Posted by: purityseekers | February 25, 2007

I'm back!! Bear with my "catch up" pix.. & Queen Breakfast Pix

Wow… I have a lot to catch up on! I have spent some time this AM getting some pix ready to add so I can show you some of the things that have happened in my our life lately!

It’s been a LOOOOONG February!!! My sickness took it’s toll on me and I am still feeling the effects of it!! NOT FUN!!! I tried to fight this off by myself but failed BIG TIME… so I ended up taking 2 different antibiotics which did NOTHING. I am finally being treated for viral bronchitis. I am using an inhaler to loosen stuff up to help my breathing, some cough syrup and pain med for nighttime to help with coughing & chest cavity pain (from coughing for weeks!!!) … so I’m gettin’ there!!! Anyone else been this sick this year?? I feel for ya! It has been a rough few weeks! I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband and parents that have helped me out so much!!!!

Now onto what I’ve missed talking about. I realized that last month I never posted anything about my newest GREAT niece being born!!! On Jan. 12th, Aubrey made me a Great Auntie for the 2nd time around!

I took this when I went to see her the day she was born! Isn’t she sweet???

Sleepy head…

Proud Mama, Ashley, and Daddy (my nephew), Dayne…

Here I am… proud "Auntie"….

Gotta love little newborn feetsie weetsies…

Then just a few days ago on the 22nd … (just to make me realize my age even MORE haha)… my niece, Haley’s, 2nd child was born!!

Here’s Haley a few days before Nouvelle came (she was here for my daughter’s 6th birthday!)… you can tell she was VERY ready to <<<<<POP>>>>>>

Here is sweet little Nouvelle… she looks SOOOO huge!! hehe She weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz!  Perfect!

Here’s a closer look…

 I couldn’t go to the hospital to visit because my Dr. said I’m contagious….UGH… so I sent my camera with my parents when THEY went to visit… here’s proud Mama and Daddy with Nouvelle and Big Brother, Audric!!  Nouvelle looks like she was smiling for Grampa!! hehe

Here’s my Mom… proud Great "Nan"…

and Haley having Nouvelle cuddle up close to my Dad… Great Grampa!

My parents now have 13 Grandkids and 3 GREAT Grandkids!  Not bad for having 3 children of their own!!  I know some parents that have had a dozen or more kids and don’t have that many grandbabies!!!  Our family is truly blessed!!!

Although some people hate getting old…I am actually quite happy about looking back on where my life has taken me!! I helped my sister raise her 3 children… and now I am seeing THEM have children!! (All but my oldest niece 😉 I love that although my sister’s kids are all adults… they still call me "Auntie"…hehe. I have other little nieces and nephews (my brother’s children) but am glad that I have more little "greats" that will be at my feet saying "Auntie" this and "Auntie" that. I LOVE IT!!!! And I am not THAT old for a GREAT Aunt… seeings I have a little guy of my own!!! I don’t mind getting old at all… I daydream of the day that my children have children and pray that I am able to see them all and help raise them up in the Lord!!!

OK… I’m getting sappy… let’s move on to another milestone…

My oldest daughter, "Z", turned 6 this month!!! On her actual birthday we gave her a special "Queen’s Breakfast" and she had SO much fun!!

Here is her little place setting… I had so much fun planning it!

Seeing it for the 1st time when she woke up!!!

All dressed up and ready for her "heart" pancake breakfast!!

Blowing out her candle…

One of her little gifts… a new stuffed Pillsbury Doughboy!

Little "Mama Dough" cuddles her new baby….

That was smack dab in the middle of my sickest time so it made my day when "Z" and I got flowers in the mail from my awesome friend, Katherine. (AKA Muffin)   See… Big Girl "Z" was born ON my birthday… so although the focus was on my sweet daughter… I also turned another year older!  (and actually didn’t mind spending most of the rest of the day up in bed!  It was quiet!! hehe)

Here’s "Z"s flowers and special balloon from Kath’s daughters… and my beautiful flowers from Kath!  (Thank you, Muffin Face!!!)

And then my Dh took my "Z" out to lunch and when I woke up from a nap I saw THIS up on my ceiling!! It definitely made me smile and I knew RIGHT off that "Z" had picked it out!

Since my big 6 year old loves drawing… we had a little "art" party for her this past weekend…

Before she got dressed… I did her hair in pig tail braids… and also did Sweet "L"s that way for the 1st time!!  She LOVED looking like big sister!!

admiring her new look in the mirror….

Dad, Mom and their big girl!!!

The 2 birthday girls….(I stopped in the middle of cake decorating… hence the apron…hehe)

and as always… we HAVE to have a birthday picture with my Dad.  His birthday is 3 days before ours and I have always celebrated with him!!  So it made our celebrations extra special when "Z" joined in!

My little artist with her "art" cake…

The cutest gift bag my Mom gave her…

Here’s little Aubrey getting bigger everyday!!!

My sister, AKA "Nana", holding her…

And I got a shot of the "2 Grandma’s" hehe… My Mom with HER granddaughter, my brother’s baby, Eve… and my sis with Aubrey.   It must be SOOOO strange to sit beside your daughter knowing you are BOTH Grandmother’s!!  And you can see my Sweet "L" in her normal spot… loving being around all the babies!!!

Eve had a hayday sucking on my Mom’s hand… and that’s "L"s hand patting Eve’s head… she is a born-to-be Mama….

"Z"s best friend, Gabby, came and "Z" made sure to change her shirt to match!!  They wore these shirts when Gabby visited at Awana’s "Twin Night" with her!!

I nabbed "Z" for a quick photo with her siblings…

Then it was time to blow out her candles… hold on tight, Daddy… these girls have a lot of hot air!!!


I got fancy with this one (after my niece, Haley, gave me the idea)…. gift time…

She loved her $6 from her friend, Chad!

And here’s little Eve ready to head home…


It was a really fun day!!!  My big girl is 6!!!  She is growing up to be such a wonderful young lady!!!

My oldest son, "C", was supposed to go with his father this weekend but was able to stay until Sat. after the party!!  Once he got to his father’s… they built this cool fort!  It was even bigger, "C" said… but the sides caved in!  hehe

 I guess that is about it!!  I think I have loaded it with enough pix, don’t ya think???  I’ll be glad when I am really feeling myself so I can get on here and check more of your blogs!!  I’m on the mend… please pray this sickness is behind me soon!!!  AND pray for my 2 younger boys… they have my awful cough now so I am praying theirs go away a lot faster than mine!!!

Hope you are all well and getting excited for Spring like I am!!!  Today is a little glimpse of what’s to come!  The sun is out and the air has been warm enough to open up some windows!!  AHHHH  Can’t wait to get outside more!!! 

Love, B



  1. Looks like you've been busy!! Funny how moms can be sick and still keep things moving!! Hope you are better soon!!
    Yes we are READYFOR SPRING in Illinois!!


  2. Wow you did have a busy month! I loved seeing the pics of the newborns. My son was born on the 7th…on his due date too. My children tend to be very "punctual." 😉 My hubby was sick for 3 weeks and ended up having to get antibiotics too. So sorry to hear that you are still dealing with being sick. I pray that you get over it soon.

  3. great pictures!! a belated happy b-day to you and your daughter!! l love the birthday breakfast idea….my daughter will soon be 5, i think she'd love something special like that!
    You new niece is adorable!! babies are sooooo precious! Congratulations auntie!!!
    take care…juliet

  4. So glad you're feeling better! I loved reading about what you've been up to, and the pictures are wonderful as usual! I love the idea of the princess breakfast – she sure looked excited about the whole thing — how SPECIAL! You are very clever.

    Glad to see you posting again, and praying for a healthy home for you and yours!


  5. I loved all of your catch up pics. 🙂 Would you mind sharing how you achieved the effect of the black and white photo w/ the birthday girl in color? That looks great! I'd love to use that technique. Thanks for sharing… -kcomom

  6. I just realized that I wasn't signed in when I left my comment – just in case you'd like to come by for a visit. 🙂 -kcomom

  7. happy birthday and sweet baby pictures. Feel better soon!

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter-what a beautiful girl! Loved all the pics and what you said about getting older. Praying you get completely well quick and that the boys (and the rest) stay healthy. Holly

  9. What a great update! beautiful family you have. Happy belated birthday to you and your daughter.

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