Posted by: purityseekers | March 9, 2007

Ever thought of trying to go NO SHAMPOO???

I marked it on my calendar… "January 30th – 1st time going NO SHAMPOO".

Now it is March 9th and guess what… I have not used ANY shampoo on my hair ever since.  Sound gross???  LOL  I’ll tell you how my little "No Poo" journey began…

Ever since I have been changing things in our life to go more natural, I have thought a lot about how people lived back in the older days.  Obviously Pantene was not around when women like Esther and Ruth and Mary walked the earth.  Although I wasn’t able to really find what exactly they would have used to wash their hair… I DID find lots of other good sites about not using shampoo. 

The bible DOES speak a lot about oils.  I also have not studied much about biblical oils but know that ever since I’ve gone more natural, essential oils are a must have!!  I have tea tree, lavendar, citrus, lemon, etc. and they are just a normal part of my life now.  So I figure that women probably used scented oils to add fragrance to their hair and since they never used shampoo I am sure their hair wasn’t as messed up as ours is these days.  Probably only took some rinses and certain herbs and things to just freshen up their locks.

On this site NATURAL FAMILY ONLINE I found this great article about washing hair without shampoo.  I love it!!!  My hair is still in the process of getting balanced out after 38 years of washing it with commercial shampoos… but my hair has never felt so healthy and thick!!  I also have noticed I don’t lose as much hair when I shower as I used to!  But one question I could ask is…

"French Fries, anyone?"  I tend to go a little overboard on the apple cider vinegar LOL

I tend to go nuts with vinegar ANYWAY these days since I also clean a lot with white vinegar… so my poor kids are always going "THAT STINKS"… but I get this craving for carnival french fries, loaded with ketchup and… VINEGAR!!! MMMMM

Anyway… I have gotten it down to a pretty good science except the fact that I used to occasionally use a dandruff shampoo and still have issues of a little dandruff.  I had read about apple cider vinegar working if you let it sit for like 15 minutes before you shower… but truly it has not worked for me.  Hence the OVERUSE of the vinegar but that is soon going to change!!!

I start my routine by taking a T. or so of baking soda in my hand… (just bear with me… I like visuals!!)

and I add just enough water to make a paste.  I start at the crown of my head and work outwards and scrub and massage my head.  No wonder going to the hair stylists is so relaxing!!  They massage your head!!  With regular shampoo I have always just kinda mushed all that crazy lather in and rinsed!  I might have scrubbed a bit… but you definitely feel like you have to work harder with baking soda.  Then I let it sit a bit and then rinse it out.  Then I take a squirt bottle I have that is part apple cider vinegar and part water.  (about 2 T. per 1 c. water) I also have added lavendar oil to the batch I have in there now… but honestly lavendar is just not my favorite.  I’m thinking of adding citrus to see how I like that.  Then I’ve been rinsing ALL over my head… but after re-reading the article I think I am going to start just rinsing the ends of my hair.  Then I rinse THAT out with water and keep on a rinsin’ until I feel like a lot of the smell of vinegar is gone. (although it is never fully gone… but it WILL dissipate!!)

Now… onto the dandruff issue.  I am going to try OREGANO OIL.  I have researched and researched natural treatments for dandruff and this is what I have found that really sounds like it will work great!!  So… I will be adding yet another oil to my stash!!  I will just use it a couple times until I notice it’s better and then maybe once a week.

AND I saw on another site (one I couldn’t find again…ugh) where a woman had done the no shampoo thing for over 4 years and she only did the baking soda thing once a week and then everyday just rinsed her hair with hot water.  I am trying that now to see how it goes… so far… so good.

I had my son take a pic of me a minute ago to show you that my hair isn’t all greasy, falling out, or attracting bugs or anything haha after going NO POO!!  Some people just think it is so creepy… but I just love it!!  OK… this isn’t the best picture… but it was the only one where he didn’t cut my head off!! haha  This is how I usually wear my hair on an everyday basis… just hanging there.  OR I pull it back and clip it up.  This pic shows… yes… that I am pale as a ghost (another reason I want to move south!!!) haha but also shows that my hair is actually getting it’s natural wave back!!  Ever since I have had children it has lost that.  I was SOOO excited to see it starting to get some curl back!!!  And I like this picture because the lighting hides my greys! 


So… anyone else up for the "No Poo" challenge???  Come on… just try it!!  The worst thing that can happen is people might start throwing french fries at you or something!!!  Can’t be any worse than me after taking a garlic capsule!!  If anything is going to make you lose friends… THAT’s the ticket!!!  (I feel bad for the people at Awana tonite… I’ll have to try to talk without breathing… is that possible???)

And has anyone else tried this??? 

Let me know!!!!  🙂 B



  1. I need a new supply of EO before I start though. I was very excited to read your post and to have found your blog. You have been daring enough to try a lot of things I've been thinking about for months now. Reading your blog just might be the inspiration I've needed.

  2. I read a blog recently about someone who was only using whipped egg whites and no shampoo. I tried it two times and my hair did look and feel better. I will go back to it once my chickens come in and start laying!

  3. I have always wanted to try this. You have given me inspiration to finally try it!

  4. I'm in!! For along time I have known that our skin and what "flows" over it in the shower…..soaps, shampoos, any numbers of yummy smelly things that the media says we need…..effects us! Thank you for the encouragement! Off to buy cider and EO, and let my 12 yr. dd read this article too!!
    Mrs. Kelly Martin

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