Posted by: purityseekers | April 30, 2007

3 Months… NO SHAMPOO!

Yup… that’s right… today marks the 3rd month I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo!  I wrote back at the beginning of March about how I had gone "No Poo" at the end of January and put out a challenge to see if anyone else was up for it!  (I started going "No Poo" on January 30th!) Although I didn’t get many responses (haha) I have still been going strong!

I have to confess… I HAVE used shampoo TWICE in the past 3 months BUT it was all natural "Burt’s Bee’s" shampoo that is almost 100% natural without all the dangerous stuff!  (it’s what my kids use) AND I only used it to get that "edible smell" fix I needed.  But as soon as I had done it I almost felt guilty!!  I’m over the guilt, but really like my hair much better without ANY shampoo!!

My routine is still about the same.  I wash it a couple times a week (only once if I want that "natural shiny" look…haha) and always start out using baking soda/water paste, then I rinse with apple cider vinegar diluted in water.  One thing I have started is to use oregano oil for dandruff.  I have always had issues with dandruff and had to use a dandruff shampoo every now and then.  Now when I notice I need something, I squeeze 2 capsules of oregano oil onto a small plate or lid and then rub it in on my scalp.  Works like a charm!  I mentioned that back in my post I think… (you can read my post HERE if you wish).  It was new to me back then… but has proven to really work well!

Today I tried an egg/yogurt conditioner.  I just felt like I wanted a little boost and found that little tip online.  I mixed up and egg with about 4 T. of yogurt.  It called for plain, but all I had was vanilla.  MMMM… smelled great!  OK, if the mooshy egg feel grosses you out, it may not be for you… but I have always been one to not get easy scared off by stuff like that.  My hair feels great!

I just had my husband take a pic of me to prove that not using shampoo for about 90 days doesn’t cause all your hair to fall out!! hehe It’s not the best pic… I just let my hair air dry (which is what I usually do) and just ran my fingers through it.  I usually put it up in a big clip or something then after it’s dry its a bit more wavy.

OK… let me know if you have tried it!  I just can’t imagine using shampoo ever again on a daily basis like I used to!  My DH smells my hair and always just says how natural it smells.  I know the "edible smell" thing is good… but really… how good can it actually be for you?  I have found that to be so true.  I used to pour on the smelly lotions and stuff on my kids but MAN… can that be good for them????  So now I limit any lotions with my kids and use as many natural products as possible.

So… congratulations to ME on my 3 month anniversary being SHAMPOO FREE! 🙂


  1. Your hair looks good. I tried it for about 6-8 weeks after reading your original post about it. My hair just kept getting greasier and greasier. I even quit doing the baking soda part, because my hair was just getting too tangled during the massage part of things.

  2. Hi,
    I am a friend of Lily Bickford and Lori Scott who both told me about your blog. I was so impressed and excited. My family and I recently made the switch to go all natural and I just found recipes for homeade laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner (the vinegar rinse), and tons of other stuff and I am sooo very excited to try them all out. I too am a Christian and homeschool my son. We are trying for a second child and know that it will happen in God's timing but in the meantime I have been checking into cloth diapers. I am just thrilled to find your blog. It is such an encouragement to know someone else out there is trying to keep things simple, basic, and healthy for their family and live by God's standards. I have recieved many raised eyebrows since my family and I started this organic adventure but I just have to keep saying to myself that i am not doing it for other people… I am doing it for my family and to be a good steward with what God has blessed us with.

    So, all of that said, I think you are awesome. Thank you for posting your blog. Ohhh… you can buy Fels Naptha at… I bought 24 bars for $1.75… that's right. Just a buck and 3 shiny quarters and $5 shipping and I received 24 bars of laundry soap… that's a lot of loads. :0)

    I am still searching for Washing Soda… they did not have it at the Walmart in Waterville or Shaws. where do you purchase yours?

    Okay, this is really long and it is getting late and i have probably scared you off. Just wanted to let you know that you rock. I will be peeking back regularly to get an encouragement boost.
    God Bless you and keep you.
    Dawna a.k.a : Jesus Chick

  3. That is very interesting. I haven't ever thought of going shampoo free. I do use natural shampoo. I also make shampoo bars. It's like making homemade soap, but the ratios of oils are a bit different. I add lavender, which is my favorite smell ever, to the soap mixture. That way I have the mild fragrance I like, minus the chemicals. Have you made lye soap before? I can't remember if I've asked you this before. I also make my own lotions and creams with a base of beeswax and olive oils. I have also found a recipe to make my own antibiotic cream which has myrh and tea tree oil in it. Your hair looks lovely.
    In Christ Jesus,

  4. Hi there. Your hair looks lovely. I've never thought of not using shampoo. I use natural shampoo and also have made shampoo bars. You make it like homemade soap, but the oil/fats ratio is different than regular lye soap. Have you ever made soap? It's so much fun. I find it very edifying and creative. It is fun to see what kind of blends you can come up with. I add lavender essential oil to mine. ( It's my favorite scent) I also have made lotions, creams, diaper creams, baby massage oils, grown up massage oils, and I am working on a natural antibiotic cream with myrh and tea tree oils. The lotions have a base of beeswax and olive oils. If you want any recipe's let me know, I'd be glad to share.
    Take care,
    In Christ,

  5. Ok I think this is VERY interesting – BUT I didn't wash my hair for 3 days and it is a GREASY mess. So how would this work – I also straigten my hair. Otherwise it would resemble an afro =)

    What kind of lotion do you use? We have LOTS of allergies – so I would be interested in that!!!
    I should go see what our natural food store has?!??!

    Enjoying the blog as usual =)


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