Posted by: purityseekers | April 28, 2007

Has it really been TEN DAYS??? UGH

I know I haven’t updated in a long time!!!  I can’t believe it!  And that is not good, because when I DO end up being able to update I have WAY too many pictures so that my posts end up full and some people have a hard time viewing my pictures!!!  BUT there isn’t much I can do except to not add pictures… and there is NO way I can do that!!! haha

Life has been very busy lately.  If started out that I was just busy with family and getting together with friends and just everyday stuff… then it got stressful with some personal things we are going through dealing with visitation with my oldest son with his father.  Anything that he goes through absolutely stresses me right out since I just love him so much and want only the absolute best for him.  I am thankful he has a strong and loving older brother to help him through the tough times he’s had over the years.  God is so good!!  I am just praying for God’s will to be done through all of this!!!

Before I go on… I am going to post a picture of him with his older brother, Josh.  He came over the other day while his Mom was running some errands.  The kids love to see him!

He ended up taking an old handle off a broken door we had and attached it to "C"s clubhouse!  The kids had fun watchin’ him…

I didn’t think he’d be able to do it… but he is one creative and innovative kid!! 

The kids had fun having him pick them up upside-down…

I made this one funky to show just "A"s orange pants so I could show Josh’s Mom how I do it on my photo program…

Here he is picking up "Z"…

and last but not least… he TRIED to pick up "C" but he is just getting TOO big!! And Josh is almost 15 and he is taller than me!!!  Where does the time go???  I’ve known Josh since he was about 3 and a half!!!  CRAZY!!!

My son decided to stay home with us this weekend, so life is nice and peaceful for him and we are laying low today!  I have decided I will catch up on laundry, let the kids relax, and finish a pair of wool shorties I am making for my friend, Katherine’s daughter.  They are coming out really cute!! (I will post some other projects in my next post for "Sew Crafty Friday"~~late, as usual)

On April 20th, the kids went to Awana for "Mr. Potato Head Night".  It was fun!  The kids all had to decorate potatoes and pick a category for their potato to be entered into!  The table looked like this…

This is the table for the "UGLIEST"…

My son & daughter won a little trophy for theirs and a prize… they both entered theirs in the "Funniest" category…

Big Guy "C" won for his team, "T&T"… (and got a can of Pringles…hehe)

And "Z" won for her team, "Sparks"… (and got a "Mr. Potato Head" toy)

It’s kinda hard to see what they look like laying down… so here they are before we all went…

"C" made his on stilts and screwed screws into it’s head! haha

"Z"s was very stunning with her brown curls and tie dyed eyes!! hehe

Although the "Cubbies" didn’t enter theirs… my "A" made one for fun!  He would have entered his in the "Coolest"!!!

and of course my Sweet "L" had to make one too… she thought hers was "cool" too! haha

and of course Mama had to get in on the fun… I made one that looked like my husband!  He was awarded (like my 2 younger kids) with a gold ribbon!  haha  As you can see I added a little extra hair on him since my husband shaves his head and beard!!

Oh my goodness I just can’t believe that I haven’t posted for TEN DAYS!!!  I HAVE to get a grip!!!!  I have so many pix I want to share with you that it will take you all day to look at them!! haha

OK… I’ll continue…

Before Awana, I took the kids for a walk to the playground.  My Dad ended up coming over the see the kids… they live right across the street in the house I grew up in!  My husband and I bought my Grandmother’s home, which is 4 streets down!  The green house at the top middle is my parent’s house… you can kinda see my Dad walking and talking to my "C" over to the left… and all of my other kids are swinging.  All of my kids take up almost the whole swingset!!

Here’s my crazy daughter jumping from the playset…

"C" swinging…(I can’t believe he is turning 10 on the 6th of May!!!)  What a great kid he is!!!

On the 22nd, he stayed overnight at my brother’s house.  I got this cute picture of him with his cousins, Jordan & Abbie, before we left…

Haley & the kids road down with us… so I made sure I got a picture of myself, Velle, & my other baby niece, Eve!  How do you like my new look???  Come on, don’t be jealous!

Before going to my brother’s, Haley & I  took another walk to the playground! 

Here I am with all of my kiddos, except Big Guy "C" (who was at his friend, Ryan’s, for an overnight after Awana!  We picked him up on the way TO my brother’s)

Haley with sweet Nouvelle…

I love this one of her son, Audric…(my Baby "E" just saw this picture and is saying "Aw-Gee" over and over!!)

cute baby face… (and now "E" is saying "BABY!!!!  BABY!!!! he is so sweet!!!)

and talk about cute… Haley took this one of "Z" and "A"… it melts my heart…

Audric hated the whole concept of swinging… so we thought maybe Evan would help ease his stress.  It didn’t work…but it made some cute pictures!!

On the 23rd I caved in and let my DH get my baby’s 1st haircut!!  Audric had his 1st cut a few days before but I insisted I couldn’t part with "E"s baby look!!!  Well… it got so hot out that he was sweating and my DH convinced me we should get it done!!

Here’s Baby "E" BEFORE, waiting for the barber… (ok… this is a little exaggerated haha)

DURING…(he did AWESOME!!) ~~ we all went and you can see Sweet "L" peeking from behind…

And AFTER, munching the lollipop that the nice barber gave him.  Awww… he looks so grown up!!!  <<sob sob>>

Later on we went to our friend’s Kevin & Jessie’s for a BBQ!  The kids had so much fun playing with the girls and seeing all their animals!

Abbie, my Sweet "L" and Alayna looking at their pregnant goatie!  She ended up having a baby boy a few days later and they names him, "Thumper"!

Getting ready to feed the cows…

"Z" on one of their tire swings!!

and "C" on their other one!! 

And "A" had fun playing in their sandbox…

"E" and Daddy…

I took this of my 2 youngest boys watching an airplane… they look so much alike now that "E" had his haircut!!!  I LOVE this picture!!

Well…I’ve covered just a few days and have already put a bunch of pictures!!  Bear with me… I have more!!!

On the 24th, we went to visit Haley at her house!  We had a great time!!  The kids played and we stayed and had a spaghetti dinner!  MMMMM

Here’s "L" getting her baby fix…hehe

Audric and Velle…

Me & Nouvelle 🙂  She fell asleep while I was watching Haley dye some wool…

and here’s the wool dyer herself…

If you click HERE you can scroll down on Haley’s blog entry to see what the wool looked like all dyed and balled up!!  SOOOO PRETTY!!!!  Make sure to check out her cute pics of her family first!!

Well… I guess that is about it!  I’ll end on a pic of a new lamp my DH got for me the other day!!  I LOVE it!!!!

Now I am on to post an entry about my knitting projects!!  I have missed 2 "Sew Crafty Friday" posts so I have to get one on there!!!

Thanks, as usual, for letting me share my life!!

Love, B 


  1. Now that's a post!!! You break the record on that one. So nice to see all the pics of what you've been up to lately. I love your handsome boy's haircut! He's a little man now. I like so many of the pics, as usual. You really do a great job w/the pics, and the whole blogging thing.

    See you Friday!

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