Posted by: purityseekers | January 6, 2007

A HEALTHIER HOME!~~ the changes we've made over the last few years…

Anyone that knows me and my family know that we are always trying to improve our life by following God’s lead and making sometimes drastic changes in the way we live!

It’s been almost 3 years that we have been vaccine free.  Ever since we knew God was obvious in speaking to us about the dangers of vaccines… it has been easier for us to make other leaps of faith in our lives!  I honestly have to say that not vaccinating was a biggy for us… going against what most doctors would think is a good thing and just trusting God with that area of our children’s lives. 

Last year we decided to start cloth diapering and I have become addicted ever since!!  If you would have asked me just a few months before that I would have said "NO WAY!!!" but once I learned more about it (with lots of direction from my good friend "Muffin")… we ordered what we felt we needed to get started… and that was that!!!  We still use some disposables… but 80-90% of our diapering is cloth.

We also made the switch from drinking city water… to buying a Berkey filtration system and now we filter all of our water!!  MMMMM… not only is it so much safer…it also tastes so much better!  No more chlorine smell either!! YUCK!!  And now when we turn on our faucet and see gross rusty colored water because of some city issue… we don’t have to stop drinking from the tap.  I can just filter the grossness right out of it!!!

Another thing we did last year was to start eating more organics and raw products and we make changes in that direction more and more as the days go on!  Last July we made the switch to raw milk and the most recent things we started buying are organic smooth peanut butter (we eat a LOT of peanut butter and have you read the ingredients in regular pb?? UGH.  This one is awesome and the kids love it… it’s Smucker’s organic… and the ingredients are simple "organic peanuts and less than 1% salt"), organic fruits, "Green Goodness" drinks (made by Bolthouse Farms), less white sugar and white flour, and lots more!

People could say that this kind of living can become a religion… but in our case… I truly believe that because of our faith in Jesus… it just has become a lifestyle that compliments our faith.  We our always trying to keep check on our spiritual well-being… but haven’t always kept a good check on our physical well-being.  We are trying to keep a good healthy balance in our life.  Not the "feng shui" type of balance where people try to manipulate the physical spaces in their life to help things flow and stay balanced or what-have-you… but the balance that comes from people constantly working on their spiritual, emotional, and physical health. 

I have seen such a difference in our life.  Our children are much healthier.  We rarely have sickness in our home and when we do it is very short lived!  And if someone gets something it doesn’t always run rampant through each kid creating utter chaos in our home!  Not saying that we won’t ever have that happen… but it hasn’t happened in a long time!

We also have changed our views in other areas.  I remember how things were even a year or so ago.  One of our kids would have a high fever or teething (or both!) and we were quick to pump the ol’ Tylenol to them.  They wouldn’t even have to show signs of discomfort at bedtime…but they’d get the full dose and then some every night until we saw that tooth was in completely!!  Now… we rarely medicate.  I truly believe that God made our bodies get super hot for a reason and if we medicate to lower that heat… then whatever the fever was killing won’t die as fast…. leaving our children in a worst state then with suffering through a fever for a day or so.  I just don’t fear like I used to.  How can you when you have gotten used to trusting the Lord to protect your children from the diseases that they SAY can be prevented by vaccines??? 

My 16 month old son has had, honestly… maybe 8-10 doses of medication in his lifetime.  Most of my other children had that many doses in a week sometimes!!!  About 3 months ago he started suffering with cutting EIGHT teeth at once!!!!  During the day he was pretty good and I could nurse him and he’d be happy if he was acting fussy… but then at night he started waking up every 2-3 hours!!!  SO… for a couple nights I gave him 1/2 t. of Ibuprofen… WAY less than the regular dose but still it bugged me.  Then God spoke to my heart through reading some different things that some women were talking about in my group about how they co-sleep and let their older babies nurse off and on all night… and I felt led to stop all medications and just go to him when he needed me. 

Now his teeth are getting closer to being through.  He gets up either 1 or 2 times a night… and I just go in and rock him and nurse him and then he’s ready to sleep for a while.  AND he is getting that awesome "Mama’s milk" that is so good for his health!  I had actually stopped producing much milk and was getting concerned… but then I started eating better, taking "Super Mom" vitamins (instead of 2 I have been taking 1/2 a tablet a day), and taking fish oil tablets… and I am producing a lot more milk and feel energized and awake even when I get up to nurse him!

I can’t believe that medicating my children is just not an option anymore in our home in most cases!  My little guy also had a very high fever in the midst of this teething thing… it reached 103.9 (and could have gotten even higher but I didn’t take his temp. again) and I just stripped him down to his diaper, gave him lots of love, and nursed a lot… and his fever broke on its own the next afternoon and he was like new!  I truly believe that if I had treated his fever that he would have been sick or feeling miserable for days.  People worry about seizures from a high fever… but I also have learned so much about that to have no fear.  In most cases fevers don’t get to that dangerous level… and even if it does it rarely causes a seizure and even if it did the chances or anything permanent are slim!  Definitely not something I worry about. 

click this link to read more on fevers… I trust Dr. Mercola’s advice in most all areas I have searched about… he very focused on living naturally and the health benefits of such a lifestyle…


So… the world has us so concerned about so many things yet if we really studied up on them for ourselves… we’d find that many of the worlds views on things are warped!

I am excited to start a new change in our home that I’ve been convicted of lately.  Getting rid of our unhealthy cleaning products and making our own natural cleaners  using things like vinegar, essential oils, etc.  I’ve also been studying up on what things God has made that are good for healthy natural ways to keep our home clean!  Essential oils and vinegar are 2 things that stand out! 

I use a lot of Lysol!  Although we switched a long time ago to non-antibacterial soap because of their dangers… I am always trying to kill those PEE and POOPY germs and things around my house with LYSOL!!!!  I recently felt really funny every time I’d spray it in the house knowing my kids were breathing in that stuff!! YUCK!!!  So I am going to clean more with vinegar and water and spray the air with a mixture of water and lemon essential oil.  God just gave us so many things to keep us healthy and free of the bad germs and we don’t have to kill so many germs that our bodies can’t naturally fight certain germs on their own!

So… that is my newest little fun change… getting rid of cleaners!!  Ya know you can wash your windows and glass with vinegar?  I actually haven’t tried it yet but can’t wait to not have that strong smell of Windex anymore!! 

here are a couple good links!



And the last thing I can think of to talk about it my fear of plastics!!  God opened our eyes to the dangers of some plastics… like reusing sports water bottles.  Well… I got to thinking about it and did a little research but didn’t find a lot of info.  SO… since we use a LOT of plastics I figured… heck… if glass is the best thing to store water, raw milk, etc. in… why do we store so many things in plastic re-usable containers, use a ton of Ziplocks bags, etc??  And if you DO know me… I don’t like to do anything halfway… I am an "all or nothing" kind of person in most cases.  I may fall back or get lazy, etc… but in my heart I want it all!! LOL  So… I figured we should get rid of most of our plastics just in case years down the road they let us know how dangerous drinking out of ANYTHING plastic could be or something.  AND… there is just something about glass!  When you drink out of a fancy glass… it just feels good!  When you eat off a glass plate… its nice!!  Paper is good in some cases… but there is nothing like eating off glass dishware!  Like eating with a plastic spoon… who would want to do THAT everyday??  Silverware is so much nicer.

SO… the other day my son and I took a trip to Goodwill and found lots of nice sturdy drinking glasses for .59 cents each!! 

Here is my drinking cupboard before…

and after our trip to buy glasses…

 You can’t tell me that doesn’t look more sparkly than the previous pic!!!  I never used any of the sippy cups in there… don’t know why I kept them???  I always have my baby drink out of a cup with a regular straw and never let him carry a drink around the house.  If he’s thirsty I give him sips of water from a cup.  He used to use a sip type cup with a straw… but I just noticed that if my kids didn’t have a cup at their disposal that they ate better meals and drank more water.  They only get one small cup of juice each day and then all water or raw milk after that.

I just felt like sharing some of the things we have changed over the last few years (or even days!!) to make our homelife healthier!!

I’d love to hear about the changes in your lives!  I am always waiting for God to show me more awesome things from other wonderful people who live for Him!!  I’ve learned so much from so many and just thank God for constantly protecting our family!!

🙂 B



  1. Hey, what a great post! My last post was also about making healthy changes. We used to be SO much healthier than we are now, and I know it's because we slacked off and adopted a less healthful lifestyle. Thanks for the links for the homemade cleaners, I was going to research that next!
    Blessings ~ Diane

  2. My husband and I call it "coming out of the fog." The first mandatory step is becoming a Christian. After that, it's just a matter of the Christian listening to God, and paying attention. Each year my life is WAY different than the last.

    I got saved in 1995, and my life has been one fun adventure ever since. 😛

    -We delivered all 5 (one was an unnassisted miscarriage) of our children at home, unnassisted

    -We don't vaccinate

    -We RARELY medicate. In fact, we pretty much don't, except for a few times.

    -We homeschool

    -I make a LOT of our food from scratch

    There are a lot more changes, but these are the ones the come immediatly to mind.

    For 2007 I know there will be more changes. A few of them I already know will happen, and that is:

    -I am going to start growing our own fruits, herbs, vegatables, and possibly grains

    -I am going to learn to grind my own grains

    -I got a sewing machine for Christmas (have been wanting one for ages). I will be starting to make a lot of our clothing. I will also be making things for the house, such as a playmat for the kids, curtains, slip covers, table clothes, etc.

    2007 is going to be a BIG year – I just know it! 😀


  3. We too have a Berkey (a berkey light) and absolutely love it! I too want to use just glass for drinking and storage, but I am having a hard time finding storage items for food. I too love using cloth diapers. Great post!

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