Posted by: purityseekers | May 3, 2007

PHOTO LESSON: Adding SOME color to a black and white photo…

This is little entry is for Christine who wanted to know how I did this:

You have to know how to do "layers" in your photo program.  My program is Paint Shop Pro so I’m not sure how to do it in any other program.

What I do is I bring up my photo that I want to mess with and then I "copy" and "paste as new image" so that I have 2 photos open that are identical.

With one of them… I turn it "greyscale".  THEN I click on the greyscaled picture and "copy" and then click onto the color photo and click "paste as new layer".

SO you’ll see the greyscale photo and magically hidden underneath it is the color copy.  Just like taking a piece of colored paper and setting a white sheet on top of it.  If you cut a piece of the white paper you would see the color underneath.

NOW you have to erase the area of the photo that you want the color revealed.  You have to be careful near the edges to use a small tool option so that you won’t erase outside of the thing you want to expose. 

I did this one the other day that I posted of my son’s pants…to get the edges better you can just zoom up super close so you see it really pixely (is that a word???)

I did this one of "E"s 1st birthday party…

and this one of my "C"s 4 leaf clover…

Hope I’ve helped you figure out how to do it!!!  The possibilities are endless!!!  FUN FUN FUN!!

Love, B



  1. You make it sound so easy… but I don't think I have a layering capability in my editing software. 😦 How expensive is this software you're using? I just might need an upgrade.

    Yesterday Sophia and I walked to the end of the road to get Noah off the bus, and I took pictures. I wanted to make the bus yellow, but the rest black n white. I thought it would look cool.

    Thanks for the info!

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