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I was emailed this quiz a long time back by my friend "Muffin" and just thought about it the other day. I never considered myself "crunchy" or "granola" or any of those other words that describe natural living type people. Well… back when I took this quiz I scored pretty darn high and wondered if I would score differently now that we have changed our lifestyle even more! I figure I’ll put my answer in orange and explain and then you could all post your numbers and explanations if you’d like! I just thought it was a quiz right up my alley… and now I definitely view myself as a crunchball and am proud of it! Hehe

I have copied and pasted the quiz from another site:


Here it is! The quiz that has circled the web. I created it back in October 2002. It’s tongue-in-cheek as I don’t really see myself as all that "crunchy". At least, I don’t think you could pick me out in a crowd as the home birthing, homeopathic-using, non-circumcising, etc. mama that I am (or does the baby sling give it away?). πŸ˜‰ I’m just me, mothering in the way that comes most naturally to me. If you want to add this quiz to your website or anything, please link back to my website here. Thanks!

1. Do you have homebirths?

20 points for "yes" (unassisted)

15 points for "yes" (midwife in attendance)

10 points for natural childbirth in an alternative birthing center

5 points for natural childbirth in a hospital

2 points for "thinking about/would like homebirth or natural childbirth"

0 for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

I have to give myself a "2" because I would think about it if I could have natural childbirth… I HAVE to have c-sections so I have not choice 😦


2. How do you feel about routine (no medical indication) infant circumcision?

10 points for "believe circumcision is a human rights violation and will not do it to your sons"

5 points for "won’t circumcise your sons, but don’t feel strongly against it"

0 points for "will circumcise your sons"

"5" points for me… I have never circumcised but do not feel very strongly against it like I used to… Not sure WHERE I stand on it… but I don’t circumcise and probably would not circumcise any future sons, if I had any.
3. Do you use cloth diapers?

25 point if you do Elimination Communication (no diapers)

20 points if "yes" (wash and make your own using natural organic fabric)

15 points if "yes" (wash and make your own or purchase natural organic cloth diapers)

10 points if "yes" (wash your own)

5 points if "yes" (diaper service)

2 points if "thinking about it"

0 points if "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

"10" points for me… I use and wash my own dipes
4. Do you observe your fertility signals using Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness and use that for birth control/trying to conceive?

10 points for "yes" (observe and use for birth control and trying to conceive or just for birth control) or you use ecological breastfeeding/lactational amenorrhea

5 points for "yes" (observe for trying to conceive, but not for birth control)

2 points "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

Absolutely a "10" here… use NO other form of BC but natural
5. Do you breastfeed exclusively for the first 6+ months?

10 points if "yes"

5 points for "no" (use occasional bottles of expressed breastmilk)

2 points for "no" (use occasional bottles of formula or early solids)

0 for "no" (don’t breastfeed by choice).

"10" points… have never nursed less than 14 months and have nursed up to 2 πŸ™‚ As for my 17 month old… I will just nurse him as long as he wants to! (** UPDATE as of JULY 2008— He is STILL nursing and will be 3 in Sept!  WOO HOO!!!**)  Even if I get pregnant again… I will do anything to not stop and would tandem nurse after our new baby was born! That is something I just recently really feel strongly about and feel bad I stopped my others due to pregnancy and a new baby.
6. Do you co-sleep?

10 points for "yes" (all night every night)

5 points for "yes" (part/all of most nights)

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no".

"5" I co-sleep with my babies until they are about 9 months old… but again… I will probably do things differently if we have another child. Another area I feel bad about and have just heard way too many awesome stories about keeping your older babies in bed with you!! I miss the snuggles and ease of nursing!!

7. Do you use a sling/soft carrier?

5 points for "yes"

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

"5" yes… sling (not so much now that he is older… but do while my babies don’t walk and would now. Not really sure why I don’t!)
8. Do you believe in/practice child-led weaning (even if that means breastfeeding for several years)?

15 points for "yes" (complete child-led weaning)

10 points for "yes" (up to 3 years)

5 points for "yes" (up to 2 years)

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (you’ll wean the baby at 1 year or earlier).

"15" because yes… like I said… more than ever I will let my little man nurse as long as he wants… well… as long as it’s not like 10 years from now!

9. Do you tandem nurse/nurse during your pregnancy?

10 points for "yes" (nurse during pregnancy and tandem nurse)

5 points for "yes" (nurse during pregnancy, but wean before birth)

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

"5" I guess since I have never tandemed… I DID nurse during pregnancy… the longest I went was with my pregnancy with Middle Guy "A"… I nursed Big Girl "Z" for 7 months of his pregnancy and weaned before his birth. She sorta was weaning herself anyway and really didn’t mind when she stopped at about 16 months old.

10. Do you eat organic/whole/natural foods and limit your meat? Do you use natural cleaning products?

20 points for "yes" (grow own/buy organic, shop only at health food store, grind own wheat, vegetarian, natural cleaning products, etc.)

15 points for "yes" (grow some of own food, buy organic, use whole wheat flour, bake own bread, eat some organic, free-range meat occasionally, some natural cleaning products)

10 points for "yes" (grow some of own food, use whole wheat flour, bake own bread, eat some meat occasionally)

5 points for "yes" (try to buy natural, whole grain foods, etc.)

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

OK.. Although I don’t grow my own food YET (and the top 3 are all "grow some" answers) I have to take the "15" points because I do everything else on there… we are now eating LOADS of organic stuff, use whole wheat and make my own bread, eat ONLY free range meats now and eggs, and am making ALL of my own natural cleaning products!! I want to snatch the extra "5" points to make it 20 because that is my "wanna-be" total…hehe… but I’ll be fair!! I am getting a Vita Mix so I can grind my own grain and we are planning on growing an organic garden this spring! (BUT… we aren’t vegetarians…so I’d have to only take like 18 total points or something haha) So… after all my jibber jabber… my number is "15"

11. Do you use herbal/homeopathic remedies?

10 points if "yes" (very rarely see a regular doctor)

5 points if "yes" (but use a doctor occasionally)

2 points if "thinking about it" (see a doc for now)

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

Not sure what to take here… I guess to be fair I’ll say "5" because we DO go to doctor’s for certain illnesses… just not often. We don’t vaccinate so rarely do my children get checkups. I am learning lots about different remedies and just bought a great herbal cough medicine to get away from the gross regular stuff. I am going to start using garlic poultices for ear aches and have not been treating any of my son’s teething with Tylenol!! He has cut 8 teeth (4 molars and 4 eye teeth) with only about 3 small doses (½ of recommended dose) of medicines way back before I really felt led to not rely on it anymore. I rely on demand nursing and lots and lots of snuggles and cuddles!! He is tougher for it and although he’d fuss some nights… as long as I nursed him he’d be fine! He also had a fever of close to 104 for a day and a half and I did not treat it and he was perfectly normal after letting the fever do it’s job!!
12. Do you or will you homeschool?

10 points if "yes".

5 points if "part time" (do a combination of private or other school some days and home school others).

2 points for "thinking about it"

0 points for "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

"10" for me… homeschool my children and have never public schooled

13. What’s your take on childhood vaccinations?

15 points for no vaccines

10 for delayed, selective vaccination

5 points for selective, on schedule vaccination

2 points for thinking about not vaccinating

0 points for vaccinating on schedule.

"15"…. we do NOT vaccinate

14. Would you/have you ever breastfeed/fed someone else’s baby or have someone else bf your child?

10 points if "yes" (have or someone has breastfed your baby)

5 points if "yes" (would)

2 points if "maybe"

0 if "no" (wouldn’t consider it).

"5"… especially after hearing how my awesome friend, Muffin, has been breastfeeding her baby AND a friend’s adopted baby (and donating breastmilk)… I would 100% breastfeed someone else’s baby if asked!! And if I could not breastfeed my baby for some reason… I would either let someone I knew well breastfeed my baby OR let them donate their milk and use the method where they drink from a tube while you attempt to breastfeed. I just think breastfeeding is God’s natural way of nourishing and protecting our babies and I am ALL for doing it whatever route you can!! Breastmilk is best! MMMMM
15. Do you use cloth/re-usable products for mom?

10 points if "yes" (make own cloth menstrual pads)

5 points if "yes" (buy cloth pads or the keeper)

2 points if &quo
t;thinking about it"

0 points if "no".

"10"… I am going to give myself a 10 here because I have decided to make my own to use next month!! (or even buy some if I end up getting lazy) *** UPDATE as of July 2008– I now use the Diva Cup and have for months and also have been making all of my own cloth pads! **)  I have learned so much about it… thought it was absolutely a disgusting thought even just a couple months ago… UNTIL hearing more about women who do it and how they wash them and all. (And the facts about all the chemicals and problems they can cause! UGH. I’d like to get used to them so that eventually in years to come, my daughters will know nothing BUT cloth) I am going to post about the info. I have found at some point! I will be buying a spray to use before throwing them in with my diapers. (Or learning a way to make my own!!)

16. Do you use positive discipline?

15 points if "yes" (never yell, spank, punish)

10 points if "yes" (believe in it and try really hard)

5 points if "sort of" (use time out, don’t spank, and use rewards for good behavior)

2 points if "thinking about it" (use time out, spank occasionally, use rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad)

0 points if "no" (you think spanking is needed)

Gotta score LOW LOW LOW here…well actually a big fat ZERO I am a Christian who believes that God’s word is clear on biblical chastisement and spanking is the #1 form of discipline we use.

Based on the ratings…I scored a 127… so I guess I am a "SUPER NUTTY (I’m nutty alright haha), ULTRA-CRUNCHY GRANOLA EARTH MAMA!!! 

120 – 205 Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy Granola Earth Mama
105– 119 Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!
90 – 104 Pretty Crispy
30 – 89 Sprinkled with Granola
10 – 29 Instant Oatmeal
0 – 9 Jell-O











Top of Form 1



  1. I am a whopping 123!!! I will have to work on that…

  2. I scored 137. Wow!! I would not have thought I would have scored that high. And there are a few things that I hope to do soon that I am not yet doing.
    Maybe later I will post this on my blog πŸ™‚

  3. I scored 112. Only because I am not vegetarian and can't do cloth anything…my dh already said no on that one. Of course I tried them way back when there were no other alternatives but diaper service or gerber prefolds! Maybe I could give it another try…Oh..I also have hospital births with a midwife and an epidural…because I have had a premie and some premature labors that had to be stopped with meds.

  4. Oh…I forgot, I absolutely love your blog!

  5. My beloved took the boys for a haircut, so I had a few minutes. I scored a 126. lol That was a lot of fun. I always heard people say they were crunchy, but I had no idea what it meant. Little did I know I was super crunchy. ;0) Thanks for sharing. As far as using cloth for mom, I was thinking of the same exact thing. It's funny how my thoughts on that changed as my daughter got older, and will eventually need to use some. I always try to look for the best for my children, and ended up looking into that method. I figured I might as well try it out as well. I haven't started making any yet.

  6. Congratulations on random blogger. πŸ™‚
    I'm really happy you were featured and that I found your blog. I plan to return in the near future.
    This quiz was fun to take, I scored 123.

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