Posted by: purityseekers | February 11, 2007

Large Sized Knit Pants…

Jennifer posted on my Post-it Notes on the right about adult sized pants and I thought I’d send a link if anyone was interested in making knit pants for their older kids!  This looks like a cool pattern!  My friend Jess had emailed it to me quite a while back and I found the picture & pattern online at the Bernat site.  Here’s the link so you can see what they look like:


If you become a free member you can get the pattern!  Although it sounds silly… I have actually looked at my baby wearing his knit pants and thought how comfortable they would be!! hehe  My 10 year old actually said he’d love a pair of these cammy pants to wear around the house!  So… I am going to try to make a pair at some point once I’m done the other millions of projects I have lined up!!

If I don’t make this pair…I might even just take the Perfection Pants pattern and size it up to just make a larger version for my older kids!  The Bernat pattern doesn’t really look much different, to be honest.  All you need to make Perfection Pants as "perfect" as they are is a waist and hip measurement,  inseam, and rise.  I just think I would use the Bernat yarn to make them that cool camouflage look!

Just thought I’d share in case anyone wanted to check it out!  Let me know if any of you actually decide to make some!  I’d love to see pix!!

Love, B

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