Posted by: purityseekers | December 9, 2006

Want to be more anonymous…

I have been wanting to edit my blog for quite a while and finally did it!!

After seeing a few blog sites that were really good about not giving too much info. about themselves… I felt convicted to go back and take out any info. re: our names and where we live and all.  SO… from now on… I will not be using the names of anyone in our family and I have taken out any names of family or friends in my previous posts.  I just think that it's important these days, in cyberspace, to keep safe!

I got an idea from a blog I visited recently, to use a letter to refer to people… SO… from now on, the most popular subjects of my blog, my children, will have new names.

My oldest son… “C” or Big Guy “C”

My oldest dau… “Z” or Big Girl “Z”

My middle son… “A” or “Middle Boy A”

My youngest dau… “L” or “Sweet L”

and last but not least… my baby boy… “E” or “Baby E”

My husband will either be “my husband” or “DH”

and myself… I'll just be “B”!

My friend who has “Muffin's Margin” will be… “Muffin”… but all the rest of my friend's will just be the first letter of their name!

So… I feel better now!!!  I also went through every single picture that I have linked to and took out any reference to any names (like my kids signatures on pictures, my son putting a sticker on his name at Awana, or the farm stand sign where we get our milk)… I still have the picture there… but have “hearted” out the words! 

So… I just advise anyone to just be careful even on a site like this that seems so safe!  No where is safe on the internet and we need to keep our families safe while we are encouraging others in Christ!!

PHEW…I am tired after all that work!!  On top of all that… I had to go through every single post I have ever made and save each seperately in my word program because tomorrow they are going through the blog site to update or something.  SO… in case something might have gotten lost… they encouraged people to save their posts.  I will be making sure to save them all from here on out!!  I'd hate to lose all the info!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

Love, B


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