Posted by: purityseekers | February 7, 2007

Perfection Pants continued…

I’ve been sick for the past few days with the flu… so I’ve had a lot of time to knit.  With 5 children I guess that’s the only way to get some time to myself (hehe)… just wish I hadn’t felt so miserable!!

Before I got sick, I revised my son’s last pair of PERFECTION PANTS and added some fake pockets.  I could have made them actually work as a pocket but figured I’d just sew ’em down since he wouldn’t probably use them anyway!

Here’s the finished pants… front and side view…

and on my little man….

I made another pair while I was sick… and they are the cutest!!  They are for my niece’s daughter, Nouvelle, who is still in the womb.  (but only for a week or so!) I am going to show you how small they are compared to the above pants… but first… here are the pants themselves…

I also started another pair using scrap wool from other pants and mittens…

I’ve actually finished part of the other leg but haven’t taken a picture of it yet!  If any of you knit Perfection Pants…I’d love to see them!!  I just love this pattern!!  It was SOOO worth the $14!

Love, B


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