Posted by: purityseekers | April 7, 2007

Sparky & the Butterfly…

Before I post more about our life… I HAVE to write my 6 year old daughter’s story that she wrote this AM.  She recited it to me and I wrote it down "word for word" as she said it!  She is just SOOOO sweet.  But before I post her story… let me first introduce you to "Sparky"!  Some may remember meeting him on my blog before… but if not… here he is:

This is "Z"s most precious friend in the world… can you tell by the looks of him?? haha  This is a picture of what he looked like when she first got him in the mail from my friend, Christine…

He may have changed a lot… but he just gets better with age!!  hehe  "Sparky" is her Awana clubs mascot!

Here is "Z"s story…


One morning Sparky was gardening his biggest pumpkin ever and then Sparky saw something.  He looked in the bushes and guess what he saw?  A butterfly!  He wanted to catch it, but it flapped away.  And then he goed (you know…the past tense of "go" haha) back to his gardening and the butterfly was bugging him and he was ignoring him.  Then it was keep bugging him (YES…I DO teach my kids!! And I corrected her mistakes but HAD to write them this way because its so cute!! haha) and when it was keep bugging him he tried to put it in a jar.  Then he saw another butterfly and it was bugging him too.


AWWWW… wasn’t that cute???  I love the stories kids tell!!  I’ll have to have them write more and make a special section on here for them!

Now I’ll post a little art creation my 3 year old "L" colored the other day… (I scanned it)


She’s so detailed!!  I am so glad that all of my children love to draw!!  And to be able to homeschool and see their creativity all through the day is so awesome!!!

Big Guy "C" spent so much time yesterday on his snowman and it came out so cute!!  You can see a picture of it on his blog here:


How cool is it to be able to go outside in the middle of a schoolday and just play and make a snowman??  He has fun blogging now and it is really helping him with his spelling!  Typing is also something he is learning from this really FUN TYPING WEBSITE!!  You HAVE to check it out!!!


He cracks up all the way through the lessons and is learning a lot!! 

And here’s some more of  "C"s (age:almost 10) creativity… I used to love to draw stuff like this:

And here are a couple of his coloring pages: (he got these from the National Geographic Site )

And my 4.5 year old, "A", loves to draw & color too!  Here is a train he colored…

And here are some little monies he made…

and my 6 year old, "Z", drew these soldiers… she saw them in our Ed Emberley Drawing Book…

And she made this heart…

My kids draw so much I could wallpaper all the walls in my house and then run out of room and have to do it all over again!!!  And since I have a hard time throwing anything out… I have stacks and stacks and files and files of different things they’ve made!

And if I can’t save it…I take pictures of it!! hehe Like this little cute thing "L" did with her counting bears…

She worked SO hard at getting them "just right"!!  Whenever Baby "E" would come over by her… she would protect them with her life!!!!  "NO!!!!  Don’t knock over my bay-ews"!!! hehe

This is a clay creation of "Z"s that she calls "Toompee" because she has a tuba… (and I’m glad I got a picture yesterday because little "Toompee" is now an Easter egg! haha)

Today we studied their Awana over breakfast and I read a story to them about Christ and His resurrection.  I had the stuff from the Resurrection Eggs… but just not the eggs (the kids got into them last year and lost some!)… and I passed each item around as I told the story about Jesus.  They really liked that!!  (although they kept fighting over who got to hold the donkey!!!)

The kids are having "quiet time" right now and for once in this whole week…it really IS quiet!  SO quiet I was going to go and check on the 3 oldest to see if they were all ok!!  But then I could hear that they were all in "C"s room playing Legos!  "L" and Baby "E" are both asleep!  AHHHH  I am taking advantage of it before reality sets in at about 4 or 4:30!!  (although its amazing… by then I am bored and want to hear them around me!!)

My niece came over to visit yesterday with her 2 little ones.  I have to show you just how talented my nephew is…

I know, I know… I shouldn’t brag, but I can’t help that talent runs in my blood!!  haha (My niece is gonna LOVE this post!!!  for real!!  She would be completely proud of her little nose-pickin’ man!!! hehe)

And I caught a few sweet pix of Nouvelle…

Look at that face!!!!! 

And back to Audric…

When I watch him suck his thumb I get envious!!  I was BIG time thumb-sucker and had to wean myself from it at like age 12!!! haha 

Ok… I’ve spoken about talent… now let’s talk goofy!

Are your kids as goofy as mine???  My Baby "E" has a love for "boooo’s" (boots) and if he sees any laying around… he HAS to wear them practically all day!!!  Here he is after I changed his diaper!  I didn’t even have time to put on his clothes!!  He was saying "boo’s! boo’s! boo’s!"  Now THIS is a real fashion statement…

then once he was dressed… we had to put those "boo’s" right back on!  (oh…and he added a hat to the mix!!)

Ok… the weirdness doesn’t end there… my "Z" can make herself look pretty crazy too!

OK…I am going to leave you on the "weird" note!  I have to get my household motivated!!!  Daddy will be home in about an hour and we need to make the house ready for the King of our castle to arrive!!! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!

Love, B


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