Posted by: purityseekers | November 30, 2006

Our BOSTON Trip!

We had such an awesome time in Boston!  We left VERY early yesterday morning!  My brother asked us down to spend the day and night at the Custom House in Boston with him!  We had a BLAST!!!

This is the Custom House, in view, as we drove through Boston:

Here's DH and the kids in front of the building…

And me and the kids…

This is the view from our room, which was on the 10th floor… (my brother's boss lives in the building to the left!  I was bummed because he was sick so I didn't get to meet him!!!)

But I DID meet his daughter and she was so nice!  She fell in love with Baby “E” from the get-go and while we toured the factory where my brother is the V.P…. I didn't see him much!  She took off with him through the building! It was so cute!  She had so much fun with him!  Here they are playing on one of the mattresses in the showroom: (I'll post more pictures of our visit there later in this post!)

I took this picture from the 24th floor of the “Custom House” where there is a game room, laundry facilities… and the clock mechanism!!!  I thought it was cool to see where the clock was from the inside!

And this is the view from the observation deck (on the 26th floor)… we went up there last night so the view was incredible!!! 

The first thing we did when we got there was to head to the “Boston Aquarium”.  We had to kill time while we waited for my brother to finish up with some meetings he had in the morning.  The kids loved it!

A nice man asked us if we wanted him took our family picture!  We later saw him at our hotel… he had a time share there!

Here's “Z” while we watched the seals at feeding time:

Sweet “L” fell in love with the turtles!  They called this one “Tuck”, after her favorite show “Wonder Pets”…

and here are a couple of the BIG ones she got to see:

Here's Big Guy “C” touching some cool sea stuff:

After we left the aquarium, we got settled in at the hotel and had the little kids take a nap.  The older kids watched tv and relaxed!  We knew it was going to be a late night!

Once my brother got back… we headed out to the subway!

Here's DH & the kids waiting for the train!

Middle Boy “A” was bright eyed as he watched the different trains go by!!!

and here he is… finally getting a ride!!!

“Z” loved it too!  She kept going back and forth from the pole to me and back again!!

“C” got a crash course in “how to find your way around the subway”:

“L” not only missed the subway ride… she also slept in her stroller all the way through our meal at the “Cheesecake Factory”!  I told ya we got up early!!!  AND she didn't sleep on the way down!

We had an incredible meal and then decided to walk all the way back because it was like Spring outside!!!!  What a fun city at night!!!  We stopped walking and my brother took this picture of all of us:

And here's DH & Baby “E” in front of the tallest building in Boston… the Hancock building:

We got back to the hotel and settled in for the night… then in the morning we all got ready and went out for breakfast.  My brother had to do an interview so we headed to a fun playground while we waited to tour the factory…

Here are the kids at the playground… I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!

We headed back to the factory and met up with my brother and he gave us the grand tour!  Here is a slightly fuzzy pic of me and my bro…

and here are “A”, “Z” & “C” having fun on the mattresses in the showroom:

Then we started the tour of the factory to find out just how a mattress is made… the factory was SO big!!!

some of the workers in the process of a new mattress creation…

Here's “C” checking out one of the many cool machines!!!

And here are the kids checking out a conveyor belt at the final stage of mattress building!

What an awesome company!!!  We had a great time meeting all the workers and learning all about how mattresses are made!  It was a great end to our trip!

Then we headed to get something to eat and then started the drive home!

All the kids (but Big Guy “C”) fell asleep on the way.  It was so sweet… “Z” had her head on “C's” shoulder almost all the way home!  What a great big brother!

Thanks for letting me share our trip with you!!!  Love, Me




  1. What an awesome trip you all had! What a sweet brother you have to have invited you all! Great pics, looks like you all had a great time!

  2. What a great trip! Certainly a contrast to the one day I spent in Boston with my mom and boys many years ago! My favorite picture is the one of the three kids running on the mattresses. How funny! Glad you had a good time.


  3. It looks like you had a GREAT time!! I love pics so that was fun to see and read, and what a great picture to end on…LOL

  4. All the pix of your Boston trip are great–thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a great trip! If you get the chance to go to Boston again, the Children’s Museum is really good. We went a couple years back.

    I saw your blinkie about no vaxs. I’m struggling with this issue and was wondering if you had any books or other info. that helped you make that choice.


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