Posted by: purityseekers | March 7, 2007

Check out my brother's family blog (missionaries) & a QUESTION at the end…

Hi everyone!  I wanted to post, in an entry, my brother’s families new blog site!  (I also have the link to the right… but in case you haven’t seen it… I wanted to post about it!) They were accepted as missionaries in May of last year and are now raising support so that they can start their year in Costa Rica before heading to Guatemala for good!  Costa Rica is where they will be for language school!  It is really exciting watching them go through the whole process and I can’t wait until they are all supported and ready to go!!  I know how much they want to start that new adventure in their life!  God has worked so much in their lives and they truly just want to serve Him everyday!!!

This is a link to his blog site so you can see what my brother’s family is up to!!  He just started his blog so you should go and check it out!!  Make sure to leave some encouraging comments πŸ˜‰


We were just talking on the phone and he said that when they are ready to move to Costa Rica they can only bring 2 suitcases a piece!!  Made me think… so I told him he should blog a question about that on his blog.  I think he is going to…but I am also going to post the question here…


If you had to be away from your home for ONE YEAR and could only take TWO suitcases… what would YOU bring with you??

Please post your comments!!!  It will be fun to see what soul searching you all have done to see what things are really THAT important to you that you would want them to come along with you.  Maybe it will help many of us to really think about the STUFF we acquire and what we really DO cherish!!  Makes ya think, doesn’t it?????

πŸ™‚ B 



  1. I am a paranoid person so I often think about what I'd grab quickly in the event of an emergency – my kids and pets go with out saying =) But I would want my wide margin KJV Bible it has the most and best "notes" in it and also a scrapbook starting from hubby and I meeting to today!! So I would for sure take those in my suitcase!! Maybe I'm weird I can't think of much else I would REALLY want πŸ˜‰

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