Posted by: purityseekers | May 1, 2007

My Baby is in a BIG BOY BED!

Before I get to the "Big Boy Bed" pix… I’ll post a couple from this AM…

Haley came over last night and we took some pictures of the boys today in the matching wool pants we made…

I got creative with this one… isn’t it the cutest???

And of course my "L" had to have her time with baby Nouvelle…

and the way they were laying, Sweet "L"s feet were peeking out and looked like Velle had REALLY big feet!  hehe

Ok… now onto the big news.  I’ll tell you how it all started.

Last night was NOT fun!  My Baby "E" (20 months old) was having a rough time last night getting to sleep.  I nursed him and then laid him in his crib, as usual, but he freaked out and kept crying uncontrollably!  I thought maybe he didn’t feel good or something so I went up to rock him and he was absolutely fine as long as I was holding him.  I decided I just had to let him CIO.  As I headed down the stairs I heard a HUGE thud!  We ran upstairs and he had fallen out of his crib onto his head!!!  He sobbed in my arms for a while but got over it.  Then I stupidly put him back into his crib (thinking he’d figure I still wasn’t giving up!) and I walked downstairs.  He quieted down and a couple minutes later Haley looked up at the stairs and said "Auntie, he is at the top of the stairs looking at me!"  haha So… he mastered the crib exiting technique of throwing your legs over and sliding down the side very quietly!!!

We took the crib mattress out and put it on the floor.  To make a long story short… he slept in bed with us all night because he just would NOT stop fussing about me leaving him!!  I was exhausted and gave in. 

But, tonite was a WHOLE different ball game!! haha  I planned all day and made sure to move my 4.5 year old , "A" from the bottom bunk to the top… and get the bottom bunk nice and baby friendly!  We put the bunkie board from the crib under his mattress (since the bunkbed is all rungs) and my DH got a bed rail for the side of the bed.  I put the crib mattress under the bed and coming out from the end of the bed in case he fell out… and the table beside the bed for "A" to get up onto the bunk.  I cannot keep a ladder there or I just have trouble!!  All of my kids are complete monkeys… so a ladder is unneccesary anyway!

First off I’ll tell you about naptime.  He ended up staying awake in his room for over 2 hours.  He fussed a little, but most of the time he was gabbing away and humming (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) and making a big mess!!  BUT he finally fell asleep…ON his bed!!!  WOO HOO!!!

This is how I found him… (that’s his crib mattress under his feet)

Then I covered him up (he’s the blue blob on the bed) and took a pic of the mess he made…

Then this afternoon, Evan & Audric had fun playing on the bed!

I got a picture of my Middle Boy "A" up on his new top bunk… and the boys down below…

Audric had fun pulling "A"s feet…

At bedtime I nursed "E" and rocked him.  Then I laid him on the bed and said "Goodnight".  He freaked and got down off the bed and came crying to the gate.  I just kissed his head (from the other side of the gate) and said "night night".  He ended up quieting right down and actually climbed into bed and fell asleep!!!  Go, Baby "E"!!!!  What a big boy!!!

This is how I found him…

and then I cozied him up… awww… my baby is growing up!!!

These moments mean a lot to me!  After such a hard night last night… I thank God that my baby has settled down for a much better night’s sleep!!  I think he is really going to like his new bed!!  No matter how hard the transition may be… it’s just another stage that tugs on my heart strings when I realize just how fast they grow up!!!

Now it is time for me to get some sleep!  As usual, thanks for letting me share my life with you!!

Love, B



  1. I just love love love the picture of him with his little rump in the air, on the edge of the bed! Too cute! The creative one (how'd you do that anyway?) is very nice, too. And then there's the one of L and the baby… sweet! You've gotta stop posting so many great pictures all at once – I'm running out of breath! 🙂 Love the post!

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