Posted by: purityseekers | May 3, 2007

My Big Girl "Z" lost her FIRST TOOTH!

She finally did it… after weeks of having a loose tooth!!  "Z" (age:6) got the courage up to really work at her tooth today and it came out!

She is excited to wake up to see what we got her as a surprise!  We always do $1 and the first tooth gets a surprise!

You can barely see it… but here’s little toothy in her hand…

and I was glad to find out that my awesome friend, Katherine, got the shorties in the mail that I made her daughter, Petra…

Here’s Petra showing off her new wool!

As you can see… her Mama loves cloth diapers as much as I do!!!

So those were 2 highlights from my day today!  My DH just got home from work… it is almost 9PM and I am ready to hit the sack!!  I have a few busy days ahead of me, since my DH works straight through the weekend and I have Awana tomorrow night, a birthday party on Sat., and on Sunday my son, "C" turns 10 (party is on the 12th) and a birthday party that afternoon! 

Tomorrow at Awana it’s "Team Color" night so the kids need to dress in their teams color.  SO I have to see what they have and then maybe hit "Goodwill" to find some extra things for them to wear and then I have some things to get for "C"s "King’s Birthday Breakfast"!  I just need to get some rest so I’ll be ready!!  I’m also bringing some sandwiches to the party Saturday and need to bake about 4 loaves of bread!

FUN FUN!!  🙂 B


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