Posted by: purityseekers | March 16, 2007

My warm little cell phone… and other pix…

Lately I feel like I am always trying to catch up on here!!  I think it’s because I take so many pictures that I want to share… but no time to get on here!!!

First I am going to say that I am still in my PJ’s and I am supposed to have the kids all ready to go to Awana with Dad when he gets home from work… in 1.5 hours!!!  I also need to finish their Awana studies and plant a seed with Middle Boy "A" for his extra credit Cubbie thing!!!  But… it’s a good thing I work well under pressure because I am not getting off the computer until I post a couple pix!

Today I decided to knit something fast and easy for a quick knitting fix.  I love to knit longies and more time consuming projects, but sometimes it bores me and I need a change!  So… in my knitting patterns online search today… I found a "Cell Phone Cozy".  haha  OK… I know… why does a cell phone need to be cozy??  But humor me.  I came downstairs during "quiet time" and my 2 older boys were playing army men in the L.R.  I was saying "oh, my sweet cell phone, you are not going to have to be cold anymore" and they both looked at me like "oh my goodness… she really HAS lost it this time!" haha

Here is my little project: ( used some of the leftover yarn from the longies I made my friend, Tammie’s daughter )

and since I just tried to link to the pants and realized that I never blogged about them (shame on me!!!) I want to show you how they came out!! 

This is my friend Tammie’s daughter, Roane (they live in Alaska so the wool will keep her nice and warm!!)~~ this was taken the day she received them in the mail!  They are made with Peace Fleece…doesn’t she looks SOOOO cute in them???

and I HAVE to post a picture of my son modeling them before I sent them out… and for the record… this will be the LAST time he wears little pink pants!! haha


So, anyway… when I was taking a picture of my little cozy cell phone thingy, I loved the way the natural light showed the shadows.  Sometimes the flash just takes away from that nice crisp look!  So… I decided to take a couple more pictures…

OK… was that too boring?  Ya… I thought so.  Thread.  Wow… now THAT is excitement at it’s best!!

How ’bout this… I call it "purple boredom" haha

Do you see now why my sink is full of dishes???  (sorry Flylady!!!)

Well… let’s move on… I don’t want anyone to fall asleep reading this. 

I have to tell you something just SO cute!!  (and yes… it is now almost 4:30 and my kids are still not ready for Awana) (and I am praying for the snow we are supposed to get to come SOOON because they may have to cancel it!  We are supposed to get 8-12 inches and I don’t want my DH and kids to end up driving home in the middle of it!!!)

Anyway… back to the cute thing.  My little baby "E" has started this huge bonding thing with his oldest brother!!!  Since Big Guy "C" is just such an old hat at being a big brother… "E" just loves the attention he gets and how safe he feels with "C".  Here are a couple pix of them today cuddling on the couch!!  (and since "E" is only 18 months… it’s not very often you see him NOT on the move)

What is it about kids cuddling that just melts my heart???  When I see my children loving each other up… I just get all squishy!!!!

Here is another squish moment.  The other day "C" made my Middle Girl "Z" mad because he did something purposefully (sp???) to bug her.  So when she was in the bathroom he slipped a note under the door that said "I love you "Z".  Well… she wasn’t quite over her anger and she slipped it right back out.  That hurt his feelings SO bad and when I told her she said she was sorry.  A little while later, she yelled for him to come upstairs to look at something… and this is what she had done…

 Is that cute, or what???  Now THAT melted "C"s heart… (although you can figure his name out by this if you can read backwards hahaha) 

 Oh and I wanted to show you a cool house!!  I went to visit my SIL the other day and her 5 children.  On the way, we go past what my kids call, "The Funny House".  I was on the phone with my friend Katherine, and she told me to make sure I took pictures so she could see it!  Here are a few:

Full View:

and a little closer look:

and this is my favorite part:

What a creative woman!!  She is constantly changing it… and in warmer weather she has loads of manicans (why does that spelling not look right???) that she puts here and there throughout!!  SO COOL!!!

Well… we had a great visit with my SIL and kids.  I don’t have any pix of my oldest and her 2 oldest because they were anywhere we weren’t!! They kept trying to escape the little ones!

But here is my SIL’s baby, Eve, that was born before Christmas…

Oh that face…. she is so sweet!!!!

And here’s my Sweet "L" holding her… Eve couldn’t take her eyes of her! Lilli is such a little "mama" at heart!!!

and here’s little ol’ me getting my baby fix…

The kids had an awesome time playing outside…

"E" was all bundled up and having fun with a piece of snow…

Here’s "Z" sledding…

and "A" up on top of the sledding hill…

This is my nephew, Aaron…isn’t he a handsome little man?

and this is my SIL’s youngest little guy, Brody…

This is my SIL with the kids watching a show… Lilli had just noticed that Eve was up from her nap and HAD to go over and love her up!!!

"E" found a nice hiding place in Mary’s kitchen…

OK… so I have caught up some.  Oh… and I DID end up getting all my kids ready for Awana (took a break a while ago) and they made it out with my DH and they are going to brave it!!  It is actually just now starting to spit snow and they JUST left so I wonder if I’ll see them back in the driveway in a bit.  The snow could pile up quick and Awana lasts until 2 and a half hours from now!!  We’ll see!!  My 2 little ones stayed home with me to get to bed on time!

Just a couple more pix and I’ll end for today.  I got a bunch of books from the ANABAPTIST BOOKSTOREthe other day!!  I was able to order some things online from the Rod & Staff catalog!  If you go through Rod & Staff it’s only done by phone or mail… but you can get the things online through this site.  Also they sell things from Christian Light and other things!

Here is the stack of books I got… "E" came over to check ’em out…

We just started reading "Storytime with the Miller’s"… I LOVE their stories!  We read "Missionary stories with the Miller’s" and loved that too!!  So… I got a few of those books, some Pathway Readers, some workbooks, etc. 

Right off, the kids wanted to work in their workbooks…

Here’s "Z" (age:6) working with drawing lines to help with penmanship…

and here’s "L" (age:3) drawing lines…

"A" (age 4.5) coloring and counting…

But of course the best part was the little popcorn things that the books were packed in… awesome for crafts…

Here are the kids today all working on schoolwork…

Wow… I think I actually caught you all up on the pix I wanted to share!!!  PHEW…I am tired!!!

Oh…haha…just one more thing.  I got new glasses.  I HAD to.  I wear contacts but my glasses that I wear in the AM and evening were ancient!!  Here is the before and after pix…

BEFORE… (looking like a mouse)

and AFTER…  I don’t know… maybe I still look like a mouse hahaha

and here’s Minnie Mouse…haha ("Z" wanted me to get a pic of her in my oldies)

ALRIGHT…now I am REALLY done!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!!  WOW…I just looked out the window and it is snowing like CRAZY and accumulating SUPER FAST!!!!!  I am going to call Troy on my nice and warm cell phone and ask him to PLEASE COME HOME!!!!!

Bye!!!  In Christ, B



  1. I tend to knit or crochet smaller projects. Long things make me feel that I am not accomplishing anything. I do more hats, purses, and dishcloths than afgahns or anything else.

  2. I have never heard of that? Wow, how cute! I wish that I was so cleaver.

    I love the pics of the baby. How adorable! The pants you made are so warm looking.

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit.

  3. I *love* reading your blog, in part because of all the pix you post! I haven't uploaded pix to my computer in 3 months! I need to get busy!
    Blessings ~ Diane

  4. Cellphone cozies are 'in' over here, but I've never seen a homemade one! I love it!

  5. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful pictures! I know what you mean about working under pressure. Although sometimes I wait to long and things don't get done like they should. I still have 10 doilies to crochet for our couples night in a few weeks along with 3 other LARGE projects. I loved the pictures of your two snuggling on the couch. It is such a treasure to see children love on one another (probably because it is so rare). And…I like your new glasses. I too need to get new ones (used to wear contacts, but with three little ones glasses are easier for me.) Anyway….Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Mom2fur here! Wow, those pants are great! I'm a crocheter, myself. My one and only attempt at a baby jacket came out…crooked. You're really very talented.
    And I love all the pictures and the sweet sibling stories! You are right, cuddle pictures tip the sweet-o-meter scale!

  7. Great projects. I enjoy knitting too. "Sew Crafty Friday" at Shereen's blog is alot of fun.

    Lisa :o)

  8. I'm so glad you decided to join us. I hope you keep letting us see what you are working on, even if it's a work in progress. Those pants are just too cute, on both of your models. ;0) I always enjoy reading your posts with all the pictures. The snow makes me kind of miss when we lived in NH. I think your new glasses are very neat. I have been wanting to post a picture of mine, as they are VERY light. I think you got a great deal on those dresses. I have never been to a Goodwill. I will have to look into some of those around here. I went to one thrift store not too long ago, but it was really icky. I know what you mean, the only modest dresses or skirts I find are so expensive, which is why I either make mine or keep wearing my very old ones. ;0) This is my first time doing an afghan, so we will see how it goes. lol Hopefully okay. I have a post written up answering your question on my dresses, I just have to take some pictures of some patterns. I will post it either today or tomorrow. So please share what you are working on, even if it's just a few stitches. ;0) Are you going to order your cloth mama pads or make them? I was thinking about buying the first few and then making some. I get a little squeamish posting about it. lol We'll see. ;0)

  9. Oh, those are some great pics! I just love seeing the kids!

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