Posted by: purityseekers | November 22, 2006


I have always loved that picture!  While I was reading “Pilgrims” to the kids today…

I saw that pic and it inspired me to find it online and put it on my blog!  The book was really good and I learned a lot right along with the kids!!

Here is a picture of the Mayflower Compact they signed to keep order and to keep the arguments down… I love how the first thing written was “In ye name of God Amen”…

Aren't old documents cool??? I love the signatures… they showed some in the book so you could see them close up like this…

The writing was so fancy!

So… it was nice to read up on some history of why we celebrate Thanksgiving!  I felt bad because we've been so busy this week we didn't have time to do all the cute little crafts like turkeys and pilgrims and stuff!!! 

I DID find this site that shows how to make a “coif”… the head covering the women wore!!  I'd love to make outfits like that for the kids to play dress-up!!! 

What are you all up to tomorrow??? 

We are having a nice dinner here at home with the kids!  DH and I got out yesterday ALL AFTERNOON (my parents babysat from about 1:30 until 9!!!) and we got all the food we need for the meal!  We also picked up some things for Christmas, ate at “Red Robin” and just had a great time together!!

We'll all get up and relax and watch the parade.  I used to love doing that as a kid!!  I can't remember how old I was when our family started going to church and serving a Thanksgiving meal to the people in our town… but I remember watching the parade many times.  Maybe we watched part of the parade before we headed to church… but I'm not sure.  All I know is that I loved that part of the day when I DID watch the parade. 

I am making sure to talk to my kids a lot about how we are to always be thankful.  Even my 5 year old today started to say “I won't eat the turkey, but the other stuff will be good”.  I said “oh… you WILL eat the turkey and you WILL be thankful for it or you won't get any of the other stuff!”  I've been talking a lot about how we are so selfish and take so much for granted!!!  I have had times of letting my kids just not eat the stuff they didn't want to try… or having them try it but not eat it.  NOW things are going to be VERY different.  I do not honestly believe that God made us picky… WE make us picky!!!!  So when I see my daughter is able to hold a piece of ham in her mouth for an hour saying “it's gross… it's gross” I just say “if it was THAT gross you would have thrown up by now… so now you have shown me that you CAN eat it.”

I personally know (being anti-mushrooms) that if someone had me try it… I would HAVE to either spit it out or swallow it fast… because holding it in my mouth would make me gag like crazy!!  That is one of the few foods that I actually despise!!!  I may not be fond of others… but I COULD eat them if I had to.

OK… you get my drift.  We are going to make sure this celebration is true thankfulness.  It is just a nice day to reinforce the things I have been focusing on daily in our life!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe day tomorrow!!  Love, B



  1. Great post; I enjoyed the Thanksgiving articles & pix. I enjoyed reading your journaled thoughts too. My family and I will be going for lunch to my stepmom’s(actually across the road to her neighbor’s who has a Bed and Breakfast) about 45 min. away and my siblings, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. will be there too. And, we may stop to see my brother-in-law on the way home. And, hoping to see my younger brother-Brent who will be next door at my mom & stepdad’s. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! 🙂

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