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A while back I had this big revelation about my laundry dilemma!  If you don’t know what I am talking about… you can click this link to see what I wrote about in my post…


It worked great for the longest time… but being human… over time it got out of control again!!  UGH.  BUT I have always had this bright concept in the back of my head and promised myself I WOULD get my laundry in order again!!!

I am doing it pretty much the same except for a couple changes.

We went to the "Christmas Tree Shop" and bought 5 buckets with handles… one for each kid.  Then I went to work at getting the washing under control.

It was a beautiful day outside, so I got my son’s wool longies washed and hung outside!  Here they are after bringing them back in to finish drying.  I love that fresh scent! MMM

As I washed and dried the clothes, I put each child’s clothing in their basket.  It was nice to not be folding laundry and stacking it here and there all over the L.R. just to find I ended up leaving it there for DAYS.  Then the baby would grab stuff and throw it around and it would be total CHAOS (as the Flylady would say… "Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome"). 

Here are the kids baskets all lined up on the couch and ready to go upstairs…

Then after bringing them upstairs and sorting ALL of their clothes all nice and neat… I ended up bringing them back downstairs empty; all but one.  The one on top has an outfit for each of the kids for the next day!!  This AM it was nice to have their clothes right there all ready for each to get into!

And in the process of doing all the clothing sorting, I also managed to switch the boys rooms.  My oldest son was sleeping in our biggest kids bedroom upstairs and it doesn’t have a door.  SO… I moved him to the smaller room WITH a door and moved "A" and baby "E" into the larger room.  It is GREAT!!!  "A" is happy to have the bunkbed back… he slept on the bottom bunk when he was just 14 months old!  I had a railing up on it and a mini trampoline so he could climb up easily!  I had to put him in a bed because of bleeding during my pregnancy with "L".  I could not longer lift him up into the crib.

Here he is in his new room!

The picture looks a little fuzzy on my puter… but you can see how happy he is!  He set his trains up on the table by his bed!  And the baby is happy in that room too!!

So… back to the laundry.  I like to have a couple rotating outfits, but also realize that reality IS that kids get dirty and need changes of cloths.  So I have put a couple extra in their areas.

This is the shelving in the boys new room.  I have a bucket for socks, underwear, and jammies… and a few pants and shirts to the right…

"C" and the girls have closets in their rooms and drawers under their beds for their clothes 🙂

So… laundry is caught up and sorted and now I can wash their clothes at the end of the day and then wash their night clothes in the AM and it will lessen my wash loads dramatically!!!

Now… back to the room changes.  The only problem with the larger room that doesn’t have a door… the hall light is bright and shines in on the baby’s crib.  So I decided to make a curtain!  That was my project for today…

A while back, I had purchased a big piece of canvas at the store my husband sells furniture at.  Today I found a good use for it!!!  My curtain!!!

Here is the cloth as I was cutting it to get a perfect rectangle…

Then I ironed the edges to get a 1 inch folded edge to sew…

Then I sewed the bottom edge, the sides and then made the top for the curtain rod to go through…

I used a zigzag stitch… I love the way it looks…

Here’s the finished curtain with "C" and "A" looking cute in front of it… BUT the setting on my camera was set funny so it doesn’t look right…

So here is the finished curtain… I am proud of myself!!  And the canvas is nice because no light will shine through!!

 So I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in the past couple days!!  My Dh was off so he was outside most of the day yesterday doing yardwork with the kids… and today it’s raining so it’s a "chill out" day!  We ended up playing "Life" this afternoon and now my Dh is with "C" at his drum lessons!

Before I end I wanted to post a cute pic I took of "Z" yesterday while she was painting at her easel… my little artist…

Last night my sister came over after we got the 4 youngest to bed (Thank you, Bonnie!!!) … and she hung out with "C" while we visited our friends John & Cindy!  It was nice to get out and spend time together and in good company with our awesome friends!  I wish I had a picture of their daughter, Mia.  She is SOOO cute.  She is my "E"s age and sat with me the first part of our visit.  She talks like crazy and is only a little over 18 months!!!  The cutest thing is when you ask her something like "do you want to go to bed?" and she says "no" and then you say "Why?" and she just says "Cuz".  haha It is so sweet!! 

Speaking of "E"… he just woke up so I better go and get him!  Thanks for letting me share my life!

🙂 B



  1. Way to get organized! If you get all your laundry caught up, can you come help with mine? I've got our regular laundry caught up, but I'm still doing the 'vacation' laundry. I couldn't remember what was clean and dirty when it went in the suitcase to come home, so I had to re-wash it all! Shame on me!

    Maybe you do this already, but I have a small basket, one on the side of each step going upstairs. One for each child. When I find something that needs to be returned to their room (toys, hair clips, etc), I put them in their basket. When they go upstairs, they're suppose to check their basket, and take whatever is in there, up. The concept is good, but I really have to get after them sometimes to clean out their basket!

    Oh, did you know we're doing the Financial Peace University class at church (Dave Ramsey)? Have you taken that yet?

    Christine R

  2. Oh, I really like those baskets. Very cute and colorful. I followed your advice on that old post and I put a lot of the boys' clothes in a box in the garage. I don't even remember what is in there. It has helped out tremendously with there clothes. I think I need to do that for everyone else. Just last night I told my beloved, is it me, or am I constantly folding laundry. He said everytime I look at you, you are folding laundry. Hmmm..l guess it's time to revisit this laundry thing over at my house as well. Thanks for the ideas. Hey, you can always share your neat curtain for Sew Crafty this Friday. ;0) You did a great job with it by the way. How nice that you were able to get everyone situated and they are happy in their new rooms. Blurry or not, your son looks very happy with his little train set near his bed. ;0)

  3. Great job on everything! I LOVE the laundry idea! I fold laundry usually in the PM after kids are in bed–then I can't put everything away so it sits crammed into 1 laundry basket and then I just sorta put it off….I really really like your idea!!!

  4. Looks like you were able to accomplish a lot!

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