Posted by: purityseekers | April 18, 2007


It made my day to find out my blogger friend, Holly, from APPLES OF GOLD awarded me with a THINKING BLOGGER AWARD !!! 

This is what the cute little award looks like…

Before I choose my 5 blogs… (which will be hard!!) I will post the rules…

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

(my list is in no particular order… I love the blogs all the same!!  hehe)

Ok… 1st I am awarding APPLES OF GOLD a "Thinking Blogger Award" because of her great blog, lots of pictures to help you get into her world and because of her generosity!!  She made me some of the best and cutest cloth diaper wipes and sent them to me by snail mail!!!  I told her how much I wanted a serger and she offered to make me some wipes!!  Then I saw on her blog how she had made a friend some cloth diapers!!!  What a wonderful godly woman to be so kind and unselfish!!!  She deserves a gold "Thinking Blogger Award"!!!  Thank you, Holly!!!!  I still want to make you a wool soaker, if you are interested!!  I know you said wool scares you… but you’ll be in love!!  If you want some wool shorties for summer…I could do that too!!!  let me know!!! (then I’ll need measurements and we can talk about color!!)

The 2nd award goes to… Shereen’s WAITING FOR HIM blog!   She has an incredible heart!  Her blog makes me really think about my role as Helpmeet to my husband and "Mommy" to my children!!  She has a passion for serving the Lord and her family and friends and is just such a sweet person!!  I love her "Sew Crafty Friday" where you can post your most recent craft pictures!!  I look forward to blogging on Fridays just for her post!! She also deserves an award for such a super, awesome site!!!

The 3rd award goes to… my friend, CHRISTINE’S BLOG ! We have been friends through church for quite a few years… and she is just an inspiration to me!!!  We share our love for the Lord, our families and… PHOTOGRAPHY!!!  If you wanna see some awesome pictures… get on over to her site and check it out!!!  Christine and her family adopted Sophia from China and you can also go through her journey by following links on her site!!  Christine is such an awesome person… very unselfish and always thinking of others!!!  She is our churches Awana secretary and does an incredible job!!!  We have some great family pictures because of her… especially the ones she took at my parents 50th anniversary!!  A big fat gold award goes to Christine!!!

The 4th award goes to… PJ ACADEMY ! Since I love so many blogs…I decided to choose a blog that is not only a great blog… but one that has a great name!  PJ Academy makes you think that this lady knows what REAL homeschoolin’ is all about!!!  At our house… 1/2 the time my kids are doing school stuff in their jammies.  To be honest… I have many a picture of my kids at the table doing their work in a lot less!! haha I’ve had friends say "do your kids EVER get dressed??"  So… congratulations to PJ Academy for a great blog, lots of pix, and a super name!!!

And last but not least… the 5th award goes to… DANDELION SEEDS.  She actually has stopped blogging for a while BUT I have to give her special notice because reading her "Goodbye for now" post touched my heart due to MY heart issues lately.  I remember stumbling across her blog quite a while back and printing off her CLEAN HEART, CLEAN HOME CHALLENGE.  I added that section to my Big Fat Family Folder that I keep.  And as I get ready to post another "Bootcamp" section (due to MY heart loving my children so much… it’s time to get the chaos out of our life again!!!)… I just am so thankful God led me today to her site for encouragement and a sense that someone else knows exactly how I am feeling right now.  My home just isn’t in order.  Not just disorganized clutter around the house… our hearts and our kids hearts are not in good working order.  I’ve often also thought about slowing down or completely stopping my blog for a while just because my internet time can interfere and I can let so much go because of MY life coming first.  Instead of my husband and my children coming first, there are times that it’s more important that I get pictures downloaded to my blog, or thoughts on my blog, or just go blog hunting and reading a million other bloggers posts!!!!  So… I am going to pray about this as I head into "Bridget’s Bootcamp Revisited" and I just want to make sure to recognize this woman’s wonderful heart and open you up to her world and her ideas!  Although she isn’t blogging right now… her blogs (she has a few) have so much to offer!!!

Thanks for reading about my award choices and hope you visit their blogs and encourage them!!!

In Christ, B




  1. Thank You How cool is that?!?!?!
    We are on vacation this week Branson Missouri – so I will post on Monday about it -k-

    Thanks Again!!

  2. Ok Tuesday =) I am putting up my thinking blogger post today!!


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