Posted by: purityseekers | November 24, 2006

Our Thanksgiving…

Before I post about our day… I wanted to add this cute picture of our oldest daughter making dough a couple days ago… I just thought it was so sweet!  She had finished making bread with me and then I gave her the leftover flour, added salt and water and she made dough for all the kids to play with

We had a really nice Thanksgiving!  It was very relaxing!

I got up at 4:30 to get the turkey in the oven.  I got it stuffed and on it's way and then got the giblets & neck (ick) simmering to add the stock to my gravy.  At 5:30 my husband strolled downstairs and made coffee.  It was such a nice and peaceful morning, sipping coffee and talking about our day coming up!  Slowly, as usual, one by one the kids came down to hang out with us!

After breakfast the kids were excited to watch the parade!  Here are all but my oldest daughter, dancing to the music! (she was just watchin' on the couch)

and here's my little couch potato…

Speaking of potatoes… here's my husband cutting up some for dinner!

My little man looks so big in this pic (dancing with big brother):

Here's my youngest daughter watching the parade from the stairs…

My 2 oldest boys…

and finally… our Thanksgiving dinner…

and here are all the kiddos waiting to gobble it up!!!

We asked them what they all were thankful for and we just had such a nice meal together!!! 

Then the 2 littles went up for their naps, we cleaned up the dinner mess, and then my parents came over in the afternoon for a visit!  We had pie and ice cream and just had a nice time chatting!

Needless to say… after getting up at 4:30 and not falling into the trap of tryptophan… I was VERY tired once all the kids were in bed!!  BUT we ended up watching a little tv and I don't think I fell asleep until about 10! 

Hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did!!  We have SO much to be thankful for… EVERY day!! 

🙂 B



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