Posted by: purityseekers | April 13, 2007

APRIL… Maine month with most snow…

Yup… as of yesterday… the month of April gave Maine the most snow of all winter months!   (And it isn’t even a winter month!! UGH)

Yesterday I took a pic (of our messy winter beaten yard!!) before the storm started…

Then during the storm…

And then this AM when we woke up! 

I actually find snow very pretty… but the cold I could do without!!!  So… could someone PLEASE comment and send me some links to some "SPRING" blog pix to give me hope??  Thanks!!!

🙂 B



  1. Spring was/is here? It had been so warm here is S. Texas. Last weekend was miserably cold though. (For us anyway.) We went to an Easter egg hunt last Saturday. It was so cold that kids were crying that they wanted to go home. I will try and get some spring pics up tomorrow just for you.

  2. Oh my goodness! I do not envy your snow! I hope the weather warms up really soon!

    If you want to see spring pics, Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight had an Early Spring Field Day yesterday with lots of posts about spring w/ pictures!

    Here is the link:


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