Posted by: purityseekers | January 6, 2007


We went to Awana last night… just me and the kids… because DH had to work until 8.  We all had a great time, as usual!

Baby "E" was great watching the kids at game time and stayed in the stroller most of the time we were there until later when I let him get out for movie time! 

Sweet "L" played with some connectable baby beads, as usual.  She always goes to find them in the baby toys at the nursery. 
She calls this her "donut"…
Big Girl "Z" had her game time first and instead of the normal running type games… they played a beanbag game.  One kid sat back-to to everyone else with a beanbag under their chair.  Then one of the kids that "Mr. Carlos" chose would go over and take it and sit on it.  The kid in the chair had to try to figure out, in 3 chances, who took it!  They had so much fun.  Carlos would say things like "ok…I’ll give you a hint… the one who took it has TWO eyes!!!" or "ok… the hint is… they have HAIR!!"  They were all cracking up!
"Z" is smack dab in the middle of this picture and you can see Baby "E" in the stroller behind her and "L" in the pink dress with my friend, Lily, in the green 🙂
Here’s "Z" showing that the beanbag is NOT under her!!
and then it was her turn to sit in the chair and guess!
Then Big Guy "C" had his game time and let me tell you… he is a natural born athlete.  I took a million pictures of him because he was running faster than all the kids on his team!!  He also came in first in a bunch of the games they played.  Like they have to run around the circle once and then run into the center and try to grab either the bowling pin or the beanbag.  There are 4 kids running and only 2 things to grab… and he was the first to get into the middle to grab one of the things!
That’s him on the left running super fast!!!
There he is grabbing the orange pin!
and in this game they had to balance the pin on the beanbag and he got his real quick!
then they had to balance their beanbag on a relay stick and he was first to finish!!  Go, "C"!!!!
I went over to Middle Guy "A’s" Cubbie class a couple times to check on him!  He always has fun running around at his game time (they just run to music and have to "freeze" when the music stops and fun games like that) and last night they used this big circle and the kids had fun throwing the ball around!
That’s "A" on the left running…
he loved this game… that’s  him over to the right…
all the Cubbies waiting to go see the movie!  "A" was talking to "L" while she showed all the kids her "donut" hehe
This little sweet girl is "A’s" special girl, "K".  She is our friends daughter!!  I hope he marries her someday!!  hehe
The theme last night was "movie night" so the kids all gathered in the sanctuary to watch "Noah’s Ark".  It was fun!  They passed out little brown bags with individual popcorns, licorice, malt balls, gummies and little spring waters!!  "L"  and Baby "E" just sat so quietly with me and munched snacks!!
Here you can see "C" holding Baby "E" after the movie was over…

Time to bring him back to Mom!!!

"He’s all yours, Mom"…

and on the way home we went to meet my DH at "Subway" on HIS way home from work.  While he was inside getting sandwiches for our late dinner… I peeked in the backseat and Sweet "L" had gotten into her "movie night" snacks… CHOCOLATE!!!!!

"E" stayed awake all the way home!

"A" had gotten into his chocolate too!! hehe

It was a really nice time with my kids!!  Then my DH and I relaxed a bit and ate our dinner and watched a little tv 🙂

Today the kids got up too early so they will need an early rest!!!  But going to Awana is worth it once a week!!!  It’s a raining day so we are all just relaxing and enjoying a day where we don’t HAVE to do anything! 

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!  Love, B




  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment.

    I did not have a pattern for the apron. I cut it off a apron my neighbor gave me for the purpose. (Very fancy, cut it out of newspaper.) The kids I just made up. I eyeballed them and cut a pattern and adjusted until I liked what I had.

    I LOVE your Awana pics! We are huge fans of Awana and are on our 9th year! It is fun to see pictures of different clubs to see how alike they all are!

    What is it about those beads? My kids love them! My 12 year old still plays with them when they are around. The make a great crown, and since he thinks he's royalty…LOL

    Have a blessed day!


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