Posted by: purityseekers | December 19, 2006

Christmas is coming…

and the turkey is already fat and waiting to be cooked!!  MMMMM  I haven’t blogged in a while… (sorry "C"!!!!)  My friend emailed and always gets after me for going too long between posts!!!  SO… I thought I’d better post what I’ve been up to so that she doesn’t have withdrawals too severe!!!!!

They’ve changed the blog site a bit so it’ll take a little getting used to… but I think I like the changes!

OK… first I want to post as to why I haven’t blogged much lately!  The most recent "good excuse" is that I have been knitting my little fingers off!!!  I decided a week or so ago that I would bust it and get all of my kids some wool mittens knit for Christmas day!!!  I got a great idea from my friends "K" & "J" to do a "Little House on the Prairie" idea as one of their gifts.  You know how the Ingalls kids got a tin cup, a shiny penny, a stick of candy and a pair of mittens one year?  Well… if you did not know that… you do now!

That is what our goal was as one of their presents!  SO… to fill the bill… I had to make sure to have some knit mittens to give them!!!  I had already planned to make mittens earlier and had Middle Boy "A" and Sweet "L" pick out their wool… but then things got busy!!! 

Then we decided to do the gift idea and I ordered the 5 tin cups from Lehman’s… and also got 5 stainless steel hot lunch type trays to go with them.  Click here to see them… they shipped them fast and I love ’em!!!


Starting at the top… the blue wool is for Big Boy "C"s mittens, the burnt red color was the color Sweet "L" chose and I made Baby "E"s the same!  Then comes "A"s color orange… "Z"s pretty lavendar that I started today (almost done one and then I’ll do the other tomorrow) and then the last started mitten is for my Gr. Nephew and I am making it with stripes of both "A’s" and "L’s" colors!!!

AND it is NOT an easy job finding time to knit with all the chaos that can go on at our house… including constantly "saving" baby "E" from horrid falls!!!  Just to give you a LITTLE idea of what I have been putting up with lately… here’s a pic:

YIKES!!!  Isn’t that scary????  If its not that… he’s on the DR table… or up on the computer desk…UGH UGH UGH and double UGH!!!!!!  You don’t know HOW many times that boy has fallen off stuff!!!  Luckily he hasn’t fallen off the piano yet… just the bench!

So… in between knitting and kid stuff I am also trying to get Christmas gifts and things finished!  Last night we did the last of our shopping!!  WOO HOO!!  Now I just have to wrap!!!  I am going to clean off my craft table and get that ready for wrapping… then it will come downstairs to add to our DR table for extra room on Christmas Day for dinner!  If everyone comes… there will be a total of 21 people here.  BUT if my SIL has her baby on Christmas Eve or around there… that will be a few less people.  I have offered to take their other 4 kids overnight if she DOES labor Christmas Eve.  Wow… can you imagine… a Christmas birth?  I think that’s kinda cool myself!

I feel like I still just have so much to do… but I am trying to relax and take some time to make cookies and candy with the kids and things.  We haven’t done Advent verses and things like I had wanted to.   We do it here and there but definitely things have been crazier than I had planned!!!  But that’s ok!  What a struggle to keep focused on the Lord!!!!  I am taking time today to chill out and reflect on Him and make sure the busy times don’t wash out the whole reason we are doing all this!!!! 

When I stop and think of that… it puts things into perspective and I can see that it’s not about the mittens and candy and turkey…it’s about Jesus and his birth… God sending us the Savior all of us wretches desperately need!!!  I love my Lord and just love being in his Light!!!  Don’t you??? 

I hope you all have a wonderful day next Monday!!!  What a great day to be with family and having fellowship together with those we love!  And we all need to prayer for the salvation of those that don’t know Jesus.  So many people are worshipping Santa Monday (or as my DH would call him… Satan… all ya have to do is switch the letters around…hm)… but I am so thankful that I know the Lord and that our family worships Him throughout the year and that we can rest knowing we will be with Him for eternity!!!

Have a blessed Christmas and if I get a chance I will make sure to post again before Monday!!  If not… have a wonderful day!!! 

Love, B




  1. Those mittens are gorgeous! Wish I could knit like that. I need to move on from dishcloths… That Little House idea is a neat one!

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