Posted by: purityseekers | January 9, 2007

The Fear Box…

A few years ago I found the "Flylady". No… this is not going to be a "how to clean your home" blog entry šŸ™‚ I just happened to be thinking of her as I was doing my dishes. I didn’t start thinking of her… but something I was thinking about made me think of her. Does that make sense?? Hehe

I daydream a lot while I do dishes. My mind has always seem to run a little fast… and lately (as scary as this may sound to people who know me) I feel like I am thinking a bit in overdrive compared to my usual thoughts. Maybe it’s not so much that I am thinking MORE… but actually doing many of the things I think about. (I am laughing because I am the queen of good ideas… but the loser at actually doing them and continuing to do them!!!) Although some may see that as awful and inconsistent… I accept that it has just been my life being a wife and busy Mom and know that as I grow… I get more consistent. I like to look ahead and not look back. If I looked back too much I’d do nothing because of doubting myself.

Ok… so what WAS I thinking about??? Fear. I thought about how I’d love to share with women in a group setting at some point… all of the wonderful things that God has opened me up to over the years. I don’t feel more special than any other women… I just feel like God has used me in a way that I can encourage others. I’d love to talk about my past and how God led me through tough times in a hard marriage to where I am today. I’ve love to talk about how God spoke to my heart about home schooling while my oldest son was still in my womb. I’d love to share with other women how we have trusted God with the amount of children we would have despite the doctors telling us we should have stopped after c-section #3. I’d love to encourage wives and mothers to read awesome books like "Created to be His Helpmeet" and "The Hidden Art of Homemaking". I’d love to share the fun things I enjoy doing with my 5 young children through the days. I’d love to share why we stopped vaccinating, why we rarely medicate, why we eat organics, why we drink raw milk, why we purify all our water, etc. I’d love to teach women how to cloth diaper and actually have fun with it! I’d love to just talk some women’s ears off and share the awesome things God has shown me over the years.

I daydream about how fun it would be to invite women to a little "seminar" thingy and tell them that if they come they will be able to mix up their own little spray bottle of diaper wash to take home, learn how to make and try a Spinach Smoothie, learn all about cloth diapering terms and new approaches to cloth, take home a "Flylady" magnet and learn about how the Flylady changed my housework experience into something fun, etc. etc. I’d love to plan and plan and buy the things to share with others.

Why don’t I??? Fear, I guess. Fear that no one would want to go. Fear that I would have to actually stand up in front of a bunch of women who may think I am a weirdo! (Although I know I am…hehe… who likes to feel like women just wouldn’t care??)

Then I got to thinking about Fear. I read the whole newest issue of "No Greater Joy" magazine the other morning and Michael Pearl had an article all about "FEAR". It was REALLY good. He had done a study of how often the word "fear" was used in the KJ version of the bible and how "fear" of the Lord is important… but as Christians we are not to fear in the "be scared of everything" type of fear.

Then I thought… if I DID do a little seminar thing… what would I call it??? That is what led me to thinking about the Flylady. She has a book that really inspired me years ago called "Sink Reflections". She is big on "shining your sink" every night with a window cleaner. The fact is… if your sink is clean before you go to bed… it is SO nice to wake to a shiny, empty sink! BUT… I took the "Sink Reflections" name differently today. I do a lot of "reflecting" at my sink. No… I don’t shine it up and gaze at myself in the shiny silver… I think. And think. And think.

Then I thought again at what I might call the class I would give. I like catchy little phrases like the Flylady uses. So I thought of what my whole main objective is for a class like that…. to get women to "think outside of the box". Then I got to thinking about that "box". What IS that box we all have been in at one time or the other??? I think it is a box that keeps us inside because of "fear". So… I thought maybe the class could be called something like "think outside of the box o’ fear" but then I realized how goofy that sounds. Haha. Then I thought maybe just the title "The Fear Box. Time to get out." Haha That sounds kinda goofy too… but I think you are getting my point!

I think back to how I used to live and many of the things I do now are only because I chose to not fear. Am I always courageous to "get out of the box"?? NO WAY. As you can see… the thought of doing a class on that topic FEARS me!!! I just thought I’d share with you all my "sink reflections" and maybe you can give me some advice, encouragment, or anything else you think of!!

I guess I just needed to share that. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Sharing our thoughts? Now I need to enjoy the rest of my children’s "quiet time" and go do a little scrapbook journaling! AHHHH the quiet is so nice!!

šŸ™‚ B



  1. What a great idea! I totally understand about being apprehensive to do something like that, scared of what others would think of you. But hey, if I lived close, I would go! I don't see that it would be much different in concept than inviting women over for a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party, only you would be offering something truly life changing! Sounds awesome!
    Blessings ~ Diane

  2. Ok!! Sign me up!! I'd come. I'd like to do the essential oils thing though I'm way past the cloth diapering. You rock!

  3. Why don't you have a "seminar" on your blog! You are on my "favs" and I visit often – we have just starting eating more organically, stopped vaccines, home school, cut back on medication, more vitamins, etc!
    I read Created to be His Help meet – great book!! Our marriage has changed for the better! I'll have to look into the homemaking one.

    I do have a question for you – allergies – does anyone in you family have them – what can you do without medication? Thats about the only medicine I haven't completely thrown out!


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