Posted by: purityseekers | April 13, 2007

Living Now Game…

I found the blog "Thoughts of a Fluttering Mama" and loved her LIVING NOW GAME! (it was posted quite a while ago so not sure if there was a plan for a Day 5)

So…I thought I’d share my thoughts here on the days she has done so far.  I am not going to write a ton of thoughts…just a few that come to mind!

Day #1

"If I knew for certain that I had 50 years to live…"

"Things I would like to do in that time (in no particular order of doing or importance)"

* Adopt a baby (or more than one!)

* Pray that my children HAVE children and then be the best Grandmother ever!

* Pray that my husband would ALSO live 50 more years!

* Start a newsletter / magazine (Christian Family type magazine like Above Rubies & No Greater Joy)

* Knit & sew like crazy to outfit my kids and others!

* Continue to change my lifestyle to make it more natural! 

* Learn about & start a HUGE organic garden!  Maybe a greenhouse!

(Oh my… I could just keep on going!!  No wonder she goes day by day!!!!)

OK…onto Day #2

"What would I consider important if I knew I only had 25 years to live?"

* Install in my children the importance of faith & a personal walk with Jesus Christ, living and trusting in God’s word & serving the Lord daily!

* Be thankful that since I am 38… dying in 25 years wouldn’t be THAT bad…haha

* Love and soak up all of those around me and the wonderful blessings from God and smile through all circumstances! 

* Make sure my husband and I got our finances in awesome order for security for our children!

OK… onto Day #3

"What would I consider important if I knew I only had 10 years to live?"

(oooh…scary thought, isn’t it??)

* All of the above… but FASTER!!!

* And the part about loving up those around me… I would do it with loads of passion!!! 

* Teach my kids all the little things that I love to do and prepare them for life without me!!!

(uh oh…I am scared to see Day 4)

(taking a big swallow in fear knowing what the question must be…)

Day 4

"What would you want to make sure you did before dying if you knew you would die in 5 years time?  Be specific."

* I would tell my family how much I love them daily. 

* I wouldn’t stress over the small stuff. 

* I would finish the children’s journals and make sure to write them each a super long love letter from me. 

* I would make sure my relationship with the Lord was on track and would await the day I get to see Him!! 

* I would NOT stress over homeschooling and being perfect and making sure I do everything just so darn right that no one is upset at me!!! 

* I would dramatically change our daily lifestyle to just be WAY more focused on our walk with the Lord, training, reading more, praying more together, cuddling more, etc. 

Now…if there is a Day #5 I think I am going to have to leave that for a whole ‘nother post… because these first 4 days have really gotten me thinking.  I know that I will be reflecting on this forever now.  I get the point, do you????



  1. All that deep thinking! I have been getting up at 4am with my dh and brain is on autopilot. If I can get used to running on steam, I think I'd like to play! LOL

    about the water and butter thing…what you do is…once the butter had formed, your dump the leftover liquid and replace said liquid with plain water and keep beating (or churning). You continue to dump and replace (each replacement you keep churning or beating) until the water finally stays clear. If you do not do this process, then your butter will go bad more quickly. LOL But when we made it we had it gone in two days. I have read that it deepens the butter flavor if you do the water changes.

    It was a fun experiment though. Even my husband joined the fun and was rather amazed at the butter process. Die hards will churn, but I just used a closed container then later used my KitchenAide Stand mixer. hehe

    If you do do it, you may want to have your littles shake first and let your older kids do most of the shaking after it begins getting thick. After about 8 minutes of shaking–it's time to break out the muscles!

    Have fun! I enjoy reading your blog, by the way!

  2. Hi there Bridget,
    How are you doing? Hope your family is having a great weekend. I use the Fels Naptha when I run out of my homemade soap. I do like the Fels Naptha. It does get stains out really well. I wouldn't want to use it if it still had napthalene in it. That is not good for you, it is suspected of being a human carcinogen. According to the Condensed Chemical Dictionary, it is toxic by inhalation. I much prefer my own soap because I know exactly what is in it. I saw your pictures of all the snow. That is crazy. We are expecting some snow tonight. I had to bring my seedling in the house tonight. I visited your neices blog. I really like it too. I do as much as I can naturally and organically. We have an organic buying club which is really great. We've switched or toilet paper and feminine products over the last 3 months. It has been a great thing. I blogged about the toxins in those products. They are really bad. Anyway, have a great evening. Tn. is a great place to live by the way. Have you been here to visit before? My name is written in the mountains here. Something very soothing about them to me.
    Take Care,

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