Posted by: purityseekers | January 9, 2007

a HEALTHIER HOME~~~ continued….

 Well… this is the start of my week with the kids. My DH had the last 2 days off and now we’ll be flying solo until he is off again next Monday!

This AM we had a good talk about planning a schedule for our family. Seems we are able to schedule lots of things… but when it comes to time in God’s word as a family… that gets put on the back burner.

Since my DH loves to go to the gym each day but weekends… we decided that the days he works in the morning (he either goes to work at 8:30 or at 11:30) that he will get up and go to the gym and when he gets home at about 6 he and I will study God’s word together. Then in the morning when he is home until 11 we will study and then get our morning going with the kids and homeschool together, or take a walk, etc. Then he will go to the gym AFTER work on those days. And in the evenings when he is home we will do bible lessons, reading, talking, etc. with the kids to have a good line of communication going and a nice quiet end to all of our days!

I am going to start doing the Children’s Bible Lessons that you can print off from the GARDEN OF PRAISE site. I did the first one today on Creation and printed off the pictures that help the kids remember what they learned. (Called memory pegs) We went over that lesson at breakfast and they really liked it! I think I will just cover a lesson a day and go over the questions from the test with them here and there.

I have really been getting my act together this year as far as keeping a good balance and keeping consistant. I am far from perfect but am doing better than I was doing! As far as homeschooling… I am still very relaxed but getting a little more focused on having the kids have things they NEED to do. Like workbook pages, or reading, etc. I have the older 2 kids starting with some grade appropriate spelling words that I have posted on the wall in the DR/Schoolroom. As soon as they have eaten lunch and the little ones are resting… we are going to have some quiet schooltime for a bit before I let them go and play quietly.

I have felt so good lately after getting used to taking a SUPER MOM vitamin each day (I’ve been taking just a ½ in the morning because I get lots of vitamins in other stuff) and a fish oil pill! I just feel energized and clear headed! I took a pic of my little morning boost…(I do this every morning after I eat breakfast)… a big drink of "Green Goodness" with my 2 "happy pills" haha…

I take the vitamin with the green drink and then fill the glass with purified water and take the fish oil pill with the whole glass of water. So after a light breakfast of usually fruit and toast or oatmeal or something… that adds a good punch to it and I feel great all morning!

I’ve wanted to also post about how we have made the decision to rid our house of harmful cleaning chemicals. I wrote a little about it in my last blog post… but wanted to show you what we’ve done this week.

I’ve made some sprays to use around the house for cleaning to take the place of Lysol, toilet bowl cleaners, window sprays, etc. One of most favorite are using vinegar & hydrogen peroxide together. They work good seperately but WAY better together. The mix is supposed to be better than bleach for disinfecting! I also read this great article about DISINFECTING YOUR SALAD when I was doing a search of other articles about those two products together. You should read it… it is VERY interesting and I am going to do this with even organic produce to insure the safety of my family!

So far I have filled spray bottles with just white vinegar, another with just hydrogen peroxide (has to be kept in a dark place if light can get through the spray bottle), another spray of purified water, white vinegar, salt, and lemon essential oil. I also have a bottle of just the water with about 30 drops of orange essential oil to use as an air spray. I haven’t seen that working as good as I’d like… you really can only smell a hint of orange but I am going to keep searching for other air freshener ideas! One site said to take the oil and put a few drops onto your light bulbs so when turned on they let off the scent. Haven’t tried that yet. So for a stinky bathroom… I have just been turning on the fan and spraying the spray and calling it good. Even Lysol never completely take away bad smells and the harm from the Lysol in the air isn’t worth it to me. I’d rather the smell just disipate in time with the fan.

Here is a pic of my spray bottles.  I have marked them all with a permanent marker…

I have also used spray bottles for use with cloth diaper wipes for about 6 months now and love the spray!!!!! I have talked about it before. It’s a mix of purified water, a few drops of liquid soap (a natural kind with essential oils~~ lavendar…MMM) and a drop or 2 of tea tree oil. Its smells SOOO good!! I also have a bottle of it on the back of the toilet and the kids use it to spray on toilet paper to use like a flushable potty wipe!! Works GREAT!!

As you can see from a few of my most recent posts… we are on a healthier living quest!! We are going to just keep on taking leads from the Lord and making the necessary changes to make our homelife a safer environment for us and our children! God is constantly putting information in front of us by many different means… whether through His word, other people, website searches, etc. and I am so thankful to be willing to look into alternative ways of doing things than the ones I have just done all of my life because I haven’t known any different!

What a journey!!! There is always something new to learn about… like today I was reading in my "Beeyoutiful" catalog about "Grapefruit Seed Crush"~~~ it sounds awesome as a cleaner!! And I learned about making my own laundry soap using products like natural bar soap, baking soda and water and some women have used the GSC to aid in killing bacteria! I am going to look into buying some to try to make this to save money and to use something more healthy to wash my clothing. Many people have the water from their washing machine fed outside to water their grass… if it is made from all natural ingredients!! None of the laundry soaps I have used to feed my grass!! Haha More like Kill any hopes of anything green and lush!!

I am hoping to learn more from any of you awesome people who use other alternatives to the store boughten products out there that are harmful!!

Please comment and let me know the things you do!!!

OK… back to the grind!!! Have a great day!

🙂 B




  1. I just learned today…before coming here about washing your produce with a combo of peroxide and vinegar. I am definately going to start doing this. Keep up the good work on making your home "greener". 😉

  2. Well written! Thank you for the Garden of Praise site. And, for all the healthier living info. May the Lord bless you in your endeavors. 🙂

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