Posted by: purityseekers | April 19, 2007

Kissy Faces…

Ok…I am tired… but before I go to bed I HAVE to post a few pix from today.  My friend, Cindy, came over with her 3 kids and it was SO much fun!!  Cindy and I spent much of the time listening to old 80’s tunes on Napster and had a blast!! 

All the kids had a great time… but I think I’d have to say that Baby "E" had the best time of all.  I won’t say anymore… I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…

Here’s Mia and my little guy…

I mean… come on!!  How COULD he have had anything BUT a good time with a kissy face like Mia!!! haha  It was SO cute!!  My poor little guy is a HUGE love… and he has finally met his match!!

My Big Girl "Z" had a great time with her buddy, Gabby… (yes… my kids always end up teaching their friends the "not so good" stuff haha)

Don’t try this at home… well… at least not any home but MY home…hehe

Here’s Liam and My "A"…

And the whole gang… (acting kinda normal)

and acting a little far from normal…

and my friend, Donna, popped over with her son, Kyle (my Big Guy "C"s buddy)…

Here she is with my little man…

Kyle and "C" had a lot of fun playin’ outside!  (finally… the snow is leaving!!)

What a fun day!!  But "E" went his first day without a nap and after all that kissin… he was tuckered out!!!  He fell asleep at 5:30 in his high chair.  I turned around to give him some food and this is how I found him…

And so I brought him into the L.R. and got his jammies on… and this shows just how Mia’s kisses affected him… (this may not be "twitter-pated" but he sure thinks Mia is a real "knock out"!! haha)

I love spending time with friends!  And I have to say… after listening to just about all Christian music for the past years and years and years… the 80’s stuff was fun to reminisce to today!!  Some people may find that a not-so-good thing… but I had a great time laughing and remembering all the old songs I listened to as a kid!! 

As usual… thanks for letting me show you a bit of my world!

πŸ™‚ B


  1. I think 'E' and Sophia had this whole 'no nap' thing planned out! LOL Too funny we posted wipe out pics today! Asleep in the highchair.. now that's TIRED! As always, I love all the pictures. What a gang you had at your house!

  2. How sweet! I remember (and miss) those days! Now mine stay up half the night and sleep in (on vacations) half the day! I keep telling them they are wasting their lives away, but that doesn't seem to matter! I guess I should remember the teen days! Next month I will have ALL teenagers in my home! So far it has gone quite well, but there are still a few years that remain to be seen! haha See you tonight!

  3. My husband and I ooowed and awwed over your pics. Your children are so beautiful.

  4. He's so adorable. He's an affectionate little guy isn't he? It looks like your family had a wonderful day with friends. Isn't homeswchooling wonderful? By the way, we love 80's music. My sweetheart plays 80's love songs for me quite often. I wouldn't be to concerned with what anyone else thinks. The Lord knows our hearts desire to please Him. The Holy Spirit always lets me know if I am listening to something I shouldn't be. πŸ™‚ I hope your family is having a blessed day full of joy.
    In Christ,

  5. Those pics are just too adorable!

  6. What awesome-and extremely cute-pictures!! That looks like a great time! We had lots of time with friends this week, too, and I agree with you-it sure is fun! Holly

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