believe in superstition… I was amazed to see this box with little pieces of her "veil" in it!!  It is over 100 years old!!!  My Grandmother was born in 1900… (as far as they know… I guess some records date her back to 1897??) So this is at least 107 years old!!  Now THAT is some old skin!! haha  Some would find it disgusting…I find it fascinating!! (well…and a tad bit gross at the same time haha)  It just feels like a dried piece of apple core or something like that.

Oh… and this is a picture of my Great Grandmother on my father’s side… wasn’t she pretty?

Well… I guess I’ll end on that note šŸ™‚  We had so much fun!!!  Family history is so much fun to talk about when you talk to someone as interesting as my Mom!  She just knows so much about different people in our family history and she has saved some really neat stuff!!!

Again… thanks for letting me share my life… and make sure to check out pix from "C"s party!!

šŸ™‚ B



  1. Seeing all of your pictures!! How lovely!! There are some women in my family that were born with "a veil" …and yes, it is quite a mysterious thing isn't it?? Great seeing all of your happy faces, your family is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
    *Mrs. Martin

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