Posted by: purityseekers | March 26, 2007

Yes… just little ol' me playing CATCH UP again!!

Get ready!!!!  It’s been a while since I posted about our life, so this could get crazy with pictures (as usual)!!!

My husband has the day off today and at the moment he is resting with Sweet "L" on the couch.  I am sure I will hear snoring in a minute…hehe.  I just took a few pictures of them and "L" was pretending she was asleep… SO CUTE!!!

But she couldn’t fake it for long…

I love it when she doesn’t sleep for her "quiet time" because then she goes to bed SOOOO good!!  And tonite we are going on a "date night" and my parents will be doing the bedtime routine!!!  Makes it easier on them too!!  (Thank you, Dad & Mom!!  You are both so good to us!!!!)

Speaking of Sweet "L"… I have to show you a few pix of her 3rd birthday party!  We had done her little PRINCESS BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST on her actual birthday… but then had her party the following Saturday!! 

The poor kid woke up the night before her party with an ear ache.  She was sobbing and sobbing and so I put some garlic oil in her ears.  My Dh brought her downstairs (this was at about 11:30 PM!!!) and got her cuddled up on the couch (it took a LOOOONG time to get her to calm down.  She did NOT want drops in her ears!!!!)  After finally getting her settled down and watching her favorite "The Backyardigans" (thank God for DVR!!!)… I made her 2 garlic poultices and taped them to her ears.  Here she is, happy as a clam, watching her shows with her "garlic ears". haha She actually thought it was pretty cool by then!

I’ll tell you that the first time I ever had used garlic oil in ears was the other day with my oldest daughter when SHE complained of a sore ear.  I always used to go to the doctors and get them on an antibiotic!  The oil might have smelled strong for a few days… but it worked with just the one application!!!  God’s remedies are so awesome!!!  OK… I even think I can STILL smell garlic even after lots of baths… but maybe it’s my imagination.  No matter what… it worked without medicine!!

Anyway… back to her birthday party details…

I went to the "Christmas Tree Shop" and found a cute princess dress for about $6!!  (the same as the ones at Walmart for about $20!!!)  So I took some cute pix of her!

Here’s the birthday girl peeking from behind her gifts…

I attempted to make her the "princess castle cake" from Family Fun…

and here’s "L" with Daddy… blowing out her candles:

The best thing about parties is having family over!!!  Here is my SIL and her sweet little Eve…

and here’s Eve asleep with my niece’s sweet baby girl, Nouvelle…

And here’s Nouvelle… the littlest princess…hehe

Wanna see something cool?  I had NEVER met anyone that actually had 2 different colored eyes before!!!  My sister brought her boyfriends kids to the party and this is Spencer… aren’t his eyes great????

Here’s a closer look… I love his eyes!!!

Anyway… Lilli had a great party!!!  My niece took this picture of Evan and we thought it was so cute!!  What a face!! hehe

and here’s the little man once he got dressed…

And here’s the birthday girl opening her gifts with lots of eyes watching!!

Uh oh… I’m running out of time!!  My parents will be here quick…I have to move on to another topic!!

When I bought a bunch of stuff from the Anabaptist Bookstore a few weeks back… I got an Amish cookbook…

and I’ve been trying different recipes in it!  I am very intrigued by the Amish lifestyle and love reading Beverly Lewis novels (thank you, Jessie!!~~ my friend, Jess, let’s me borrow all her novels after she reads them!!!)… that was my main motivation to get this cookbook!!

Today my oldest son asked me to make the "no fry donuts" and they came out pretty good! 

After the dough rises it is still very sticky…

but then all you have to do is roll it in flour for a minute and its nice and smooth and ready to roll…

In the middle of cutting…

all baked!!!  They are not a very sweet donut… so even after sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar they were kinda boring…

SOOOOO….I frosted them with some leftover Buttercream Frosting I had from Sweet "L"s cake! MMMMM  The kids were in love!!!

Can you tell Baby "E" loved them??  He was in the middle of saying "CHEEEEE" after I said "say Cheese!!!" haha

While I was doing dishes, cleaning up after baking the donuts, I looked up on my window and saw the little butterfly my friend, Katherine, had gotten for me!!!  I took it down so I could take a picture and show you it!!!  She got it quite a while back and sent it from Alabama!  She said she saw it and it reminded her of me!!  That’s me… all about the simple life.  If you can’t see it… it says "Simplify Your Life"… isn’t it pretty?? Hanging from the sunny window it shines so pretty!!!  Don’t ya love friends???

And hanging between my windows is my garlic… and I threw the little Guatemalan bracelet over it that my brother and his family gave us.  When I look at it I make sure to pray for their future life in Guatemala!!  Pray their house sells soon!!!!

 Ok…I have to skiddaddle outta here…but wanted to add a couple more pix real quick…

Baby "E" loves to watch "C" practice his drums… here they are today…

But it’s all fun and games until the baby gets a drum stick!!  "DUCK!!!!" haha

And I just LOVE to see my oldest boy reading!!  He is really getting into it these days!!  This is his new "Good and Evil" bible from the No Greater Joy Ministries!  It is AWESOME!!  He has been getting up and reading it every morning!!!  If you scroll down on the right side of my blog you will find a link to check it out on the No Greater Joy site!!  Any kid that loves comic books will LOVE learning God’s word through this bible!!! 

Hope you all are having a good start to your week!!!  OH and you can check out my Big Guy "C"s new blog here: (stop by and leave him a comment!! He’d love it!!!)


🙂 B



  1. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her princess dress. It looks like you had fun with that cake.

  2. As always…I love all the pics. 😉

  3. Where did you get it? My big girls are threatening to get the baby 8 month a princess dress for her to wear on her first birthday. We painted her little toenails the other day…they are so cute! Man, we haven't had a baby girl in this house in 8 years (just the two little boys)………can you tell! Anyway cute pictures. Have a good day.

  4. I just love it when you update lots like that! 🙂 The princess pictures are just precious! I love the close up pics like that. I checked out C's blog too – It's coming along very nicely.

    See you Friday?

  5. I just love it when you update lots like that! 🙂 The princess pictures are just precious! I love the close up pics like that. I checked out C's blog too – It's coming along very nicely.

    See you Friday?

  6. I didn't sign my name!

  7. Ok the picture with the garlic in her ears TOO CUTE =)

    And I like the one with the baby "playing" the drums!!


  8. Hi, I've been enjoying looking at your blog. I, also, love the Amish novels. They are so wonderful. Beverly Lewis has some wonderful stories out there! Have you tried another author by the name of Wanda Brunstetter? She also has some wonderful novels out! I just read a bunch of hers after I was finished with Beverly Lewis'. I am out searching for more, now. I also picked up an Amish cookbook from the library! What an interesting lifestyle they lead! We are heading to Phillidelphia next weekend and I am hoping to drive to Lancaster County to check it out. It is only about 40 minutes from there!
    Thanks for sharing on your blogs, Julie

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