Posted by: purityseekers | April 18, 2007

Red Sox Game!

My Dh & oldest son got home yesterday after attending a Red Sox game on Monday!!  They had a blast!!!

(there are not any pix of my Dh because he took all the pix AND forgot to have my brother take one of him!! UGH haha)

Here’s my brother’s oldest son, Jordan, and my Big Guy "C" in their seats ready to watch the game!

Being as rainy as it was… we were so thankful they only postponed the game for 2 hours instead of cancelling!!  Here’s the crew unrolling the big tarp off the playing field!

And here they are almost done rolling it off.  This was the view from their seats!  Isn’t it great??

With the zoom lens… my Dh was able to get some great pix!

Here’s Manny running across the field…

and the umpires…

The boys in their "Coco" shirts…

View of the Prudential building from Fenway Park…

My brother and the boys walking around Fenway… I made a star up near the left to show where their actual seats were. 

 warming up…

 Manny up to bat…



A couple cute pix…

Red Sox’s dugout…

The Sox won…7-2!  Here’s the handshake…

 They stayed in a hotel outside of Boston…

The boys had fun swimming…  

I forgot… when I was talking with my husband I told him I was bummed he didn’t get any pix of himself… so he did a self portrait haha

At the hotel they had balconys off from their rooms that were over the pool area… this is the view from the balcony…(the pools are covered for privacy)

Here’s a pic my Dh took from one of their room balcony’s of my son on the other!

The boys decided the balcony would make a great place to sleep…

It wasn’t only my son’s first big baseball game…it was my husband’s too!!  I am so glad they got to share that together!!!  and "C" having his cousin with him just added to the excitement!!  He’ll never forget it!!!

Can you tell my little guy was happy that his big brother was home???  I love "C"s Red Sox hat he got!!  He looks so cute in it!!

I am so glad they had a great time!  I’m thankful God stopped the rain JUST in time for the game!!  It rained hard right up until noon, stopped for the game and then started to rain more as the game ended!  Our prayers were answered!!!

Thanks for letting me share a family moment!!

Love, B 




  1. That's so awesome, Bridget! Mike took the kids last summer. The business won tickets for box seats behind home plate (but only for 4). I stayed home and watched on tv. But they were too far back, I didn't get to see them on tv. They, too, had a great time. I'm so glad Troy and Camden could share that together! I know it was a very special time for my guys! See you tomorrow night? Brenda

  2. What a special time for T and C! I am sure it will be a fond memory, always! What a good Daddy T is for taking time to have a special day like that. Good times!

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