Posted by: purityseekers | April 7, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday (a day late)

I am LOVING Shereen’s "Sew Crafty Friday" because it is SO fun to get to see other women’s crafts AND it’s very encouraging and motivating for a person like me!!  If I post a picture of an unfinished craft… it gives me that push to finish it since I’ll have to post again in a week!! hehe

So… I guess I have to fess up about my MAJOR issue of procrastination.  I am such a horrible "start and finish 2 years later" kinda person!!!!  I can have a million ideas floating in my head that I can’t finish my recent project because I have to start something new!!  I have gotten better at it since I started making wool longies because I love my son to have lots of them to wear!!  BUT I have taken a long time making my recent pair because I am working on 3 spools of machine yarn!  A woman from church gave me TONS of spools that she doesn’t use anymore!!!  SO, in order for them to be the thickness of the wool I am used to working with… I have to use the 3 skeins.  As you can see… they are BIG!!

I only have a partial leg and the next leg to do… but I can’t easily transport the wool from room to room.  I have it next to my bed so that if I get some quiet time during the day I can go up and knit!  I am going to try to get them done so next Friday I don’t have to post this same picture and say how pathetic I am!! haha

Ok… onto the rest of my "fessing up".  I am coming clean to the world so I can be held accountable!! haha

Here are 3 other projects I’ve started and never finished…I just took all these pix a few minutes ago…

A crocheted rag-bag I was making for a friend.  I ran out of the purple cotton and just got lazy and never bought any.  When I went to buy some a couple weeks ago…I couldn’t find the same color purple!!!  I checked at 2 stores and figure that I’ll just have to use the off color purple and deal with it!!  I make these using 3 skeins so making my wool longies with the big spools is easier because of my experience with these bags!

This is a scarf I started at the beginning of winter… needless to say I didn’t get much use out of it!!!  I knit about 6 inches and then needed the needle so I put all the stitches on a stitch holder.  UGH.

And my most pathetic unfinished project… a dish cloth.  Come on… who can’t finish a dish cloth????

Man…I only have like an inch or two to do!!!  Guess I should start with that so I can at least check one thing off my list!!!

OK… I have a whole week…I HAVE to be able to do something by next Friday!! Here’s hoping!!!

Oh…and just to tell you the other projects floating in my head that I want to make (someone stop me!!!!)…

*Mama pads (and Shereen… you have encouraged me to get on the ball with them!!!)

*a handmade Mei Tai to lug Baby "E" around… my niece has one and I fell in love with it and used hers to make a pattern! 

Here’s my niece with baby Nouvelle in hers… (aww… and I just noticed Nouvelle has on the little wool longies I made her)

I COULD tell you more of those millions of floating ideas…but I’ll leave now before I get myself into more trouble!!!!

šŸ™‚ B



  1. lol You are too funny. Thanks for sharing all your unfinished projects. I literally laughed out loud because I understand you not finishing some of those projects, but then you lost my sympathy when I got to the unfinished dishcloth. Then I completely remembered I have a crocheted washcloth that I haven't finished either. It's been sitting in my closet for about 5 months. YIKES!! Nouvelle's(I'm not sure if I spelled that right) longies are just adorable. I have never seen them that tiny. That wrap she has her in looks so comfortable. I wish I knew of those when I had my children. Their's were pretty uncomfortable. I then used the hiking type one for my back until they got too heavy at about 15 months or so. I know you asked about the snaps, I will answer on my blog as well, but they are SUPER easy. They have colored snaps and then they have just plain metal ones. The ones I have on the cloth pad, were quick to put on. You literally put the two pieces on each side of the cloth and bang it once or twice with a hammer, and that's it. You have to do that for both sides. There is an illustration on the back of the packet. They also sell a tool to make it easier, but what's easier than a hammer. lol I am hooked on them now. I'm thinking about using them for the boys' pajamas, instead of buttons. I'm sure it will be a lot easier than making button holes and sewing buttons on. I hope you are able to share if you do your cloth mama pads. Thanks for taking part in Sew Crafty Friday this week.

  2. Great projects! I'm a procrastinator too, so I can relate. :o) I didn't even get anything post for this past Friday. This Friday for sure. ;o)

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