Posted by: purityseekers | December 4, 2006

Celebrating Advent

Every year, on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, my family celebrates Advent!  We started yesterday and I read a verse to the kids from Isaiah and then we read a pop-up book about Jesus' birth.  We also started to read “Christmas Stories”… a book with lots of stories from different “Little House on the Prairie” books.  I light a candle that's in the middle of our DR table and we talk about how Jesus is the Light in this dark world and we talk about why we celebrate Christmas and I try so hard to keep their focus on Christ!!

Today I found this cool site that had lots of advent stuff and this activity caught my eye.  It's a PDF printable 8 page file of tons of scripture verses in columns so that each day you can turn it into a link of a paper chain!  Here are the links…

Advent Chain Links for days 1-12

Advent Chain Links for days 13-23

The kids and I are going to read the verses for the day and then make that one strip into a link… then we are going to make colorful links to go between each verse link!

Do any of you celebrate advent?  I have just found its a fun way to keep the kids eyes on the Lord during a season that many have turned it into materialism! 

I am going to plan different crafts throughout advent season and just make it fun! I'd love to hear your ideas!!

I'll add more as I find fun things to do!

Love, Me



  1. dear bridget
    love your blog and read it all the time :O) feel like i can relate in a lot of ways even tho i only have 3 and live in au.
    just wanted to let you know that we are doing advent in our family as i dont like the worlds attitude of GET at Christmas and am trying to instill in my kids the idea that it is Jesus bday and if we get/ give gifts it is because of love. anyway we are doing the jesse tree idea – do you read ann voskamp at the holy experience of listening- i bought her ebook and i have really enjoyed it. look forward to my chn being a little older so that i could explore it more deeply but the time will come and at this stage we just look at the little pic and talk about Jesus’ heritage- his family tree and how we fit into that if we are christians. my oldest is 4 :O)
    anyway there are some other ideas on this jesse tree that suggest books and songs and activities on the net but i am hard pressed at the mo so i just do the above.
    may the Lord bless your advent
    love pauline
    ps thank you for a terrific blog too!

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