Posted by: purityseekers | February 13, 2007

Busy Week & Pix of Baby "E"s 1st Time Painting…

What a week this is going to be!!  We are doing some little things for Valentine’s tomorrow and then the next day my oldest daughter turns 6!!!  Since we share a birthday… little ol’ me turns um… 16??  Wait… that would make that I had her when I was 10… and since I have an almost 10 year old I guess it isn’t possible that I had him when I was 6, huh??  So… ok… I’ll fess up.  I am going to be the big 38!

I went shopping last night and am planning a "Princess Breakfast" for Big Girl "Z".  I got the idea from an "Above Rubies" article and just LOVED it!!  I went to the Christmas Tree Shop and got the best stuff for very cheap!  They have some cool stuff!!!  I got a purple cloth placemat, a multi-colored cloth napkin, a cool rectangular plate for her pancakes, a special bowl for her fruit, a coffee mug painted with flowers, 2 smaller pillar candles, some fake roses to lay on the table… and a bunch of things to make her a special Princess headband and necklaces and things.  She is going to LOVE it!!!  I can’t wait to share pictures with you!!!

Her actual party is on Saturday so the breakfast will make her actual birthday special.  And I am going to let her choose what we do all day and things like that!  Her party is going to be an "ART" party since she has a passion for drawing.  We are inviting mostly family and a few friends!  It should be lots of fun!!

I am still fighting bronchitis and gave in and started an antibiotic.  I am praying it will get me over this darn sickness!!!!!  It’s only been a week and a half…but for a busy Mom like me…that’s WAY too long!!!  I can’t do what I need to do and it’s driving me crazy!!!!!  But I think I am getting there!!!

Do any of you do things on Valentine’s Day??  I have fond memories of waking to a little surprise treat on the table every V-day when I was little!!  My Mom was really cute about it and always had a little card, a treat and a little gift of some sort.  She was always really creative and sweet!!  Then we’d go off to school with our little cards to share with the class and have a party with those cool cookies with the frosting and sprinkles and stuff!!  I am glad my kids don’t go to school… but I am going to do a little love party here at home.  I got a dollar store paper heart tablecloth, plates and cups and we’ll just have a little tea party type thing and my kids just love that stuff!!!  I got them a few sweets and each of them an activity book.  They are all into that stuff right now!  They love coloring, doing mazes and word searches and things like that.  I got the baby some cute books too!

I wanted to share some pictures of Baby "E" I took the other day of his 1st time painting…I threw on one of his big brother’s old shirts over his clothes and let him go crazy!" (as you can see I duct taped the paper to the table hehe Just another of the many uses for duct tape!)

"Hmmmm this looks interesting"….

"Do I eat it???"

"what do you mean I can’t!!!"

"are you sure?????"….

"alright…I’ll stop"….

"this is SO much fun!!! I think I’ll blend a little blue and red to make a nice violet hue!"

"OK…I’m hooked!!  Bring on the paints, Mama!!!!"

Hope you all have a great week!  Love, B


  1. Oh my goodness!! Sweet baby "E" is all grown up. What cute pictures. Give him a hug and a kiss from me!

  2. My "baby" (2 yrs old next week) is sitting on my lap and LOVED looking at your baby! He keeps saying Oh Baby, messy! Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to say a did a quick post yesterday about our Valentine Day plans.
    Also, my mom did something similar to yours with us kids growing up!

  3. I am also just turned 38! My birthday was February 10th! Have a good day.

  4. πŸ™‚ What a delight to see and read your play by play of baby E's 1st painting experience. What a darling boy and I loved each photo. πŸ™‚

  5. What a cutie he is! (& a talented painter!) I haven't been adventurous enough yet to let Sophia paint like that, isn't that awful? I guess I just haven't thought of it! You've inspired me to get out the paints, and let her have at it! See you tonight! I'll bring the two jars I have for you!

  6. those are wonderful pictures

  7. So sweet!! I love those "firsts".

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  8. Oh, he looks like he is having sooo much fun! How cute.

  9. We have a very special breakfast . I make heart shape pancakes, with eggs, bacon and sausage. we give them an card ( which I make) this year I gave a coupon for a day off from school…they loved it…….I love that holiday

  10. Oh, he is so adorable! My youngest loves to paint, too and is usually covered with it when she's done.
    I hope you're feeling better.
    I finally mailed out those baby wipes I made for you-sorry it took me so long! Hope you like them. Holly

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