Posted by: purityseekers | May 4, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday…

Finally I am posting on the actual day!!  Go, Me!!

This week I finished a little boys pair of wool shorties…but first I had to ball up some of the knitting machine yarn I was given by a woman from church…

There is a LOT of yarn on those spools!!!  After balling up 3 balls of wool at 4 oz. each, it doesn’t even look like I used any of the spools!!!

The wool is actually 70% wool and 30% polyester, so I am not sure if they would sell very well as soakers, but I love the rugged texture!  Although I cloth diaper, I honestly don’t use my soakers for covers very often.  I just use them as pants that I know will help in case or leaks.  I just love the look of handmade pants and shorts!

Here’s the most recent pair I made that is a newborn size…

I added "fake" pockets just to add to the cuteness!  I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them, but I love ’em!  I might try to see how they’d sell.  Really doesn’t matter much to me what they’d sell for since the wool was free!

The only problem I ran into is the wool is musty smelling since it was stored for a long time.  I look into how to solve that problem and it looked like "Febreeze" was the best answer.  I sprayed them and wrapped them in plastic wrap (since I am out of ziplocks) and they smell GREAT!  I will probably wash them and then see how they end up for future reference!

OK… now on to my most recent project.  I decided to use the same yarn to start another pair of shorties, and I used some black wool I had for the waist.  I will also trim the shorts cuffs with it.  These are for Baby "E" to wear!

It’s amazing that after knitting the 1st pair of shorties and now being halfway done this pair, that the balls of wool don’t even look used!! I LOVE IT!!!  A total of 12 oz. of that wool using 3 strands together lasts forever!!!  (and its a good thing because balling up the yarn was tedious!!!)

And this AM I ran some errands before my DH had to leave for work.  The kids have "Team Color" night at Awana so I went to thrift shops to find some fun accessory stuff for them to wear!  At the "Salvation Army" I found 2 balls of new suede-like yarn and a used skein of what feels like a wool blend.  The suede were .79 each and the wool was .49!  Can’t beat that!  I’ll make something little and cute with the wool!  I LOVE the colors!!  And the little feet in the picture are Baby "E"s… he walked over as I was taking the picture and then proceeded to kick the yarn all over the place!!  He’s a natural soccer player!!! (don’t ya love fat baby toes???)

Well…that’s the extent of my craftiness for this week!!! 

Can’t wait to go and check out what others have done!!  If you like to craft and have things you’d like to share, make sure to check out Shereen’s "SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY" post and enter a link to your post!

🙂 Bridget



  1. Those came out so cute. I think the pockets add a little umph to them. I like them with the pockets. You can't beat free yarn. All that yarn looks like yummy!! I think you should try selling them, they look adorable.

  2. Those are too cute!! Free craft materials is a great bonus too! ;o)

    Lisa :o)

  3. I love the pair with the little pockets, very adorable! Great job!

  4. I love seeing your knitting projects! They all turn out so adorable! Love the pockets, very cute!!


  5. I also love seeing your projects. Were do you find large cones of yarn at? I am intrigued….=)

  6. Sorry…the last post was me. =)

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