Posted by: purityseekers | February 11, 2007

Bronchitis… and Perfection Pants…

I have self diagnosed myself as having Bronchitis.  It started as flu-like symptoms with a dry tickly cough… then it turned into a deep annoying cough that keeps me up 1/2 the night and now I am coughing up gross stuff!!  Too much info?? SORRY but it’s just a fact.  I have been miserable!  So last night started shortness of breath.  UGH.  I laid in bed saying to myself "Bridget… you’ve had this for over a week now… time to try and anti-biotic"… but then I woke up and did some searching online.

I have decided to keep on trying to get better on my own at least for a few more days.  My first attempts at herbal remedies is this… cayenne pepper… and thyme tea.  I put some cayenne pepper in some chicken salad this AM (ya…I know… sounds gross but I was in the mood for chicken and figured it was a good time to add some cayenne.  I’m not a big one for hot and spicy… but after I was done eating it I felt more clear in my lungs!! AHHHH.  So far…so good!

Now I have water boiling for some thyme tea.  I’ve never made my own tea…but all it said to do was to put the 1 t. of dried thyme into the boiling water to steep for about 5 minutes then strain.  I have some cheescloth so I am going to see if that will work to just put the thyme in it like a little tea bag.

So… here’s to my getting better SOON I hope!!!

I have still been knitting to keep myself sitting and resting.  I finished Baby "E’s" 2nd pair of Perfection Pants…

and now I am working on a pair for my friend Tammie’s little girl in Alaska!  I have finished the top and am working on the first leg!  I’ll make sure to add a pic once I’m done!!

So I think I’ll add to my Post-it Notes on the right and ask for prayer for healing from this awful sickness!! 

Hope you are all well!!!  Love, B


  1. cute pants!!
    I hope you feel better! my mom also has bronchitis and i made her some tea, with ginger, honey and lemon. I hear Garlic is good also!
    I will pray for a quick recovery! juliet

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