Posted by: purityseekers | March 7, 2007

Cod Liver Oil, anyone?

Hey… I have gone a step further when I comes to giving my kids my ever famous "Spinach Smoothie"!  We still try to have one once a day (but it ends up being more like 4-5 times a week) but now I add a 1/2 t. of cod liver oil to a little cup of smoothie before they have their big cup.  Although I call it their little "lemon drink", because the cod liver oil has a really strong lemon taste, they know what’s in it and I have explained the health benefits to them!  And the lemon in the smoothie adds a little kick and the kids all like it!  Here are their little "lemon drinks" almost ready!  I give it to them almost like a little medicine dose before they eat.  They just drink it quick and throw the cup out and then they eat their meal and have a nice big cup of "Spinach Smoothie" with their lunch. 

Click on the link below to learn the benefits of the oil…


The bottle shown on that site is about 1/2 the size of the one I have so mine was a better deal!!  BUT still… to see the price on the little bottle might freak some people out.  I just feel that there are some things that are worth the $1 or so a day.  I figured it out and for the bottle of over 16 ounces it costs about $39 and for all of us to have our dose each day it would figure to about $1.25 a day.  But that is ALL of us… the kids and my Dh and I.  We take 1t. compared to the kids 1/2 t.  So I think it is very worth it!  You figure some people spend that and more on coffee through the day just for themselves!! (My Mom always says I could sell my ideas to anyone because I get so passionate and convincing!! haha) But since we don’t take it everyday (because I tend to get lazy here and there!!!) then it will last longer and we’d probably have to buy a bottle every month and a half or something.

And on the topic of smoothies… I’d love to hear how you all get your kids to eat things that are rumored to be horrible!!!  hehe  My kids have ALWAYS eaten spinach when I know some kids could throw up just hearing the WORD!! I make my kids try everything and heck… I’ll hide it if I can!!  It’s not really that I "hide" it… but that I will hide the taste in something.  They know it’s there.  My kids don’t fear spinach.  I also think it’s cooked spinach that freaks some kids out… because my kids have always loved eating spinach raw like salad.  I’d be curious to hear about how you handle the "icky" foods at your house.  Like the cod liver oil… I have never NOT told them what was in it.  I just say things like " I added a yummy oil called "cod liver oil" to your smoothie because it is really good for your body on the inside and it tastes like lemon!"  I think lots of picky eating comes more from picky parents!!  I know I have some bad picky habits… but I still try so hard to make my kids realize that God doesn’t make humans to NOT like most foods. 

BUT I know it’s an age thing too sometimes.  My 6 year old is just now getting over the "NOOOO I don’t like it!!!" and fighting with her to try things… but my almost 5 year old son is IN it right now.  Things that used to be his favorite things are now on his "gross" list.  BUT of all the things he has fussed about… he has rarely gagged.  He could hold some chili in his mouth for hours but he’ll keep saying "I want to spit it out!!!  It’s yucky!!!"  I’ll say… "if it was THAT yucky you would NOT be able to hold it in your mouth that long!!!"  I know for a fact… at the top of my "gross" list is MUSHROOMS!!  If I even feel one in my mouth I gag and hack and then I spit it out!!!!  So… needless to say… I don’t know IF they like mushrooms because I don’t have them in my house!!  (unless my DH buys them for himself)  Let me know how your kids are with pickyness!

To change the subject…it is "quiet time" at our house right now.  I have 2 kids asleep, 1 playing with Moon Sand (COOL stuff) and 1 playing cars quietly upstairs.  My oldest son is at his bio. fathers house since his older brother is also staying there during his school break.  I am hoping he’ll be home tomorrow or Friday!!!  I’m not used to him being gone so long!!!  Tomorrow makes a week and we are all ready for him to come home!!  My daughter "Z" cried last night and took his favorite "Big Bear" to bed with her.  My youngest dau. was singing a song from the "Backyardigans" and sang "I want my river back" (the song a princess sings on the show) and "Z" said "I don’t want my river back.  I want my brother back!!!"  I think she thought maybe he wasn’t coming back!!!  She had heard me talking about the fact that my ex CAN keep him for a week because the court order says he can during his other sons breaks from school… and she heard me say "keep" him and she thought he was going to have to live there for good!! 

So… like I was saying… it is "quiet time".  We decided a week or more ago to take tv and computer away from the kids and really limit it to see how life would change.  We actually KNOW how life changes doing that because we took ALL tv away a year or so back and only allowed ONE video (of OUR choice) a week.  Instead of being little tv addicts… they are actually showing signs again of really appreciating a show now and then since they haven’t been able to watch tv off and on all day!!  And they are SOOO creative!!  They have played some of the funnest things!!

For the past week we have allowed ONE show before bed IF they were all ready for bed and had cleaned up toys and their rooms.  And today, since they had been so good all AM and were starting to get a little restless… I let them watch "Pooh’s Grand Adventure".  If I had asked them a couple weeks ago if they wanted to watch it they would have "urgh"ed and "argh"ed about it and said things like "no… that’s a boring show!!!"  But today I gave them 2 choices… either that show or the old Willy Wonka.  Pooh Bear it was and this is how my LR looked….

Big Girl "Z" plopped down on the floor and used my laundry bag as a head rest…

"A" was on the couch relaxing…

and Sweet "L" was intensely watching from the other couch…

and little "E"… well… he was climbing on the end table!! haha

and then he got down and landed RIGHT on "L"s lap… she was NOT happy!!! (but HE was!! haha)

but then the little angel sat down like a big boy and sat through the rest of the movie without moving a muscle….

ok… I can DREAM, right???  I don’t think that little guy has sat longer than 1 minute unless he was buckled into a seat somewhere!!!  But come on… is that a cute smile, or what???  I always say that he is TROUBLE with a capital "E".

I’m done rambling for a while! hehe 

🙂 B



  1. They are so cute!
    The way we handle pickiness at our house is to keep introducing the food to them. If it makes them gag then I never let them have it again! Of course, they don't know this, that I am watching for the gag reflex on them, they just get to try new foods. Now on the ones they don't gag on, we have them take as many bites as they are old.

  2. to tell you that we do the exact same thing for their cod liver oil except we put it in keifer (from the store because I don't have any grains right now). For my little baby (7 months) I give her 1/2 tsp straight from the spoon. She wiggles a little but she actually takes it.
    I give all my littles (10, 8, 6, and 3) a teaspoon though.
    The rest of the family is taking the pills for now.

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