Posted by: purityseekers | April 5, 2007

Happy SPRING?????

Does THIS look like SPRING to you???

Ya… doesn’t to me either!!  This is what we woke up to today!!! UGH.  We got close to a foot of snow over the course of yesterday afternoon into today.  We woke up and it was STILL snowing!!!

Trees are NOT supposed to look like this in April!!!!

but I should know better.  It IS Maine… and my Dh and I were married on April 15th, 7 years ago, and I ended up barefoot; it was so nice outside!!  Then… the following weekend we were blasted with snow!!  So… at least the kids have had fun…

Here’s "Z" while Daddy shovels behind her… poor guy… he had his work cut out for him!  Our driveway is big enough to hold about 6 cars… so NOT FUN!!!!  And it was really heavy snow!!  A good workout!!! 

When "A" found out his big sister was outside… he had to get his gear on and head out to help Dad shovel!!

Then I yelled upstairs to "L"… "do you want to go outside too????" and of course she ran down to get her things on!!

And as I was yelling…I woke up Big Guy "C" who couldn’t resist getting up to go outside.  On his way downstairs, he went into the baby’s room and got him out of his crib for me.  He made sure to bring him outside to see the snow before he got himself dressed for the cold…

And here’s my big guy all ready to have some "Springtime" fun! haha

This is a pic of my son’s drumstick stuck in the snow earlier in the AM before my Dh had shoveled…

It sunk in about 12 inches!  CRAZY!!!

While everyone (all but me and Baby "E") were outside…I made a yummy breakfast!  As soon as my Dh was out of the shower…I told him his meal was all ready on the table.  I took a pic of it because pathetic old me doesn’t do this enough and I want to always remember how happy this made him!!  Life with 5 young kids can get pretty hectic in the mornings and I usually end up so busy getting THEM dressed and situated for the day that my Dh cooks something up for himself A LOT!!  I am going to make a conscious effort to put him first, especially on the days he has to work, to show him how much I love him and will miss him while he’s gone!!  Even the kids were like, "That’s for Dad?  Where’s ours???" haha

I made bacon, and homemade waffles, homemade homefries and eggs over easy… we all ended up pigging out and are STUFFED!!!

Night before last I had my brother’s son here for an overnight.  Here’s a pic of him with my "Z" and my "C".  Jordan is in the middle… (look at the snow-less ground!!!  That was just yesterday!!!  It had started to snow…that is why their hair is wet!)

Boys will be boys… (haha…my son just walked over and said "WHAT is THAT??? haha HOW did Jordan do that????)

My niece, Jordan’s older sister Abbie, was staying down the street at my parents house and so she came down here for lunch!!  Here are all the kids at the table… Abbie is in the front far right…

That’s a big clan of kids!!  And my brother’s 3 other children aren’t even in the picture!!  Talk about a family gang!!! 

When my SIL came to get the kids… the other 3 got to play a while!

…all but baby Eve who was asleep.  Here is my baby "E" looking at her cuteness…

This is Aaron… my "Z" and "A" fight over who is going to play with him!!!  Must be nice to be so popular!!!! 

And here’s Brody… (who my "E" calls "Bo-Bee")~~  he and "E" tend to fight over who gets to play with the ball… (needless to say… Beefy Brody usually wins!! hehe)

The same night Jordan stayed over… so did my niece, Haley & her 2 kiddos, Audric and Nouvelle! 

We heard the doorbell and then I heard my "Z" cracking up laughing saying "a little boy is at the door!!!"  I wish I had my camera at the moment we opened the door.  Audric was standing there all alone looking like a mini salesman!! 

I took this pic of him afterwards in his Mom’s arms… what a dude!!!

Here he is again…having dinner with my "E"…

And here’s little Nouvelle… she is so sweet…

Yesterday after everyone had left… my friend, Jess, came over to bring "Z" her birthday gift!  It was a little Pillsbury Doughboy that giggles and smells like marshmallows!!!  Doughboy is one of "Z"s most favorite things in the world!!!  She was SOOO happy!!!  (thanks, Jessie!!!)

And a few more random pix before I end.  My Sweet "L" was having fun falling off the side of the couch onto her back and I snapped a cool pic of her in mid-air… she was going so fast that her face looks transparent!!!

and here’s "E" taking a bath…I love water droplets…

So what’s the weather like in your neck of the woods???  I am hoping that all this snow will disappear super fast and that Spring really WILL be here!!! 

OOOH… my husband just called and said that since it is so slow at his job today… he can take a PDO and leave for the day!!  WOO HOO!!!  I’m not telling the kids…I’m going to let him surprise them!!  I love days like this!!!  Thank you, God, for the snow!!!  Daddy is comin’ home!!! 

🙂 B



  1. No snow in Illinois BUT it is FREEZING!!!!!

    Yuck – Tuesday we were at the Zoo wanting to take our sweatshirts off it was so warm!!!!


  2. You know I got the same weather (ugh!), but did you know we share the same Wedding Anniversary? I almost forgot it was coming up! How sweet of you to make T such a nice breakfast. I'll bet he appreciated it!
    Remember, no AWANA Friday.

  3. I love the pictures…especially of the breakfast!!! I to don't do that often enough.

  4. It's cold here too! But we only have less than an inch of snow here in Michigan, thankfully!

    Have a blessed Easter! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures.


  5. Hi Bridget,
    What a yummy looking breakfast! I would love to have some! Nice photos!

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