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COMING OUT OF THE FOG…(introduction)

Here are a few way to describe fog

"a cloudlike mass or layer", "any darkened state", "a state of mental confusion or unawareness", "a hazy effect"

Are you living in the fog?  Picture yourself driving down the road early in the morning and you come to a patch of fog.  You can’t see more than a few feet in front of you and it feels like all of a sudden the world is closing in.  Fear sets in and you turn on your headlights in hopes to see a little better.  You drive very slowly and pray that nothing jumps out in front of you!  Finally the fog clears and you can see again.  AHHHH.  Don’t you love that?  The feeling is awesome!!  The sun rises and the air gets warmer and there is such peace! 

Do you have that peace that comes from letting the light of Christ shine through that fog that has slowed you down for years??  The light of Christ that can ease any fears you may have and allow you to just trust in Him? To become enlightened by things you have never even questionned before or dared to question?  Have you come out of the fog???

"Coming out of the fog" is the way a fellow blogger expressed how her and her husband view their new lifestyle.  The words stuck with me and I decided that I would use them as the title of a little section I’d like to add to my blog.  It would be a set of entries dealing with different ways that I feel Christ has led me "out of the fog" and into a place of clear vision and trust like I have never had before.

Let’s talk about "fog" for a minute…


with fog comes danger…

Here are some real News Article and other article quotes I found online…

This article states that "fog is blamed in high speed chain reaction crash"…

"A small plane crashed while trying to land in the fog, killing five students"

"Freezing fog caused at least 50 accidents during the Thursday morning commute"

"Fifty years ago this month, a toxic mix of dense fog and sooty black coal smoke killed thousands of Londoners in four days."

"Untold numbers of shipwrecks and car accidents have been attributed to the reduced visibility that fogs create"

"BOLOGNA, JAN. 7. A passenger train and a freight train collided in thick fog on Friday in northern Italy, killing 14 people and injuring dozens, rescue officials said."

 "The Yak-40 aircraft had flown from the southern town of Termez, and appears to have crashed on approach to Tashkent airport in thick fog. "

I’m not inserting all this info. to make you depressed or sink into "fear"… I am using it to show the dangers of the "fogs" in our life…a few being…

*Anything that clouds our vision.

*Anything that has causes fear in us keeping us "in the box"… afraid to step out of our comfort zone".

*Anything we haven’t researched carefully before doing… thus leaving us in that "state of unawareness and possible causing harm in our lives.

I have lived in a fog a lot in my life.  I blame lots of it on fear… lots on ignorance… and some on just plain laziness.  But before I go into more detail…

Here are a few more things on "fog"…

"The fog of war is a term used to describe the level of ambiguity in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations." (And for anyone who really isn’t clear about what "ambiguity" is… this is the definition…"Ambiguity is the property of words, terms, and concepts (within a particular context) as being undefined, undefinable, or without an obvious definition and thus having an unclear meaning") **(I highlighted "fog" and "unclear meaning" because if you, like me, think all those fancy words are a little "ambiguous" haha… then those 2 words are really all I need you to take out of that statement!!!)

There is a movie called "The Fog" where "A quiet seaside town is engulfed by a thick fog precisely one century after a boat sunk just off the coast under mysterious circumstances" and many other horror movies have used fog to add to the mystery and fear of their plot.

London Fog.


I’ve been to London and let me tell you… I have never seen so much fog in my life!!  Every single day of the week I was there, it was foggy in the morning.  Dense fog

I look back at my life and can point out lots of areas of dense fog.  I raised my first few children very differently than I have my last 2. 

But… I can also see where God was leading me and the areas that I DID step out of the fog and into the Light. 

Here is one example…

When I was pregnant for my now 9 1/2 year old son… God spoke to my heart about homeschooling.  I started out fearful because the only people I had ever known that homeschooled were my pastor and his wife.  I had a million questions and over the next few years came to a conclusion.  If I wanted my kids to act like their kids did… then homeschooling was a good start.  Of course my faith in Christ was the REAL start… but then keeping my son home with me was the next important decision I had to make. 

Fall of the year he turned 5 came and went and my son was all cozy here in my home with me. He was not off on a bus headed to school to spend 50 or more hours away from me each week.  I can’t say I didn’t feel any fear… but I was pretty calm.  I also knew that living where we live he didn’t have to be registered with the state until he was 7.  That gave me some time to have a plan.

Now it is a few years later.  He is registered with the state as a 4th grader and honestly… I still feel like I don’t have much of a plan (hehe) but I don’t have the fear I used to have.  I have that peace that comes from coming out from behind that fog… the fog of the world saying "what if…" this and "what if…" that and "but what about socialization???" (gag) and "what about being able to go to college someday???".  I searched God’s word and educated myself on statistics of a broad range of homeschoolers and came to the conclusion that I have told many…  If the worst thing I do is raise a bunch of stupid children who have had the security of home, a strong biblical childhood (without the peer dependency of going to school outside of the home) and the chance to be kids and learn through playing… I have done a good thing.  BUT… after seeing the benefits of being home… I already know I am not raising a bunch of dummies.  As I teach them… they teach me… and they teach each other and they teach themselves.  I truly believe that I could go their whole life without one single workbook page, spelling test, or science experiment and they would excel more than most children out in the world today!  There is just something about being "home" and being able to pray whenever you need to, to be able to sleep when you are tired, to be able to wear your jammies all day instead of being made fun of because you don’t dress JUST right, watching "Animal Planet" and calling it Science, going to the store for groceries and calling it Social Studies, playing "store" and creating little pipe cleaner twisties to sell as "candy" and calling it "Math and Art", etc. etc. etc.  I could go on and on and on.

Do I still live behind fog?  Sure… we all do at times… but I have been able to maneuver out from behind it and into the clear, bright Light a lot more easily as the years have gone on.

In the next few "COMING OUT OF THE FOG" entries I will be sharing different ways that I feel God has led me and my family over the years to step out of that box of fear I spoke of in a previous entry.  I hope I can be a source of encouragement to many as I share my heart and life with you.  Some things you have heard me speak of before… but I will try to give links and more pix and more detail to give you a more thorough explanation of each area of my life that used to be "foggy". 

So… follow me…

 and let’s walk together in the Light…

where the Lord will transform us by the renewing of our minds…Romans 12:2…"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God"


What a journey… isn’t it great???  Hope you follow along with me and make lots of comments and share how God has transformed you over the years and cleared that fog

… to be continued…










  1. Really liked the fog entries! It made me think of how the Lord has led me out of the fog in many areas as well. Homeschooling, of course, femine modesty, feminism, and now fear of coming out of the box as you mentioned. I feel God leading me out of old ingrained habits and fears. Thanks for the article. Cool pictures, too! My latest blog on procrastination sort of goes along with this!

  2. You have given me a lot to ponder. I found myself nodding in agreement so many times while reading. I may have to springboard off of your initial thought on my own blog….fog. Wow. That's great.

  3. what this "fog" post means to me…I am sitting here teary and you are right….there is so much more than what I am living so much more I sould want in Christ Oh that is a very christ lead post thanks

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