Posted by: purityseekers | December 19, 2006

Laundry Revelation Update & another blogger's success post!!

For those of you who don’t know what my "laundry revelation" was… you can read about it here:

My Laundry Revelation Post

I posted that on Dec. 5th and kept track of how much laundry I did for 10 days and then stopped because I was getting compulsive about it LOL

I’ll give you a quick summary.  First I will say that when I kept track I marked down details like whether it was white or colored, cloth diapers, blankets, etc.  I’ll post the load amounts then explain a little more in detail.  This laundry revelation has been the best thing to happen in our home, as far as housework is concerned, in a long time!!!  It’s been a dream come true… and I am not exaggerating!

Just to give you someone else’s opinion… I got this email today and the link to this Mama’s blog.  She had seen my post and decided to try it and this is what she has to say:

"Little Bit Of Everything Mama’s Blog" Site Post

That really encouraged me to post my update!!!  I am so glad that my idea can help others get control of their laundry issues!!!  Raising children is hard enough… it’s nice when the homemaking end is made easier!

OK… here is a rundown of the first 10 days of my laundry minimalizing…

Day one – 2 medium loads and 1 large

Day two – 1 medium load and 1 large

Day three – 2 large loads and 1 medium load

Day four –  washed only my cloth diapers and my son’s high chair cover

Day five – 1 large, 1 extra large, 1 medium and a comforter

Day six – 1 extra large load and 1 small load

Day seven – 1 extra large load and 1 medium cloth diaper load

Day eight – 2 extra large loads and a pair of snowpants 

Day nine – 2 large loads

Day ten – 1 large load and washed baby’s high chair cover again

Now… mind you that at the end of the day ALL of my laundry is completely done… OR I don’t have enough for a full load.  I WAS washing even small loads but just started trying to save the loads until they are larger by washing jammies AND clothes more often.  I love waking up knowing there is barely anything in my laundry room to do!!!

I’ll just say that in the past few years I couldn’t go ONE day without doing laundry without having TONS of loads to do.  Ever since I started using the "2 outfits-a-day" rule and organized all of our clothing… my life has been so easy when it comes to clothes!!!  AND I found that my kids could care less if they wore the same outfit days in a row.  If I wash them the night they take them off… they can wear them again in the morning and I save myself having to go upstairs to put things away!!

AND I started using this laundry bag (that I got at the "Christmas Tree Shop" for $5!) for all of their jammies…


 I keep it in my Living Room (it even matches the wall color!) and when I bring up my laundry from the basement… I take all the kids clean jammies and throw them in. (UNfolded!!  woo hoo)  At the end of the day I don’t have to go upstairs… I just grab the jammies out of the bag and voila!  So one load could be mostly jammies so my "folding" is very simple!!!  I just throw the jammies in the co-ed bag, fold up the clothes for them to wear the next day (extra easy to pair up just a couple socks!!! instead of 4 million in one load!!!) and then I’m good to go!!  I find I barely have to go upstairs during the day!!  I used to go up and down and up and down putting clothes away!!!!!

When I do a white load of wash cloths and towels… I stack up the washcloths and never fold them.  I made a spot in the bathroom where I just set the whole unfolded stack.  Easy! 

Just those little steps of not folding wash cloths or jammies has even made a huge difference in my time management! 

So that is my success story!!!  And if I have a down day or two when I slack a little… it is not utter chaos!!!  I may have 1 or 2 extra loads to do that day (if I got lazy and snatched an outfit from the closet…hehe) but I can catch up with little effort!!!  If I end up with more than 2 outfits in the kids drawers once I DO catch up… I just put away the extra couple things where they belong in the closet!

Make sure to comment if you decide to try this at your home!!!  I promise… you will NOT regret it!!!!

šŸ™‚ B



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