Posted by: purityseekers | March 31, 2007


That was the theme of last night’s Awana!  The kids had SO much fun!! 

My Dad came over to babysit while I went shopping for some cool stuff to help make the night fun for my kids!

Here’s my big guy trying on his little sunglasses…haha He LOVED them!!!

"Z" looked a bit like a female "Beatle" in her glasses….

"A" looked like a cool cat in his… (his favorite color orange… or the closest I could find)

And "L" needed a piece of the action in her little fishy glasses…

and only a COOL Grampa would let someone take a picture like this!!!  Love you, Dad!!!

on the way to Awana… (yes… time for a new vehicle!!!)

Outside of the church…

When we arrived… my friend Jessie’s daughter’s both had the same type of glasses!!  The 3 Muskateers:

Here’s "Z" at "Sparky" gametime!!  Her crazy hair got her into the TOP 5 for BEST CRAZY HAIR and SUNGLASSES!!!  And guess what she won… a pair of the BIG sunglasses… but star shaped!!!  She loves them!!

A close-up of my Crazy Haired Girl…

A Mini Beatle…

While they sang the Awana song… I got a good pic of "C"s funky hairstyle!!  He had asked me to give him striped and spots…

That’s my "A" in the middle of some of the "Cubbies" during bible time…

What a great time we all had!!  My DH had the evening off from work so he got to go and have fun too!!

Thursday was our big trip to the DENTIST!  As our family grows… we tend to take up a huge block of time!!!  At the next 6 month visit… we will have to take up a 2 hour slot because my 4 oldest will be seen together!! THEN it won’t be long and Baby "E" will make it a 2.5 hour slot!!  PHEW!!! 

As you can see… I take my camera just about everywhere I go!!  Don’t want to miss a memory!!  😉

While the kids wait they can play with Legos in the waiting room…

or they can come in and watch what’s going on in the hygenist’s seat… here’s "L" watching while "A" gets his teeth cleaned… she’ll be having hers done next time!

My kids love going to the dentist… can’t ya tell???

Here’s "Z" looking at the Xrays of her teeth… (she did a GREAT job having the xray done!)

The kids always love playing with the BIG TEETH and TOOTHBRUSH!! 

"A"s Cubbie Bear thought the teeth were a nice place to take a nap…haha

My baby was SO good just watching everything going on!! 

Makes me feel so good to hear them say how well behaved my kids are!  (though they are far from perfect… but I guess they are much better than some kids!!)  Only once did one of my kids have a nutty… and that would be my Middle guy "A"!   He was arguing about not wanting to share the big teeth!!  Then when Daddy took him to the waiting room he freaked because he had left Cubbie Bear behind!!!  He quickly got over it after he and Daddy had a little chat! haha (and after the receptionist got Cubbie for him LOL)  Daddy had to leave halfway through to get to work… so I was glad they all were really good!!

We left with a clean bill of health… zero cavities!! 

Of course, I have more pix to share of things we’ve done lately!  My son is blogging about a walk we took on the Rail Trail the other day… you can read his blog here…


He DID have a blog site at Blog Spot but I am so used to this site… we switched because we both were getting frustrated on the other one!! haha  I laugh to picture both of us saying "UGH… why aren’t the entry previews looking the same as how we entered the info!!??????".  I am not one to quit very fast… so we tried and tried and THEN I quit!! haha

Anyway… I’ve also gotten interested in beading.  I am not one that wears much for jewelry and I don’t let my daughters wear jewelry as a rule… but it sure is fun!!  Even my 3 year old have fun using the tiny beads!!  I didn’t think she’d be able to do it at first… but she was GREAT at it!!

Here’s "Z" making her 1st little beaded bracelet…

and the finished product…

and here’s little "L" making hers… she was VERY focused… can you tell?? hehe

and this is HER finished bracelet…

"Z" got bored of it before "L"… so she joined in playing Play-doh with the boys…

These are the only 2 pix I’ll put on about our Rail Trail walk since "C" won’t be using these 😉  Here I am with the kids in front of the river…

And here’s Daddy and the kids!

So we are getting excited for summer!!!!  The Rail walk was a little chilly… but it was SOOOOO nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air!!!  The ice is slowly leaving the river, so that was fun to watch too!

I took a few pix of "C" by some graffiti painted walls down by the walking trial and I will just add 2 little pix before I end…

and this was cute because some drops of melting snow were falling on him…hehe

Guess that is all for now!!  I have to get focused on getting my house in order!  The kids have some schoolwork to catch up on and I have lots of cleaning I can do.  And once I get lunch done I want to get my kids settled for "Quiet Time" so I can take some time to spend with the Lord and just relax before a busy afternoon of MORE cleaning!!!  Spring is here and I am in WASH mode!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!! 

🙂 B



  1. You take some great shots of your kids. Many times I don't even think to take photos of my kids. My poor, slow computer has trouble displaying all of you photos though.

  2. I love all the pictures! Hard to pick a favorite, it guess it would have to be Cubbie Bear in the teeth… hehehe! Also the 'focused' beading picture. Thanks for updating so frequently!

  3. yay about the cavities! I left C a message on his blog. Where did you get the bead materials? Is it a kit?

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