Posted by: purityseekers | April 11, 2007

Ever Played "Hide The Kid In The Sleeping Bag"???

Me either…haha.  But yesterday while my niece, Haley and her husband, Nate were here… he played it with my kids.  Ok… first I want you to meet Nate…

Yes… if you’d like, you can stop reading right now and leave me a comment telling me how bad you feel for me!!  My 3 year old just saw the pic and said "Nate silly… he has silly hair" haha

After Haley took that… they did a self photo…

Ya, I know…they look kind of normal… but trust me… they aren’t!!!  And I know they would agree…100%.  They are completely ok with being outcasts!! haha

Anyway… back to the game…

The rules are simple.  Get a nice big sleeping bag, put a kid in it, and then go and dump the sleeping bag somewhere and leave the scene.  When the kids climb out… they get to see where they were abandoned!  It’s really fun!!  The kids always have fun with Nate because he’s a such a goof!

First off, it was "C"s turn.  I didn’t get any pix of it… but he ended up having a blast!  Being almost 10, he didn’t panic being crammed into the bottom of a sleeping bag.  (but my 3 year old hated it…so she just watched!)  "C" ended up being abandoned here and there throughout the house including the bathroom… and then he found himself outside in the clubhouse!! 

Here is "Z" as Nate is lugging her upstairs to be dumped off…

And next was "A"… he loved it too!!  Nate took him outside and put him in the van!! haha

Does he look like he’s having fun??? hehe

So the kids had a blast!  And of course Baby "E" had fun with his buddy, Audric…

And my Sweet "L" loved up little Nouvelle…2 little blue eyed girls in matching colored jammies!  I think Nouvelle was thinking "who is that weird monkey beside me???"

Here’s a close-up of the little guy!  He was pretty cool.  You threw him like a slingshot and when he’d hit the wall or whatever…he’d scream!!  A toy everyone should have!  A great stress reliever!!! haha

Here are a few adorable pix of "Velley"…

Don’t ya love little sleeping babes???

We always have a good time when Haley’s family comes to visit!

You can check out Haley’s new blog here:

Haley’s Family Homeschool Blogger Site

My oldest son just started going out jogging with Dad in the morning!!  He loves it!!!  Here he is after their jog today…

and here are the kids doing their schoolwork yesterday.  I love to see them all together working hard!

and I’ll end on what I started my day out with yesterday…

I have to be honest… that is about the greenest (I don’t think I’ve ever written that word before…IF it IS a word haha) smoothie I have ever made!  I remember reading about Green Smoothies for the first time in an Above Rubies magazine (or was it No Greater Joy???) and mine always turned kinda red because of all the berries.  Then it dawned on me yesterday that I hadn’t put any berries in!! No wonder!!

This one was made with vanilla yogurt, carrot juice, Green Goodness juice, Orange juice, a banana and lots and lots of SPINACH!!!!! And it was SOOOOO delicious!!!  I gave the kids their cod liver oil in it and they begged for more!!  Gotta love kids that don’t mind drinking stuff that sounds horrid!!!

Have a GREAT day!  Love, B


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