Posted by: purityseekers | March 11, 2007

My baby girl is THREE!!! I'm reminiscing… WATCH OUT!!

WOW!!!  Has it really been THREE years since my Sweet "L" was born???  Doesn’t seem possible!!  How can my baby girl be THREE already???  Wow life goes by fast!!!  I’ll blink and she’ll be 16!  YIKES!!!  (funny… I remember my parents saying things like that when I was a little girl and I just thought they were weird!! hehe NOW I understand what they mean!!!)

Very early in May of 2004 we had our family pictures done by a friend…

 It’s hard to remember life with just 3 kids…


Middle boy "A" wasn’t quite ready to give up his "THE BABY" title…


and on March 11, 2004… my 2nd daughter was born…

My awesome friend, Katherine, flew home with her 2 girls to be at the birth… here she is with my Dh all ready for surgery!!  Don’t they look cute?? haha

Things didn’t go quite as planned and the spinal didn’t take.  SO they had to put me under and I was not able to be awake for the birth… but I’m glad that my DH and my friend were able to be there!!  And I am just thankful that my baby girl was born healthy and strong!

Click the link below if you want to see her FIRST picture… ***CAUTION… if you have a weak stomach you may not want to click.  The picture isn’t gruesome… but it’s during surgery so just a word of caution before you check it out!!


Here she is with the nurse, shortly after her birth…

with Mama…

and with Daddy… (if she could talk like she does now, she’d be saying her famous "you my Daddy" in her sweet little voice!!!)

meeting Grampa & Nana for the 1st time… (now she calls them "Dampa & Nana" hehe)

and with Kath and her girls… (to Lilli… she is "Tathrin")

and a week after she was born… we had her pictures taken… Sweet "L" was  born 3 weeks early (due to being my 5th c-section) so she was very tiny and weighed in at 6.4 oz. at birth but when she came home she was under 6 lbs!


Daddy loves his baby girl… and look… her little umbilical cord hadn’t fallen off yet!  And look at all her little wrinkles!!!!

and here’s little blue eyes herself a few weeks later…

and here she is, 3 years later, a beautiful little princess…

When she woke up, she was SO excited to see her "Princess Breakfast" place setting:

and she had fun putting money into her new piggy bank…

I got her all dressed and took some fun pictures of her…

 Little girls are SO silly…

Then it was time to open some presents!!  Even Baby "E" wanted to get in on the action and quickly climbed up on the table to get a closer look!  hehe

But big brother put him in his high chair so he wouldn’t get into trouble!!  Lilli loved having all the kids help her unwrap!!

Each of the kids got her something.  "Z" got her a stuffed Ty beanie frog, "A" got her some of the baby interlocking beads (she LOVES to play with them at church!!!), "E" got her 2 Ty beanies, a koala bear and a panda bear, and "C" got her a tiny frog to add to their bathtub collection (that’s all she ever plays with in the tub!!) and these Duplo Legos!!  She had a blast!!


Then it was time for her "Princess Breakfast"!  On the menu… egg & cheese omelet, apples sliced sideways so you can see the pretty apple star, sausages, & pineapple bits!!  They are all her favorite breakfast foods!!

Then Big Sister helped her blow out her birthday candles because she tried but didn’t have enough hot air!! hehe

What a special day!!!  We’ll have her birthday party NEXT weekend because her Daddy had to work this weekend!  So… she’ll get to have double fun! 

So… give your babies a lot of hugs & kisses today & every day… before we know it they will be all grown up!!!  Make sure to take time away from busy work to just love up your kids through the day!!  What a blessing from the Lord they are!!

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl!!

🙂 B



  1. Oh, B…….she is so precious. I got all teary looking at those pictures. She still looks exactly like she did in that picture with her beautiful blue eyes, just now she has lots of hair. I just love the whole princess breakfast idea. Do princes get birthday breakfasts?? lol Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

  2. AWWW She has grown up!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY princess "L". We down here in the south love you lots!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Lilli-girl!!! How sweet!!! I love it!

  4. I loved the photos. Even the C-section picture, but I am a birth junkie. I printed up your laundry soap recipe to try. Do you also have a bar soap recipe? I would really like to learn how to do my own soap inexpensively.

  5. I know…it is so amazing how quickly they grow. It's hard for me to believe that my little girl will be 2 in about a week and a half! Happy birthday to your little girl.

  6. oh my goodness! Thay are all so grown up!! We have GOT to get together a lot more often than we have been. E was under 7 lbs when I saw him last! Too long sister!

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