Posted by: purityseekers | December 5, 2006

LAUNDRY REVELATION!!!!! (lots of pix)

OK… call me crazy… but I think I have FINALLY, after all these years, found the coolest and easiest way to keep control of the laundry issues in our family of 7!

It dawned on me a couple weeks back that I needed to minimalize even more than I ever have in order to spare me the headache of laundry!!!  It just seemed like no matter WHAT I tried NOTHING worked really well.  So… during my husbands vacation we decided to go through ALL the clothes in our home and have a system!

The whole basis is pretty simple.  Put away neatly OR hang everyone's clothing BUT 2 outfits.  ONLY allow 2 outfits to rotate on a daily basis and have all the rest in a handy place for special occasions, rotating daily outfits, etc. 

I feel like a light went on and I just said to myself, “B… the kids are using WAY too many clothes!!!!”

I'd do laundry and it would pile up and pile up and before you'd know it there would be huge piles for each kid on the couch!!!  That was only after a few days and I can never get ahold of it!!!

So it took some work… but I sorted out every last bit of clothing the kids own and in their drawers I put a couple pair of jammies, 2 outfits, some socks and underwear.  That's it.  I take outfit #1 and have it downstairs for the kids to get into in the AM.  Then that outfit goes into the laundry at the end of the day and they have outfit #2 clean for the next day.  At then end of the day I take all of the dirty clothes from the day and run a wash.  Then I take all the jammies and wash them with misc. dirty things from the day.  I throw in one white load of towels and wash cloths and I'm good to go! 

Today I stripped the kids beds and had them all washed and dried and then the laundry room was empty of dirty clothes!!  I could NOT believe it!!!

Of course there will be the occasional necessity of extra clothes… but knowing that the TWO outfits may turn into 3 or so… it really isn't a big deal!!  Also it is very motivating to know you HAVE to do that washing for the clothing to be ready for the next use!

And today I decided that if it's good for the kids… it's good for me.  I chose 2 outfits that I wear the most when I am here at home and then chose one extra outfit to be ready for a day when I was going out and wanted something nice.

The light blue and dark blue coat hangers have my 2 daily outfits… a shirt with a comfy skirt (all 4 from Goodwill so big deal if they get worn from washing them so much!) and then the red hanger is a nice outfit to wear.

Here are the boys and girls closets full of all the clothes they AREN'T allowed to wear unless I say so!

If you notice, both closets have a white bucket up on the shelf for each kid.  They have extra socks, underwear and jammies in case we need them!  BUT they aren't kicking around giving us a good reason to not wash the other stuff!! hehe

The baby has his own little shelf of stuff in his room:

Here are the kids sock, underwear and jammie drawers…(from oldest to youngest kid)

And here are their drawers with their daily outfits (some have a couple extra pants for play or messes)

And that's it!!!  SOOOO easy!!!  It makes putting clothes away SO easy!!! 

Like I said… it took a while to get this minimal… BUT it was WAY worth it!!!

I DO have to wash my cloth diapers… but now it just makes it THAT much easier on me!!! 

We will probably rotate the kids 2 daily outfits here and there just for change!  But they usually like to wear the same things anyway, so it really doesn't matter!

Well… I just wanted to share that tid bit of info. with you about my “laundry revelation”.  It may not work for everyone… but it sure is working for u!!

🙂 ME



  1. I’ll have to keep this in mind as I’m reorganizing our stuff at the end of the year.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think after Christmas, I am going to try this. I am in the process of decluttering in general, and this seems to go right in line with that. I will let you know how it goes.


  3. funny how funny
    i reach this same decision just recently with 3 children. soooooo much washing you would trip over it on the way down the stairs to the toilet (plus cloth nappies that disappered under the load). now i have 3 sets of clothes per person, 3 jammies and 2 good outfits which only come out for good occasions. now i can complete the washing in 2 loads most days in a 4.5kg washing machine and that is with nappies and the odd towel/ linen item.
    it is sooooo much nicer and i am much more inspired to actually DO it rather than let it pile up :O))))))
    love pauline in au

  4. I’ve been thinking about doing this very thing…now I’m REALLY inspired!!

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. We tried this this fall only with 3 outfits for the bigger children and 5 for the younger. It worked great until after birthdays when everyone got the children clothing! But you may have inspired me to try again. I like the buckets in the closet of extras just in case- that’s something I should have done.

  6. We are pretty minimal here, too, but not enough I think! There are 8 of us, so it piles up fast with us, too. I like the basket ideas way up high in the closets. I may try something similar soon!


  7. great idea!!! everything looks so neat and tidy!!!
    this is definately a problem at our house! especially with my almost 2yr old. She likes to change into several outfits a day, she opens her draws and pulls out clothes and brings them to me so I can change her…I have put a stop to this! I will try your idea! thanks juliet

  8. You have inspired me to start blogging again – I really miss it!!

    And you have inspired me to do this laundry thing. This is a HUGE issue at our house – we have 4 children so far. The laundry thing is so overwhelming! We used to use cloth diapers, and I still have them and want to use them – but the amount of laundry that we are doing of the other stuff keeps me from doing it!

    I don’t know if I’ll go down to 2 outfits, but 3 would be good. What do you do about outfits for church? Are those kept seperate with the stuff in the closet? It would be nice to know that I don’t have to buy my children as many clothes and that things would just need to be replaced as they wear out (one at a time, not an entire wardrobe at a time!).

    Thank you – we did this when we moved and I need to go back to it!!

  9. We love sign language, too. Have you heard of Signing Time? We LOVE those videos.

  10. I don't suppose you could include a tip on what to do about TOWELS!? — I've been wanting to trim down the clothing as you have. But the one thing that still overwhelms the laundry issue is the number of towels everyone uses throughout each day!

  11. You have inspired me. The laundry is such a hassle, and with a large family it seems to never end! This is a great idea, and I think after Christmas I will do the exact same thing. Wonderful!


  12. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me! I actually got to your blog from somewhere else….I love it. We are going to be moving here sometime. We HAVE to sell our house before we can move….I have been wondering how in the world am I going to keep this house clean enough to show? At least now I have hope that I can tame the laundry. Thanks for sharing!

    a blessed mama of 6

  13. I just wanted to say thanks for inpriring me to get a hold of the laundry. We have to move…and sell the house first. This gives me hope that I might be able to get a hold on the luandry situation so that the house might be showable at any given moment.
    a blessed mama of 6

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