Posted by: purityseekers | December 19, 2006


Well… Muffin has done it again!!!  She is just so incredibly awesome I can’t stand it!!!  hehe Not only is she just the most passionate advocate for things like co-sleeping, cloth diapering, baby wearing and breastfeeding… she is now an advocate for breastmilk donation!!!  That is honestly something I had never heard of before and am so thankful that she is doing this and sharing her progress daily with me!!!

I am going to have her email me things to post on here… but first I just HAVE to show you the cutest little girl… I am not saying any names… but I will just say that she and "Muffin" share the same name (different spelling though)… so I am going to call her "Mini Muffin" haha.

Isn’t that the cutest little face???????  I melted when I saw her!!!  This is the little adopted baby that Muffin is donating her milk to help nourish!!!  She is also coordinating other donors and bringing all of the donated milk to the family herself!!  It has really touched my heart to think of how one Mama can help another in this awesome way!!!  I told her that if I could pump my milk and send it all the way there… I would!!!!  BUT it has made me really want to pray about checking into this in my area!  I know I would have to really drink more water and eat super awesome in order to breastfeed Baby "E" and pump… because at his age I am not producing as much milk the more he eats!  BUT I know I could do it if I put my mind to it!!! (and if I got a major pump like Muffin has!!! hehe)

I am going to post a couple more pix and hope to have more info. on here for others interested in donating their breastmilk to help other Mamas and their babies!

This picture made me want to cry!!!  To be a donor and to hold that little body that you are helping to nourish… it’s just priceless!!!and here’s Muffin’s "Pay Pay" (her little breastfed sweetheart) checking out the little milk thief…hehe

and last but not least… Mini Muffin with her Grandmother drinking some yummy breastmilk that my awesome friend donated!  That is one blessed little child!!!

I am just so impressed by all this!!!  For someone to selflessly take the time to pump their breastmilk for someone else’s child is just noble!!!!  To feed one of God’s precious babies… I just don’t know what else to say except that I think it is just the coolest thing!!!

I’ll post more info. as I get it!! 

šŸ™‚ B



  1. for a friend of mine. But, as I started pumping and freezing, she emailed me and told me that she couldn't afford for me to mail it to her. There is a lot of special handling and packaging that must go into it.

    I was sad. šŸ˜¦ I know what you mean about drinking more water!! Me too!!! Just to keep up with feeding my own little one.

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