Posted by: purityseekers | November 19, 2006

"Quiet Time" for REAL??

My oldest son went to visit with my parents this afternoon… so the rest of us settled around for our usual “Quiet Time”.  What usually happens is I end up cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry or doing something on the computer, the 2 littlest kids take a nap, “A” plays in his room with the door shut and the other 2 kids do something “kinda quiet” in seperate places in the house.  THEN usually the older 2 start playing together… then “A” comes down too early and asks to play too.  It just never seems like “Quiet Time” is actually very quiet.

So… today I decided that Mama needed a nap.  The 2 littles fell asleep pretty fast, “A” was in his room, and “Z” quietly played and then looked at books.  BUT… because I ended up dozing off… they soon followed!!  I woke up and looked and “Z” was sound asleep on the other couch.  Then I went upstairs and “A” had climbed into his bed and was asleep!!  I decided to PROVE it by taking pictures!!!hehe


Here's my daughter, asleep by the laundry that needs to be folded…hehe

here's “A” in his bed…

and I had to take a picture of what he was up to before he fell asleep…there are little places all over his floor of cars he lined up nice and neat!!

and here's “L” asleep with her “measure tape”

and this is Baby “E” in his crib…

Now I can't decide what to do!!  It's is 4:15 and they are all still asleep!!!  I am loving this WAY too much!!! hehe  So… guess it's time to turn a few lights on and motivate the bear cubs… hibernation is officially over!!  (I want to make sure they aren't up all night!!!!)

It's crazy, though, how after all this time you'd think I would have gotten it!!  If I am up and about… so won't they want to be.  But if I show them I am going to rest… they just follow along!!  I can't wait to try it tomorrow when my oldest is here too.  I am going to start designating their area and MAKE them stay there and read and rest their bodies.  We'll see!!!

πŸ™‚ Signed a well rested Mom



  1. We have our quiet time starting at about 3pm around here. By then, the kids are tired, so they play for about 20 minutes, then konk out for about an hour and a half. πŸ˜‰

    We also have Room Play Time at 11:00am until lunch. That way, if my littles are tired, then can take a snooze before lunch, to help them make it to the 3pm quiet time.

    Usually they play during room play time, unless they didn’t sleep well last night.

    For quiet time, I make sure each child is in a different area of the house, and is not allowed to leave that area, but they may have plenty of quiet toys (cars on the race track are a favorite). I tell the kids that they don’t have to nap if they are not tired, but they do need to play quietly. It’s a peaceful time around here.

    However, I haven’t had a chance to rest during quiet time since the arrival of my new baby. I feed her during quiet time, then I express some breast milk to store, then I get my afternoon chores done, put away laundry, ect. By the time I’m done, quiet time is over, and the kids are up and about. πŸ™‚

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