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My BIG GUY "C" turned 10 yesterday!!!  I will catch up pix from yesterday but want to post his "KING’S BREAKFAST" pix first!  See… he stayed over at his brother’s the night before his birthday so we planned on doing a DINNER instead that evening.  BUT… we ended up at a birthday party in the afternoon and he was stuffed so we decided to stick with the BREAKFAST just a day late! 

He had stayed up late at his brother’s the night before and woke up this AM at 7AM so he cuddled up on the couch while I made his breakfast…

He informed me that for his KING’S BREAKFAST… this was what he wanted for a menu…

Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Fruit Salad, his name written in pickles (hehe) (blocked out for privacy) and a Milkshake made with every kind of ice cream in our freezer!

I spent the morning yesterday while he was gone, sewing a "KING’S CROWN"!  I got the pattern HERE

I think it came out really cute! (I’ll be posting my sewing process on Friday for "Sew Crafty Friday")  I also made a little scarf like thing to hang around his neck!

He had a lot of fun opening his little gifts!  We always do a few little things on the kids actual birthday… but he’ll have his party next Saturday!  He got a compass/whistle thingy (he LOVES gadgets), a fanny pack with 2 water jugs for when he bikes, and a set of 4 squirt guns!  THAT was his favorite thing and as soon as he was done eating all the kids went outside to use them!

He teased me because there was a stick in the flowers that said "please remove this stick, used for packing purposes only" haha

Munching on corn…

Dad and the kids…uh…I mean… The King, the Jester and the lowly servants…

Ok… now I should catch up on our day yesterday!!

I told "C"s older brother’s Mom she could meet us at McDonald’s because we had a party to go to!  It was my "Z"s Awana Spark’s friend, Chad’s, party!  So they met us there and the kids had SO much fun!

Here’s "C"s brother and his Mom, Rose:

Gift Time….(My birthday boy is over to the right)

Sliding with his little brother…

 My parents called while we were there and sang "Happy Birthday" to "C"! 

The kids had a blast doing what they called "The Train" in the slide.  They all (and there were a LOT of kids!!) went down the slide and piled on top of each other!!  It was so funny!  "C" was glad his friend, Joey, (to the left) was there with his little brother’s!  They are in the same Awana club! (and that’s my Sweet "L" in the front)


This is a better glimpse at the whole "pig pile" effect…

So… my TEN year old had a great birthday!!!  And the day before we spent the whole afternoon at another birthday party!  It was for my friend’s father (his 65th and a surprise!) and so my kids got to hang out with a bunch more kids and just had the BEST time!!  I flew solo the whole weekend since my DH had to work…so I was EXHAUSTED by the time the kids went to bed last night!!  BUT it was worth it!

Bear with me… I have to post a few pix from that party and then I’ll be done!! hehe

That’s my friend, Summer, (on the left) hugging her Dad who she DID surprise!  He thought he was just meeting her and her sister for a picnic!  I love this pic! (and those are 2 of her sister’s to the right and one of her sister’s daughters) (Summer has 6 children so my kids were SO excited to go!)

I managed to get all of my kids in this picture!  (plus one extra!) 


I caught "Z" in mid jump!

She had fun playing with Summer’s daughter, Charity…

All the big kids had a huge "tennis ball war"… that’s my "C" with one of Summer’s son’s, Isaiah… planning their next move!  The other kids had fun watching as kids got whacked by the balls!!

My 2 little ones playing with Summer’s daughter, Harmony…

 My "A" looked so grown up! 

 I love watching kids play!

 It was a beautiful weekend and the kids all had a great time!!  Hope you all are having a nice start to your week!!  Mine is going to be spent cleaning and getting ready for "C"s birthday party! 

Thanks for letting me share my life 🙂 B




  1. As always….it is such a joy to see all of your pictures. Thank you once again for sharing.

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